Ho Ho Ho-ly crap, already?

Christmas is next Saturday, right?
You’d think I’d have one gift by now, wouldn’t you? But I don’t. Not a one. It just doesn’t “feel” like Christmas.
But, hey! At least we have a tree! It wasn’t as bad of an experience as it usually is for me either. We found The Perfect Tree in only a few minutes.
Ok, Tony found it, but according to the bible, we are one, so, “we” it is.
It is not missing a middle section, it is not lobsided, it is not dry. It is perfect. (And you will SHUTUP about my lack of window treatments! YOU WILL!)
(Perfect for us anyway, because we ALWAYS end up with fuh-gly trees.)
Last night, I gave up control and let the boys do the decorating. They always help and I always try to let them do it, but it never fails, when they go to sleep? I rearrange all of the ornaments because it drives me crazy to see them not properly spaced out. Like, DO NOT PUT ALL RED ONES IN ONE SPOT, SPREAD THEM OUT OH CHILDREN OF MINE. But this year? I just let go. Perfect isn’t so important, but their happiness and sense of accomplishment is. (Ha! Let’s see how true that rings when they want to help “wrap the presents.)
I will not lie, it is bugging the living shit out of me, because, AHHHHHHH… Too many of the same ornaments in the one section of the tree! But you know what? They had so much fun doing it and they really took it seriously. Also? THEY DIDN’T FIGHT THE ENTIRE TIME, which is a miracle in itself. A CHRISTMAS MIRACLE! How could I NOT love it just the way it is?

Besides, I have much more important things to worry about. Things like, you know, STARTING MY CHRISTMAS SHOPPING!

15 thoughts on “Ho Ho Ho-ly crap, already?

  1. Ms. Q

    The tree is beautiful! Good luck shopping. I really need to get serious about it, too. It just doesn’t feel like Christmas this year.

  2. Y

    Yes, it is SO hard.
    Like, right now, I want to rearrange the tree. But I’m not going to, because, I’ve “let go.” (But, I’m pretty sure I’m going to break into hives ANY MINUTE NOW.)

  3. Mamacita

    I haven’t done any shopping yet either, unless you count a couple of Amazon orders which don’t really count because I won’t even see them because they’re being shipped directly to my brother and his family who I won’t even see either. Sigh.
    I do love a Christmas tree in the house, though. Even when the rest of the place is a mess, that lit tree in the dark room still looks great.
    What I HATE, is taking it down again. Bah.
    YOUR tree is beautiful!!!! And the fact that your kids did that, makes it even MORE beautiful.
    Relax. Enjoy the moment. Believe me, the day will come when your house is quiet and orderly and you’ll miss the chaos terribly. I do. That’s why I borrow other people’s children every chance I get. I’ve got some coming over Saturday, in fact! Yay!

  4. gc

    I think your sons did a wonderful job on the tree! And, most importantly, they didn’t fight. Mine argued while we were setting up the tree (yes, we have a fake tree) so I split them…one to help set-up and one to help decorate.

  5. Y

    mamacita! that made me cry, because I know it’s true. WHy can’t they still little (sort of annoying) children forever? why God? WHYYYY?

  6. NinaKaye

    I’m not good at decorating the tree anyway, so I just sort of did it, and then they rearranged some of them, not a lot. (it’s ugly, so it really doesn’t matter)
    Also, I’m not good at the “letting go”…if I wanted it a certain way, there’d be no end to the means I go to to keep it that way. I’ve got some gifts under the tree already and have threatened lives if they’re moved AT ALL. They’re just like I want them, and they’re STAYING that way. hehe
    I know Christmas is supposed to be about the kids (well, Jesus really), but some of my OCD just can’t be stopped.

  7. Y

    haaa! Well, hey, that’s an extra day!
    I’m surprised your the only one who caught that mistake. Man, I’m really not into it this year.

  8. Emily

    that looks fabulous to me! You must have more refined Christmass tree decorating tastes than myself. I, also have yet to do Christmass shopping, as is the American Tradition.

  9. geeky

    omg, that is the best looking kid-decorated christmas tree i have ever seen! where are all the ugly ornaments and tacky tinsel?! our christmas trees never look that good. EVER.

  10. Tracy

    THANK GOD Vickie pointed that out. I almost had to stop reading the post just to make sure SOMEONE had told you it was Sunday, not Saturday. Granted, we open half our presents on Saturday, so what’s the diff!

  11. Lucky

    Meh. We won’t be able to shop till next wednesday at the earliest…I will be right out there in the thick of em!
    Good thing we’ve done our pre shopping, and can do a search and destroy mission! 🙂

  12. justme

    Don’t feel bad I haven’t started mine either! I can’t until sometime next week even! Money thing, I don’t get paid but every two weeks and if I don’t pay the electric and gas it will be a dark and cold christmas morning lol! So I will be one of those poor saps christmas eve trying to find everything on their kids list last minute! But I am grateful that there will be some money this year because last year woow, not so good!
    And I am not even thinking bad thoughts about my ex this year, well not the evei ones I was last year anyway!
    And you have a most perfect tree by the way. The children did a great job!

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