But if you’re the one looking for “sex toys cheese balls” you probably shouldn’t say anything.

I’m curious.
How did you find my blog?
I’d love to know how people have found their way here. (ESPECIALLY if you’re one of the MANY people who found it looking for “Pooping during childbirth.”)

88 thoughts on “But if you’re the one looking for “sex toys cheese balls” you probably shouldn’t say anything.

  1. julie

    let’s see-
    electricbugaloo (heyfreak)-to-
    happy now?

  2. Sarah

    I was looking for “hot latina pregnant twat.” cute, eh? that was when it was still aged and confused, and i was still a little, ummm. “frustrated.”
    this is one of those questions i’ll be sure never to ask.

  3. Mamacita

    I don’t remember. I’m just very thankful that I found you, because you are a fantastically great person and I adore you. I started to say one of Genuine’s Bashes but I know it was before that.

  4. Michelle

    I found you through Nancy- In Nancy’s Book- about 4 years ago. She no longer blogs, as do a lot of people that I started reading way back then. Glad you’re still around.

  5. lindsay

    Pretty sure I linked it through your friend Melly, whom I linked from Sarah Brown, whom I linked through Sarah Hatter, the first blog I ever read. Yours is in my favorites now!

  6. Lisa

    Gosh…I don’t know! I followed links from blogs to blogs…I have no idea! And I agree – it is one of the funniest I read!

  7. Diva*Licious

    I just found you recently, but I have definately gotten hooked. I come check out the blog almost daily. I think I found your blog from a comment on someone else’s blog, but I really can’t remember (must be from all the “partying” I did when I was younger!)

  8. Y

    So far, mostly through other blogs. Awesome.
    I was hoping for at least one “I was searching for tittymilk!” but who’s going to admit that, really.
    I know I would, but then again, I talk my vagina, so, not everyone is as free with the information as I am. 😉
    But hey, it’s still early. There’s still hope!

  9. ben

    I was looking for a recipe for “hot stuffed enchilada” and whatya know, here I am. Now you can’t get me to leave….

  10. Y

    Whatever, SJ. I know you remember every detail and that you actually wrote a story called “The Day I found Y” but you’re too embarassed to tell me because then I’ll know how much you really do love me.
    And you’re afraid that will make you vulnerable.
    It’s ok. I know.

  11. Jessica

    my ex started me on reading “words for snow” at her old blog… and i beleive i found you in her links. you’ve become one of my favorite blog writers. you’re awesome!!

  12. mr.c

    Hmm, I did a search for “rubbing bushes”. Just kidding.
    I found you through different blogs, and now I read you daily. Damn you’re addicting.

  13. Katie

    I found you through a funny comment you made at Ben’s. And remembered to come back here through another witty comment you made at Philip’s.

  14. danelle

    You are on my sister’s blogroll – which is weird because she isn’t a mom and honestly, your blog doesn’t seem like something she’d read! But I love you so that’s that.
    Hey guess what! Alison finally graduated and got her sappy ass outta that house today. Good Riddance!!

  15. NinaKaye

    I found you when I was clicking through people’s blogrolls, a long time ago. (okay, like 2 or 3 years, but it seems like forever now.)

  16. Girl

    Damn, Y. mikey asked this same question not long ago and I couldn’t remember for him either. I have been reading you for so long, that I have no idea. I probably saw you on someone’s blogroll.

  17. J

    Delurking to say I found you while searching for the term “pighunter”. 😉 I wish it were that exciting. It was really just a link from another blog.

  18. kaz

    I found you thru Busymom and think you are both fabulous. I have been reading ‘Joy Unexpected’ for about 6 months (i dont have a blog yet) and always have a laugh….and sometimes a cry, thank you for such an honest, REAL blog

  19. stephanie

    Through browsing the designs at Moxie… it may have been their beautiful design that got me here, but it’s your beautiful writing (and baby girl!) that keeps me here! 🙂

  20. Mia

    I’ve been reading you for a couple years, you’ve been on my blogroll forever. I think I originally found you through Joelle.

  21. daysgoby

    I can’t remember – it was through a comment you made on someone’s website, and I thought O how funny and traced you back…so glad I did!

  22. Hope

    I think it was through a link from another blog; now I refresh like a mad woman looking for updates.
    Keep it up, you are hilarious!

  23. kim

    i’m sure i found you through another blog as well. don’t remember which one, but back then it took me to “agedandconfused” and i got hooked 🙂

  24. daniel

    Hmm. It was either Tenth-Muse or Moxie. I was with you at the old url! I think we first bonded (one sided-ly) over Jay Mohr. I used to wish I had a man that looked like that. Then I did. Then I didn’t and was better off…. A story for another time!
    Anywho, since then we’ve had a virtual iced, soy, white, mocha or two… mine with an add shot.

