I’m going, are YOU?

Because of my inability to make the easiest desicions, there is a pile of shopping bags sprawled across my bed filled with three different “Easter outfits” for my daughter.
Dresses. Skirts. Sweaters. Hats. Shoes. Purses. Gloves.
Tony just about crapped himself when he saw me walk in from my shopping trip to get “A” dress for her. “Chill. I put them on credit and plan on taking everything back after I decide which one I like best.” He still wasn’t happy, but once he saw all of the beautiful little girl clothing inside, his heart melted a little.
I called my sister and asked if she’d decide if I sent her pictures of Gabby in each outfit. Unfortunetely, my camera seems to be “missing” at the moment. (I’m trying not to panic, but how does a camera just “disappear” off of my bed? I suspect The Starting Over Gnomes are involved, because this makes no sense! It was on my bed last night!)
Looks like I’m going to have to actually make this decision on my own because my husband is no help AT ALL on this matter.
I put on one outfit on her, he’s all “Ohhhh, I love that one!”
I put on another one on her, he’s all “Ohhhhh, I love that one TOO!”
And so and so forth. When I ask which one he likes best, his response?
“I love them all.”
I’m thinking of doing an “Susan Lucci” during Easter service and taking her to the bathroom every few minutes and putting a new outfit. Think of the gossip that would generate amongst the people!
(Yes. We’re going to church. And, yes. I’ve finally agreed to sing a song for my dad at church. With a background tape,people. A back.ground.tape. I do believe that qualifies this entry to be titled with something like “Church Cheese.” The truth is I don’t want to do it because a) it’s been years since I’ve sang b) I don’t feel right singing at church when I don’t even attend church regularly c) BACKGROUND TAPE. But, my dad has been asking me for years to sing on Easter, so, I’m going to do it. For him.)
I’m not sure what stresses me out more. The fact that I can’t choose an outfit for my daughter, or the fact that my CAMERA IS MISSING.
Boy, I sure have my “Easter” priorities in order! Because we ALL know Easter is about “Getting Photographed in The Perfect Easter Dress”!
And let’s not forget bunnies! And chocolate! And the decorating of hard boiled eggs!
Speaking of Eggs…
We’ll be doing decorating our eggs tonight. I’m hoping this year we get a little “Daddy Participation” because last year? Um, daddy just wasn’t that into it. Infact, daddy was SO not into it, that he actually FELL ASLEEP! WHILST HOLDING THE BABY!
Now comes the part where I post a little photographic evidence (but only because HAHA, it’s my favorite easter related photo EVER.)

In all seriousness, he will never, for as long as he lives, EVER live that moment down.
And with that, I wish you and your family a very Happy Easter. May your day be filled with peace and love. Also? May you not fall asleep during the coloring of the eggs, nor may your camera mysteriously disappear off of the face of the earth.

22 thoughts on “I’m going, are YOU?

  1. Joelle

    I happen to know for a fact that you CAN sing like a mofo, so I don’t want her to hear about how you haven’t sang for a while.
    Do the Backstreet Boys. God loves the boy bands.

  2. NinaKaye

    We don’t even decorate eggs at our house. It’s all plastic around here.
    I completely understand the dress thing. Because of my insistance on my daughter having the perfect Easter dress, I have just enough money left in the bank to pay the one bill I have to pay next week, and have about 50 cents left over. But? My child will be dressed beautifully!! haha
    I don’t even go to church, but my kids do. And they HAVE to look good!

  3. clickmom

    This year my Jewish egg decorating deprived kids decided they would like to try decorating eggs. They asked if they could do just that tomorrow afternoon. The husband and I laughed thinking what an appropriate activity that would be considering we are having dinner with our Rabbi tomorrow night.
    Oh yeah, and I’d freak out and turn into a screaming witch if I thought someone had made off with my camera.

  4. Kay

    Oh do the Susan Lucci! Then she can be a true little diva and be the celebrity she is meant to be!
    I hope you find the camera, I wanna see her gussied up!
    Good luck on the singing tomorrow. You have a beautiful voice, no worries!

  5. Dawn

    oh. missing camera in my house = absolute heart stoppage. hope it turns up. because it IS all about the photos isn’t it? 😉

  6. demondoll

    I think Gabby Lucci would make quite a splash at Easter in her many costume changes. I also suspect you will rock the Good House when you sing- karaoke or no.
    Happy Easter to you and yours!

  7. gojou

    You’re singing? That’s it — I’m there. Anywhere you sing, I’m there. Because, like Joelle, I know you sing like an angel.

  8. Tammy

    So, you made your Dad’s day for Easter. Me, I convinced my father I am going straight to hell. I told him (ex-minister father) that the kids know all about the candy, and have no idea about the cross. I could feel the brimstone coming down the phone wires.

  9. tonya cinnamon

    singing you got it down pat 🙂
    just dont do the monkey at church hahahahaha
    in seriouness and all.
    i hope your camera comes back did it fall under the bed with the monster. i bet it took it 🙂
    we do the easter eggs and candy and so forth . if you find your camera take a billion pictures like i do:)
    mom is having me take pictures of all 6 grandkids ohhh goody 🙂

  10. melly

    I hope I never have a girl. I would go bankrupt. Too much squee.
    Haha, Tony fell asleep. My favorite professor nodded off during our last exam. He’s really super paranoid about cheating and usually walks around the room. I was all, “stealthy”

  11. Hed

    Hope you find your camera! I think I would completely lose it if I couldn’t locate mine. Completely. Lose. It.

  12. Aims

    Oh boy! The dreaded church performance with a background tape. I have to admit, about 15 years ago, when I went and sang at church, I thought the background tape was SO much cooler than singing w/ a pianist. Plus, I could practice much more with the tape. However, if I had to sing at church now, I would be in serious anxiety-panic attack mode, for the exact same reasons you mentioned, and it would be much more of a crisis than which dress or missing camera! I hope it all went well yesterday. Might we look forward to a little snippet of your song? Hmmm?!
    I do hope you find/found your camera, for sure. The pictures you take are awesome!

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