Perhaps a shower is in order.

Everytime I change my daughter’s poopy diaper, I make a big fuss about how horrible it smells.
I crinkle my nose up, start fanning my nose and say “Ewww, caca…ew”.
This morning, me and my daughter were laying on the bed, talking and being silly. I pulled her close to me to hug her and she unknowingly burried her face in my arm pit.
She pulled away, made a sour face, started fanning her nose and said “Ew… CACA… EWWW”
I think it’s safe to say my daughter just told me that my pits smell like shit.

17 thoughts on “Perhaps a shower is in order.

  1. Beth

    Cute! After my son learned that the foods he didn’t really like were sort of spicy, he told me his new minty toothpaste was “too spicy” for him to use. 🙂 Funny how kids derive meanings from the context. I love seeing how they think.

  2. Y

    haha! That reminds me of a story.
    My friend once called me crying from laughing to tell me that she had sent her kids (who were only 5 &6 and the funniest kids I’ve ever known besides my own) to brush their teeth. They started screaming from the bathroom “It burns mommy IT BURRRRNNSSS” She yelled back. “It’s supposed to burn, it’s cleaning the germs in your mouth.”
    They tended to be overly dramatic, so, she kinda blew them off.
    They started crying. “MOMMYYYYY IT BURNS SO BAD.”
    She got annoyed, ran in the bathroom to tell them to “stop their whining” when she looked down on the bathroom counter and was shocked to see that they had not put toothpaste on their brushes, but, rather…. ICY HOT.
    Oh DEAR GOD, how that kills me dead with laughter.

  3. geeky

    i was so sure this was going to be about farting, but then no! armpits! that’s why i love your writing.. constant surprises 🙂

  4. Jennifer

    I always wonder exactly when they figure out the difference between a good and a bad smell. It’s sorta sad when it happens and your kids start complaining about your breath and stuff.

  5. Z

    I wanted to tell you, since my Evan and your Andrew are so close in age AND have hairy balls and all that, I checked his lip out last night. Guess who has the new nickname “Stache”??? ROFLMAO!

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