The Photoshoot That Almost Broke up a Marriage.

Taking your own christmas pictures of your own children is GREAT FUN!

(Ok, this one is hilarious to me, NOT because my daughter is all “Eff this, I’m OUTTA HERE!” But because of my boys. You see the smiles on their faces? I had “instructed” them in a very loud voice that they were to LOOK AT ME WITH SMILES NO MATTER WHAT GABBY WAS DOING. And, as you can see, they totally obeyed me. HA.)

(Look! The boys are still smiling!)

(Gabby’s trying to rip his head off and look! STILL SMILING! HA HA)

Obviously, I’ve not done a good job of teaching my daughter that GOOD GIRLS JUST SIT THERE AND LOOK PRETTY. (Dear Feminists, I’m just kidding. Love, Me.)
Do I need to tell you how hurt I am? This year, it’s SUCKY CHRISTMAS CARD PICTURES FOR EVERYONE!

21 thoughts on “The Photoshoot That Almost Broke up a Marriage.

  1. Lisa

    But… butbutbut… awwwwww!!! I love the one where the two boys are smiling at the camera and she’s covering her eyes. So cute!

  2. NinaKaye

    Yeah, I was going to take a picture of my kids for the cards because last year, I got the CUTEST picture of them ever in front of the tree. I sent the cards out like 2 weeks ago…no picture. I gave up. I’m not above getting professional pictures (even though my daughter has only had them taken once in her life), I just don’t want to throw money at that when I can do it for free at home! Apparently, I can’t, so there goes that theory.

  3. rose

    I agree with the internet-#4 is great. One of my favorite Christmas cards ever was from a family with 4 kids, all in various stages of misery. It was pricelwess and captured the spirit of the Christmas card like no other.

  4. Itchy

    You know…I’ve commented on the adorableness of you little girl…but your boys are very handsome. You are gonna have your hands full once they are a little older and the little girls start hanging out…
    And I agree with everyone else…number 4 is great!

  5. Kristy

    The last one cracked me up. The look on your son’s face leads me to believe he’s just about had enough! Cooperating or not, your kids look beautiful!

  6. Tracy

    I like the one where Gabby has her eyes covered too.
    Last year, my sister-in-law actually photoshopped her kids’ xmas pictures! She only has 2 kids, but she couldn’t get both of them looking good in the same pic. SO – she photoshopped my nephew’s head out of one of the pictures he looked good in to another picture that my neice looked good in!

  7. Lauren

    How cute!! We just took our Christmas pics at my moms this weekend. It was verrrry interesting. Kid #1 smiling, Kid#2 pouting because she was bribed with ice cream to sit still, Kid#3 squirming and head turned, Husband not smiling at all, but damnnit it was good enough for me!!

  8. Lisa

    OMG that’s what happened with me and pictures this year. It was mostly my hand in front of the camera, or someone’s hair – did you know what crap is like magnetized if it’s right up close? I thought we had pictures of ghosts streaking through at first. I was so mad. I’m hoping the roll I take in tomorrow is better – if not, the hell with it. I’m not even going to bother sending any cards, or take pictures of all the kids ’til they’re about 25. 🙂

  9. Philip

    That’s what you get for trying to pose them all purty and stuff. Just go out in the yard and take some shots of them being themselves . . .

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