41 thoughts on “Because SERIOUSLY

  1. judy

    oooooh 🙁 i think i’ve got her older twin sister over here 🙂 she’s 6, *six* and freaks out about her hair! already?!

  2. Heather

    It may be because the cover has no audio file to go along with it, but I still think she’s adorabe.
    (and very clever work, by the way)

  3. Michelle

    Hilarious! I love it! LOL I have the cover model for next month’s issue asleep in the next room if you are planning a special issue for Drama Kings. 😉

  4. kim

    well, she IS after all your daughter 🙂
    but i don’t think i can forgive her for dragging you away from the AIM while we were in a good whiny weigh-loss and why do we have to go through this and our skinny friends don’t – conversation… that just wasn’t right.
    PS: still hope she’s feeling better 😉

  5. CNL

    Between the bursts of hysterical laughter, an old song comes to mind… “Thank heaven for little girls – they grow up in the most delightful way!
    God bless you Y!! You will be muchly rewarded for your perseverance and sense of humor! 😉

  6. dana michelle

    How can someone be so upset and so adorable at the same time?
    I so totally hope that you are still blogging when she hits her teen years and you start to blackmail her with that picture.
    This inquiring mind will want to know!! ;^)

  7. Dee

    Ok, I love this. This needs to be kept on file for her dating years, where it can be dragged out and shown to prospective suitors. Tell them, “See! This is what you’re in for, with a few more teeth!”

  8. lex

    where can I get a subscription? lol!
    on an unrelated note, I thought of you this weekend when I ran into Last Comic Standing’s John Heffron at a furniture store.

  9. anathea

    You’ll have to put me on the list when you’re finally pushed to the point of making this an actual ‘zine! 🙂 I’ve surely got one prone to The Dramatics over here myself! 🙂

  10. Natalie

    I’ve looked at this twice, and I laughed harder the second time.
    My mother told me that when I was a wee one, she did the same thing: she made fun of me when I threw tantrums. She said it would be so ridiculous, that she and my dad would just laugh their asses off. Luckily, I have no photographic evidence of my dramatics… otherwise, I’m sure a few boyfriends would have run away really quick…

  11. Bronwen

    Excellent! Can my Miss Peanut be a contributing editor? Her contribution will be “Winning by Whining: a Primer Course.”
    Seriously, if you don’t scrapbook, you should at least print that one out for her baby book! Truly excellent work!

  12. Becka

    Wonder if I can get a copy sent here to the UK?
    And make sure you keep that picture for when your resident drama queen gets older…she’ll really lurrrve you for it! “Mom, just put that photo away will ya?” 😉

  13. Amber

    Girl-Let me paint you a picture…
    I’m that friend-I have a great historic house, wonderful husband, precious 7 month old son, beautiful wedding ring, SUV with navigation, etc., etc., etc.
    NOW, let me tell you what you CAN’T SEE-
    We have three (count them, 1, 2, 3) morgtages on our “great historic house”, a loan for the beautiful wedding ring, HUGE loan for the stupid SUV that my husband HAD to have, not to mention the $475,000 in personal loans that we have to make monthly payments on to 4 different people for the business my husband bought three years ago. And the list goes on-I’m saying all this to point out that “those friends” that leave you out and make you feel (whether on purpose or not) all have crap to deal with that NO ONE knows about. They probably all have the maxed out credit cards, too, so just know we are all in the same boat…just some people are uglier (in the emotional sense) about it rather than just being true to themselves and you. They suck…You don’t. That’s the difference and it’s the best thing to be different about!

  14. Mary

    OMG that is like the best picture I have seen on the internet…ever.
    I remember when you first posted it with the title “when pretty butterflies get pissed”

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