Because “basic paint users” should NEVER be ashamed of their “artwork”

It’s a well established FACT in this house that G-Unit is The Boss of Me.
She is also The Boss of her dad. And The Boss of her brubers. Let’s just go ahead and call her The Boss of This House.
We all accept that and understand that if The Boss aint happy, aint NOBODY happy, and so, we do our best to make sure The Boss is happy.
HOWEVER. The Boss has taken things too far because she now believes that she is The Boss of My Computer.

That’s right. I said “My” computer. There is no such things as “Our” computer in this house. This is mine and in order to use it, you must ask for my permission and the chances of me saying yes are pretty much slim to none.
My daughter is fascinated with MY computer. She’ll sneak in my room every chance she gets and start banging on the keyboard, or playing with the mouse. She’s been known to send people IM’s in which she says very awesome and important things, like, “wwwwwww33333335qqqqq” and “azzzzzzzla a ala” Hell, she once wrote her very own post when I had left my “create new entry” window open.
A few days ago, I decided to log onto the sesame street website with Gabby so she could play some Elmo games. Well, she freaking LOVED IT and I could not get her away from it. Everytime I tried to close the window, she’d start crying and pleading with me.
Man, that was the stupidest thing I’ve ever done. What was I thinking?
Ever since then, she’ll grab my hand randomly throughout the day and say “Elmo? Elmo?” And since she’s The Boss, I’ll log onto Sesame Street and sit here and listen to STUPID ASS ELMO singing songs and counting.
Pregnant CameltoeYesterday, I had the great idea to open up “Paint” and draw pretty things for her. Which, is funny because I am THE WORST DRAWER IN THE UNIVERSE, (but, actually, in a weird way, kind of a genius, because name ONE PERSON you know who could make “pregnant cameltoe” with such perfection?) but I thought “if anyone will appreciate my Paint Skillz, it would definitely be a 20 month old!” So, I started drawing “pretty pictures” of “the one flower” I know how to make. (Seriously, I can make ONE FLOWER and my husband mocks me about it often because everytime we “color”, I make it and he’s all “Ha! Ha! THAT flower again? HA!” I think he needs to grow up and pass me the freaking green.)
I was right, she loved it. And, I have to admit, so did I. However, I started getting bored and as I was attempting to draw a “dog” (haha. Oh man, you should have seen it) I became inspired by a blog post I had read and thought “OMG! I have to draw this now!”
And, so, I did. I am not PROUD of myself for doing it, because, how old am I again? 34? But! Not “being proud” of it isn’t going to stop me from posting it, nor is it going to stop me from asking you to guess what it is.

4 thoughts on “Because “basic paint users” should NEVER be ashamed of their “artwork”

  1. Itchy

    My sister’s 2 year old is also facinated and in love with the computer and sends me IMs such as “hlkjalkjdofiudo 1lkdjf lioiue” fairly often. I love it!
    And your drawing appears to be a man peeing at a urinal with his pants down around his ankles…and that makes me laugh. Why would a guy pull his pants down to pee?

  2. Y

    HAHA. I am SO GREAT! Because how else could you have guessed that?
    Also, I have 2 boys who drop trou when they pee, so, I guess that was “my inspiration” for the pants down effect.

  3. Itchy

    Of course you are great! That is a great piece of art! The detail…just…awesome! 😛
    Now…little boys I can see droppin’ trou for the pee…but not once they are older. But for an inspirational and entertaining piece of art work it was great!

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