Yo. Internet. G-Unit here.
My mom has been dying to get on the computer all day long to tell you all about her BEAUTIFUL new look that her BEAUTIFUL friend, Joelle designed for her, but! TOO BAD, SO SAD for her because I am in Pure Drama Queen mode today and ha! ha! if you think I’m going to let her sit down for any length of time without having an Emotional Breakdown.

Also known as “A Tantrum”

Also known as “What makes My Mommy cry and say words that sound just like ‘DUCK!'”

Since I’m giving her a break at the moment (but, seriously, only because I must go find a place to hide to take a dump, which, only takes like 2 minutes… MAX!) she wanted to tell you that if can’t see the font on the sidebar and you are using Firefox as your browser, you need to download the most current version in order to see the site the right way. (You can find it HERE)


  1. ben

    You need to go put on your red Roper’s and play Robert Earl Keen’s “Buckin’ Song” and then teach your daughter to sing along.

    I had a horse
    named Bad Luck
    She weren’t good lookin’
    but she sure could buck
    Yahoo hey hey
    Yippee yi cy yey
    I put my mama on her
    She threw her in the air
    My mama said son
    “that’s a mother buckin’ mare”
    Yahoo hey hey
    Yippee yi cy yey
    Took her to the rodeo
    She won second place
    She was really buckin’ good
    in the buckin’ barrel race
    Yahoo hey hey
    Yippee yi cy yey
    She won a thousand dollars
    I put it in my hat
    Bought a brand new saddle
    She bucked me out of that
    Yahoo hey hey
    Yippee yi cy yey
    She bucked me on the
    pick-up truck
    She bucked me on the fence
    My daddy said
    son, you got no buckin’ sense”
    Yahoo hey hey
    Yippee yi cy yey
    So if you gotta bucker
    Don’t ever buck around
    That buckin’ mother bucker
    will buck you on the ground
    Yahoo hey hey
    Yippee yi cy yey

    Go ahead, I’ll wait…

  2. a.

    My niece used to do the same thing. I was amazed that she could throw herself backward and not hurt herself.

  3. Mieke

    Also, do you know it has been almost a year since I convinced you to come to the beach. COME TO THE BEACH!!!

  4. Ms. Q

    This new skin is so purdy!! I love it!! Sorry about the drama – that looks like one mega tantrum. You need a green tea frap, I think!

  5. erika

    I love what’s working – however, the background is missing on most things for me, making it hard (or impossible) to read some of the text. 🙁
    I’m using Firefox on XP.

  6. Laura

    Oh, it’s AWESOME! Sorry the insanity has crept into your toddler – I’m totally battling it myself over here! I feel your pain!

  7. Hed

    Wow. Much better! Thanks for letting me know about the new firefox version! I’m having one of those days myself, which is why all I did was post pictures! Now off to redress three beds! Aaaak!

  8. Linda

    It’s fabulous! Now Gabby – let Mama bask in the light of her wonderful new site. Tantrums can wait until tomorrow.

  9. Adrienne

    Woot! Love the new look! Joelle’s mad skills beautifying the Internet once again. Obviously, I’m a fan of these colours since my own blog is in a similar colour scheme. We be wimmins with good taste. 😀
    Hope that G-Unit chills out soon! Gotta love the pictures of her screaming, though.

  10. Beverlee

    She is SO cute. May I say that I see a little Steve Tyler in her? )(Please don’t take offence Please don’t take offence Please don’t take offence)

  11. Y

    HAHA. No offense taken.
    We laugh about her gigantic mouth all of the time.
    Her beautiful VERY LARGE MOUTH. 😉

  12. jenny lee

    hey gabby, looks like you’re getting your molars in. ouch…tell mom to give you some tylenol or advil and that should make you all happy so that everyone is happy. or make you sleepy. and gabby, your dress is so pretty! i love purple on you!

