Because! Exclamation! Points! Are! Dramatic!

Did you know I’m going to Vegas? Because, I’m going to Vegas!
I’m waiting for Joelle and Mikey to pick me up (which, is funny, because they were supposed to have picked me up at 7 this morning, so I got up all early and stuff and panicked because there was no way I’d be ready in time, but guess what? They’re not coming til 12 now! Awesome!) and as soon as they get here, off to Vegas we go!
Buffets! And slot machines! And um, “drinks”! And, maybe, just maybe, DANCING!
But? No Andrew. Or Ethan. Or Gabby.
Oh my God! I do not know if I can do this! I’ve not been away from Gabby before! I’m crying now! (ok, I’m crying again) She needs me! She needs My BOBS! She will scream and cry for me (ok, for My BOBS!) and I will not be here and she will not understand!
This hurts, man. It hurts a lot.
Everyone tells me it will be “good for me” that I need a night away, that Gabby needs to not be “so dependent” on me and that a night away from me will not kill her.
Ok. Fine. But it’s killing me right now, just thinking about it makes the tears fall from my eyes. I’ve been away from the boys before and they’re pretty much like “have fun, whatever!” about it. (Except for Ethan, he gets PISSED if I go anywhere without him, but this morning, he kissed me and said “I’ll see you tomorrow, have fun” and that made me feel good.) But my girl, my sweet girl, what is she going to do without me?
Oh Lord, I’m crying again.
But I will be strong! And I will go and have fun! Because… VEGAS! How can I not have fun in Vegas?

14 thoughts on “Because! Exclamation! Points! Are! Dramatic!

  1. ben

    I heard that what happens in Vegas, STAYS in Vegas.
    But you’re gonna come back and tell stories and post pictures, right?

  2. girlplease

    bitch, you’re going to vegas. i’m jealous. stop your bitchin and cryin’ and DANCE YOUR ASS OFF (for me).
    have a fabulous time. route your plane my way when you’re done.
    wish i was with.

  3. Amy

    Oh Y! I bet you are having a fabulous time right now, and Gabby is doing just fine. YOu’ll be glad you did it–you deserve it!
    If you win big, are you splitting the money with all of us?

  4. Mary

    Oh I can relate.
    My baby (who is now 2 by the way!) is very attached to me.
    I don’t even know how it happened but OMG is she attached to me and my “boobies”.
    My daughter said she is like a parrot on a pirates shoulder the way she is always on my arm.
    She freaks if I go ANYWHERE without her.

  5. Mamacita

    Listen, hon, you GO and you HAVE FUN. Remember, you deserve some fun and consideration as much as anyone else does! Do it, and then come back and give us details. We love you and we’re nosy.

  6. Debbie

    Its always hardest to actually leave but then when you do you will remember the person you used to be b4 kids and welcome that person back into your head and skin!! Have fun! My hubs and I went to Vegas and did some nasty things right inside the Venetian!!! It was a blast!

  7. debutaunt

    If I were with you, I’d totally drag you all around. We’d see strippers and boobs (not bobs), and grab butts, and drink and dance and gamble. Oh, and then I heard the shopping was good.
    So since I can’t go, I hope you did some of those crazy ass things. And in a year or two, when I’m all well, I’m going with dammit.

  8. zee

    …and because I know exactly what it feels like, I’m not going to say a darn thing except have fun in Vegas, be safe, and here’s a giant helping of hugs. So whenever you cry, you’ll have a hug handy, OK?

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