  25. CNL

    An unknown force drove me in here… either that or I followed a link from wildscorpy’s blog… I always confuse the two.

  26. tlc6767

    DeLurking for the first time.
    I’ve been reading you for about 2 years.
    Found you through BlogExplosion.
    Thanks for the laughs.
    You are fantastic!

  27. Heatherg

    I found you through a comment you left on another blog……. just cant remember which blog that was.
    Its been too long for me to remember.
    I love your blog though, and read every day!

  28. Dale

    Googling for the lyrics of “Something Smells” by accustic bluesmen Cephes and Wiggins. Never found the diddlydang lyrics, but it goes something like:
    What is that smelllin’ like fish here Momma?
    Pootie, if you really want to know.
    Smells like sardines, ain’t in no can, same thing you
    promised to that other man,
    What is that smelllin’ like fish here Momma,
    Pootie, if you really want to know.
    Have no idea what it matched on your blog . . . .

  29. Aims

    I, too, found you through someone else’s blog, probably about six months ago, when I discovered personal blogs altogether. Sad I know, but the only blog I’d really ever seen were those political commentator blogs, with tons of ads, and boring reads. Then I found you, and you just keep me coming back for more! Love your writing, sense of humor, and true expression of self.

  30. Jerri Ann

    I have no idea, either someone’s blogroll or iparenting? It definitely wasn’t pooping during childbirth. I didn’t even give birth vaginally and I did that…ack

  31. Shannon

    You know, I don’t really remember how I found you. haha. I know I started off reading at your old address. I always enjoy your posts, so I keep coming back.

  32. Chrissylas

    I found you through a post on the Brides.com message boards. Someone posted a link in a thread titled something like “greatest pictures ever” with a link to the post of you and Tony’s wedding pictures. The pictures were so great that I checked back the next day to see if you’d written more, then I just sort of checked back again and again. My wedding has come and gone but those pictures will last forever. I hope mine hold up as well as yours did 🙂
    Thanks for the good reads, you got me addicted now!

  33. Catharina

    Yours was actually one of the first blogs I ever read. A friend of mine told me about his blog, who had a link to Melly’s blog and she linked to your blog when Gabby was born. And once I saw those pictures, I was hooked 😉

  34. Crystal

    I found you from a link on another blog. So glad I did because your awesome!! Thanks for giving us all a peace of mind!

  35. beth

    a very very very long time ago when i was pregnant with my daughter i guess 3yrs or more ago
    and i found it through another one of the bogs we both read 🙂
    cant stop reading it!

  36. LC

    I don’t member how I found you anymore. I’ve been reading you FOREVER though. I’ll admit. I’m one of those lurker people. Read everyday. Rarely comment.
    Love you though !!!!!

  37. Jess

    I found you through the weblog awards page – and voted daily for you…b/c, tho dooce rocks, you have more of The Boinking…and you make me laugh so loud I have to fake a coughing attack whenever a coworker walks past my office door. They all think I have chronic pneumonia. 😉

  38. Laura

    I can’t remember how I found you, but I remember when. It was about January of 2003. In fact, I miss your old template. The one with Snoop and Ty on it! 🙂

  39. Kris

    did you have another blog before this one? I think I found that first, then it shut down. I found you again from a comment you left, on Zoot’s or Buzz’s blog, during the pres. election.

  40. Y

    I guess no one wants to admit to googling “Black mom belt whippings” or “becoming latina in 10 easy steps!”

  41. Debbie

    I googled “pagina” and bam there you were. Or was it that swinger’s site that you advertised on….or maybe it was through the infamous Sarcastic Journalist. yeah, maybe thats it.

  42. mikey

    honestly, I don’t remember how I found your blog. but I can say, I was one of your first readers! my first comment was on your wha, third post ever? something like that?
    for some reason, i have the urge to go sniff some dead ants now…

  43. Salena

    I’m “De-Lurking” myself. I have NO idea how I found your blog, but girl you crack me up. I love reading! Have a great week! 🙂

  44. Mit_Moi

    *waving* – and envoius that you’re in CA and I’m hear in NC. As a Northern Cali girl I enjoy reading people “from home”.
    I found you via Sarcastic Journalist –

  45. Mit_Moi

    and obviously I’m an uneducated Californian who doesn’t know the difference between “Here” this place, and “Hear” with my ear! *sigh*

  46. Marjorie in Canada

    I’ve been reading your blog for awhile, maybe about a year, since my daughter showed it to me. She linked to your blog after reading a blog from someone in Montreal called Sandee, with breast cancer. I love your blog, you make me laugh often! And sometimes cry.

  47. Pookie

    I just found you…on someone else’s site. You are hella funny. I am adding you to my link list…I think you will be my daily laugh.
    Oh, and when I read that you too have a son named Ethan… I thought a latin woman with a son named Ethan. Perfect.

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