  13. Jerri Ann

    that is a mouth full of teeth little lady has there…I am obsessed with teeth these days since my 18 month old only has 6 or maybe 8, not a mouthful like that…wowzers

  14. Joelle

    That sucks that you can’t see it in older Firefox. I can’t test it since I’ve got the latest and it shows up all nice-nice. It’s good in Safari, too, as far as I know and IE 6 says A-OK (for once).
    Poop. 🙁

  15. HDW

    Your blog looks fantastic! I LOVE IT!
    And that tantrum stuff? AWFULLY familiar at our house. Like, um, happening right NOW …

  16. Jessica

    My daughter is also at that stage. Today I had the audacity to give her a sippy cup. Filled with milk. Like she’d just asked for. But, alas, it was all wrong, and she flung herself backward onto the kitchen floor with a resounding klunk and commenced wailing as though I were dismebering her. Sheesh.
    And I’m glad to see I wasn’t the only person who wanted ice cream the minute I saw your beautiful new look! Seriously, though, I love it. And the pictures of the G-unit, screaming and all.

  17. Broad

    Love the new digs, but even better? G-Unit’s gorgeous little mod ‘do in that first pic. Bangs swept over like Veronica Lake and all …

  18. Kay

    I love your new look! It reminds me of some cool new scrapbook papers I bought recently so you just have to know you are an “it” girl of course! 😉
    Poor G! She looks like she is in agony, or I can just pretend she is showing us all the toofies she has in her widdle mouth, that is easy for me since her picture isnt in stereo!

  19. tonya cinnamon

    hahahah ouch my ears!!! oh the pain 🙂
    love the new look and love the new pics of miss drama queen 🙂
    she would be good in singing for sure i can hear her over the internet 😉

  20. pookiesmom

    Hi! I’m delurking to say I’m so glad I’m not the only one that takes pictures of their kids having a temper tantrum!

  21. B.J.

    am I the only one who is jealous of the G-unit’s fab hair style in the first pic? If I have to throw a tantrum every morning to get that do, I’m so going to start.

  22. kristyk

    LOVE IT! Your blog looks so grown up and beautiful. I really like the comments, the color, etc. And normally, I dislike header graphics, but this is GORGEOUS! Congrats. I think G is a little jealous…

  23. NinaKaye

    Like the new look!
    My kids haven’t even thrown fits or had tantrums (so far, anyway) but when my great-nephew throws a fit, he sits on the floor and rolls around and around. It is SO cute! I actually try to make him mad just so he’ll do it.
    I’m sure if I had to live with a kid doing stuff like that I wouldn’t think that way.

  24. Joelle

    am I the only one who is jealous of the G-unit’s fab hair style in the first pic? If I have to throw a tantrum every morning to get that do, I’m so going to start.
    b.j., I’m with you. I thought, “dang, she’s freakin out, but her hair is fabulous.”
    And hey, y’all, thanks for the compliments. 🙂 I’m glad Y likes it. She needed a kick in the ass.

  25. LotionBarBunny

    Oooh pretty! Pink is my favorite color. I love the new look—it’s fitting for your new fabulous in person look. 😉
    Joelle great job!
    Also…thank you for linking to me. 🙂

  26. Kelly

    WOW. Not only is it beautiful but OMG, I LOVE the 6 different flickr pictures at the top! HOW BRILLIANT IS THAT?! Your photos are amazing and your family is beautiful, how wonderful that each and everytime we come by and or REFRESH A TON, we get 6 new pictures to look at?! WOW!
    Seriously, one of the best blog looks EVER.
    LOVE IT!
    And G is pretty too :):)

  27. kim

    joelle, i LOVE the new look. you’re awesome. even though i did have to download the latest firefox. but then again, why wouldn’t i want the latest firefox anyway? it’s puuurrrdy!
    gabby – drama queen extraordinaire. it’s fun to look at. not so much fun being around i believe 🙂

  28. Itchy

    I LOVE the new look. Totally LOVE it!!!!!
    And…I find it hilarious that while G-Unit was having a tantrum you were taking pictures of it. That’s soooo something I would do if I had a little one! 😛 And…I think my sister has done it as well. 🙂

  29. Joelle

    thanks! yeah, i’m chapped about the whole firefox thing. I’ll find the bug, oh yes! I will find it!
    Also, other bug, dude? what is up with the “remember me”? we need to fix that crapola. 😉

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