16 thoughts on “What Writer’s Block looks like

  1. mikey

    ok, so… you always say that your farts don’t stink. so, when you sitting around, and you have to fart, do you still lift a leg?
    i always thought that the leg lifting was so that you don’t accidentally “save” your fart in the seat cushion. but if yours don’t stink, you wouldn’t need to do that, would you?
    or is the leg lift just so the fart can make a clean getaway?

  2. Crystal

    Can’t you write about breasts, farts, ass, penis, vagina, boogers, or something funny like that?? Come on, we know you have it in you!!

  3. Candace

    Your blog cracks me up!! Besides, I’ve always wondered exactly what Writer’s Block looked like and now that you have put that image into my head, I can now envision it the way it was meant to be seen!

  4. Fiona

    look on it as a moment to gather yourself, rest the brain and fingers, enjoy the kids, smell the roses, make sweeeeeeeeeet lurve with your husband
    then get your butt back here and tell us all about it coz with you there’s SURE to be a story in there somewhere *w*
    hugs Y…..

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