Dear Internet,
I do NOT have The Password. I never asked for the password because I am lame and didn’t even know about any of this. I only tell you this because I’ve already recieved 2 emails asking me about it, and, well, I hate to disappoint, but, uh, yeah, don’t have it. Don’t want it either.
Aren’t you glad I took the time out of my life to tell you before you had to go and waste YOUR time asking me? I’m so thoughtful, I know.


26 thoughts on ““FOR THE RECORD”

  1. angie

    Internet drama is just crazy…I got sucked into some a couple months back. I have no idea what all this is about, but I hope they keep you out of it, Y!! 🙂

  2. skits

    I read it, and I’m STILL confused. Maybe it’s the nyquil. hee. I love your web sol. You should market little cans of it at mcphee’s. 🙂

  3. Jes

    What happened??? I am trying to put together the pieces from you and Amalah and can’t. (either b/c it is Monday a.m. or I’m dumb) Help senoritas…I get that there’s somthing about big bad blogs and a vagina posse but that’s it

  4. Louise

    For those who don’t know what’s going on (and I admit I didn’t know til I clicked on Julie’s blog this morning) check out the handy sidebar at alittlepregnant.typepad.com .
    (Y! Hope you don’t mind me doing that!)

  5. girlplease

    Thanks for the post Louise. Gives a lot of us a clue. I still think the whole thing is stupid. One big “us vs them” lynch mob. Lame.
    Can’t everyone talk about their bowel movements or something?

  6. Heatherg

    I dont have a blog, therefore I am kinda hiding, but i do indeed think its kinda funny that 10-plus people from 10-plus different sides of the USA (and maybe other countries) are bickering via the internet.
    Talk about technology!

  7. kristal

    So, in the spirit of getting over it… How about a Happy Valentine’s Day? And where’s the love post with all the cheese? Hope you and yours have a great one!

  8. Mamacita

    I haven’t a clue what’s going on, but whatever it is, I’m on your side.
    Happy Valentine’s Day, dear Yvonne. You are very precious to many people.

  9. mikey

    Y, you’re so unsensitive. I mean, how can you and others trample on the rights of people who anonymously rip on other people? They have feelings too!
    OK, seriously, I never understood why someone would start a “private” poison blog, and then wonder why everybody’s in a huff when it’s discovered… like, duh.
    You know, I don’t blame people for not wanting to move on. I haven’t seen her apologize. I haven’t seen her acknowledge that maybe she did something wrong. And everybody’s supposed to just “move on”? That’s like saying “Hey! You’re a cunt! Why are you getting mad? You’re dragging this out now – can’t we just move on?”
    It’s a free country. It’s not illegal to put ketchup on ice cream. It’s not illegal to wear your clothes inside out. It’s also not illegal for someone to talk shit about people behind their backs.
    What’s my point?
    It’s not illegal to be a dick. But really, why would you want to be one?
    And if you decide to be a dick, well then don’t be surprised if people get mad.

  10. Melissa

    I thought the same as demondoll, when I 1st read this. But you have a great blog. I linked over from Hey,You.
    Your kids are gorgeous

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