RESPECT…. The Wave

Our 15th wedding anniversary is just around the corner. I want to put a little scrapbook together with pictures of “just the two of us”. Unfortunetely, we haven’t taken many pictures together over the past 15 years. It makes me a little sad, but, there’s nothing I can do about it, other than make the best out of what I’ve got.
In my quest for pictures, I came across quite a few gems. And by “gems” I mean “hilarious pictures to mock on the internet.”
I wish I had time to post them all, because, HAAAAAAHA I was a dork. (I said “was.” haaa.) Lucky for me, Tony had moments of Dork too. And even luckier for me? He once sported a perm.

The good ol “Man” perm. The mom given permanent wave.
I have to admit, I find it somewhat sexy in that “Man, I want to have Perm sex because Curls are HOT.” kinda way, but, I find it mostly TOTALLY HILARIOUS because MY HUSBAND HAD A PERM.
And? He wore that perm to the prom and he accented that perm WITH PINK HIGHTOPS, but, lucky for him, I ripped that picture up in a fit of jealous rage, because his ex was kind of trying to ruin our lives at the time.
God. I love that man. Whether he’s sporting a perm, or, his current “Do” (which, I like to call the “dr.phil lite” because, it’s not THAT bad…YET, but, it’s totally “little in the middle but he got much back, and sides”)
(And, in all fairness, if he could respond, he’d probably say something like “God. I love that women, whether she’s a size 5 like she was when I first met her, or whether she’s sportin’ her current size 16 ass and saggy boobs!)

22 thoughts on “RESPECT…. The Wave

  1. Itchy

    I love going through old pictures and even seeing old pictures – even of people I don’t know. It cracks me up to look at my pictures through the years.
    I can relate to not having a lot of pictures of you and your hubby together. My hubby and I have ver few. We take trips together and there will be a picture of me and then one of him…but we can’t seem to ask anyone to take any of us together. That kinda sucks.
    But the man perm is kickin’! My hubby had the natural man perm when he was in high school. Nice, natural curls that he let grow long. Too bad I didn’t know him then…

  2. FlippyO

    Omigawd, you had children outta your ass? That’s it, I’m FOR SURE not having kids.
    I like Tony’s hair in that picture. So, sue me. I think it’s an all-around excellent picture. I would’ve liked seeing the pink hightops though.

  3. Y

    Have you never heard of “anus rippage?”
    The Perm is funny to me, because, well, I just can’t imagine him with a perm now.
    But I do love how young and sex-ay he looks there. And I totally wish I could have had perm sex with him!

  4. NinaKaye

    I hardly recognized him without the big glasses like the other pictures you laughed at have.
    When I was in about the 7th grade, the man-perm was big. My best-guy-friend had one. hehe We laughed at that for years afterward.

  5. Heatheranne

    Yes! The MERM! Hahaha. Sure he loves that ass, even when you’re sleep farting!
    My husband was little during his high school years and early twenties. He made a terrible mistake of having a little section of his bangs bleached (he has dark brown hair). Kind of like the Vanilla Ice bleached bangs look. He also had an earring. Um, he looked really fucking gay. The 80’s were cruel to him.

  6. Y

    I am dying here.
    (p.s. he just admitted to me he was trying to copy the hairstyle of the drummer from The Stray Cats. That makes it even funnier to me.)

  7. Candy

    Isn’t it weird how once you have kids, there are no more pictures of you as a couple?
    I’ve been wanting to put together a Christmas scrap book, and I don’t have a single picture of me. Not one. I am always holding the camera, never in front of it. Which makes me a little sad too. No pictures of me with my kids OR husband…almost like I don’t exist…

  8. debutaunt

    Bahahaha… The merm.
    He loves you because yo ass is funny. How could he not love a funnyass like you? Keeps life from being boring. And you don’t have a molely mole.
    I never did perm, but holy God and all that is holy I did do the flock of seagulls hair – and it was orange. Quel Horror!!

  9. dena

    I stopped by your blog at the suggestion of novaks8. I’m glad I did. Lots of funny stuff here. I even took a few minutes to look at your pics…beautiful!

  10. Philip

    Hey that’s not so bad…
    He’s a good looking guy – and lucky too! Fifteen years with you? Luckiest guy alive! (or is that “most patient guy alive?”)

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