Another one that will only be funny to me, but HAHA it’s my blog so I’m posting it anyway

What I found today when I went into my “DVR menu” will make the Top 10 list of Reasons Why I Love My Kids.
I’m going through the list of recorded programs to find the tom cruise in which she interviews Christopher Darden and I noticed the names of the programs had be changed. I did not KNOW that you could change the names of recorded shows, but, thanks to my son, now I know!
Starting Over is now “Starting to Poop.”
The Super Bowl is now “The Super Cereal Bowl”
Flavor of Love is now “The Flavor of Poop.”
WWE Smackdown is now “WE Will Smack You Down”
Drake and Josh is now “Poop and Pee.”
Celebrity fit club is now “Celeb Arm Pit Club”
Project Runway is now “Project Dumbway”
King of Queens? You guessed it, “The King of Pooping.”
Like, part of me was pissed because STOP MESSING WITH THE DVR ALREADY YOU TECHNOLOGICAL GENUISES. I mean, I once had to BAN Andrew from the DVR (That’s right, I ban people from things. That is why they call me “Cari Heffernon”) for messing with it too much. He’s such a show off with his knowledge of How To Operate Things With Remote Controls. It annoys the hell out of me.
But I found the changing of the names to be hilarious. I laughed so hard when as I reading through them.
I have to say, I was shocked, SHOCKED! That there wasn’t a single mention of “farts” or “balls” but he sure did make great use of “The Poop.”
I’m so proud to have passed on my totally awesome sense of humor to my children.

20 thoughts on “Another one that will only be funny to me, but HAHA it’s my blog so I’m posting it anyway

  1. Ro

    lol! Gotta love kids! Mine are still too small to be such masters of technology but that day is coming I can feel it.
    Oh and dude I watch every single one of those shows including Drake and Josh! lmao!

  2. Alejandra

    That IS hilarious. I’m pretty geeky, but I had no idea you could change the names of the shows. What kind of DVR do you have? Do you know how to do it? I want my shows to have poop in them, too!

  3. Kalani

    That is so totally radical. I love your kids too.
    I will always laugh at ‘hairy balls’ no matter how many times I read it. It’s a classic.

  4. Ms. Q

    Child prodigies!! I love Project Dumbway (the name – I don’t watch the show.)
    Oh, I have to find out how to do that! Our dvr menu will look like this:
    Curb your Poop
    The Daily Poop with Jon Stewart
    American Poop Idol
    What Not to Poop
    30-minute Poops
    Ahahahaha. So excellent.

  5. E :)

    That’s Pooper Dooper!
    Your kids are soooo funny.
    “Project Dumbway” and “Curb Your Poop” are the funniest suggestions. Larry David could totally rename his show that and it would still be totally appropriate!

  6. E :)

    P.S. There used to be an ad on Australian TV for a tech repair company that showed a Dad looking flustered while trying to fix a computer or something and the kid coming over and fixing it in two seconds. The voiceover said “Dont have a kid? Then call us!”
    Never a truer word spoken.

  7. Heatheranne

    That is too funny. Except in this house, it would all be about farts! “Farting Idol” “My Name is Fart” “South Fart”…Yeah, you get the idea.

  8. Jennifer

    My 15 year old son was reading over my shoulder and giggling like a little girl. Then he said, “That is SO something we would do.”
    It’s true.

  9. Mia

    I’m of the opinion that any show get’s better with the addition of Poop.
    My kids are almost there too…which is the reason I hide my remotes. Once they messed it up, I’d never get things back. lol

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