Respect…my consultantship.

beauty and the blue sky Yesterday, the sky was unbelievably blue, with bright white clouds scattered about. A sharp contrast to the gray, smog filled sky the day before. A crisp blue sky is rare here in the polluted “Inland Empire” of Southern California, so you KNOW I had to go grab the camera to document the special occasion.
My God, it was such a beautiful day. Warm sunshine, clear blue sky, puffy white clouds. It made me happy. So very happy. (Oh my God. The Cheese&trade)
The kids weren’t too happy when they heard me say “Watch Gabby, I’m going to get the camera.” Infact, I’d say they were very UNHAPPY and at one point, threats were handed down because OH MY GOD, JUST LET ME TAKE A FEW PICTURES AND STOP ACTING LIKE I’M TORTURING YOU, DAMMIT.
four Eventually (after many threats of “if you do not let me snap this shot, NO PAINTBALL FOR YOU!”) they stopped whining and I was able to get a few really great pictures.
What is WITH my kids and their raging hatred of my camera? Seriously. (I’m sure my kids, along with other family members, would say something like “We hate your camera because you ALWAYS HAVE IT IN OUR FACES.”)
The weather put me in such a great mood yesterday, that after months of complaining about not having extra money, I agreed to finally stop complaining and actually DO SOMETHING to try to contribute a little extra cash to this household. OMG! People! I am going to sell candles. ME! SELL THINGS! TO PEOPLE!
This is such a giant step for me, as I NEVER take chances with anything because I? Am Chicken Shit. I always SAY I’m going to try things, but then, when it comes to actually DOING things, I get scared of failing and think of a million reasons why I would suck at it and never follow through because I’M SCARED SHITLESS OF FAILING.
Yesterday, the blue skies and clouds made me think “Hey! I love these freaking candles! Why not sell them so I can earn free candles AND make money!” So, I told my friend “Sign me up TODAY!”
Now, I’m regretting it because they sky is no longer blue, but cloudy and overcast and I do not think I will meet my 6 shows/$1,200 in SIX WEEKS quota and OMG. I AM A PATHETIC PERSON WHO DIDN’T GO TO COLLEGE AND SHOULD NEVER TRY THINGS THAT DO NOT INVOLVE WIPING ASSES AND COOKING DINNER.
That is how my mind works and that is why I never try things that could possibly make me successful. I am scared. I do not believe in myself the thought of having to annoy friends about having a party makes me want to PUKE.
So, um, hey, Internet, who wants to have a “book” party for me? ANYONE? HUH? UM NO IT’S OK YOU DON’T HAVE TO SORRY I ASKED OK THEN BYE.
(Oh my God! I can’t do this! And, oh my GOD! remember how I used to be all “TAKE YOUR CANDLES AND SHOVE IT!”? And now? Am.Selling.Candles. AH.)
Tony was all up in my grill last night, telling me things like “You need to take it seriously” and “You better meet your quota because I aint paying for that kit, woman.”
He’s supportive in his own, cute little way.
I do plan on taking it seriously. Well, as seriously as I can take the selling of candles, but I am allowed to freak out before I actually start taking The Selling of The Candles seriously.
Because Ha! Ha! I am a seller of candles.
(p.s. have no fear, this will NOT turn into a “buy candles from me” blog. I PROMISE YOU.)

38 thoughts on “Respect…my consultantship.

  1. tonya cinnamon

    ps i like candles too 😀
    wanna add a link so we can see your candles 🙂
    not that we are pushy or anything
    have faith Y
    and have fun that all it takes to sell things 🙂

  2. Janet

    I have a friend who is very successful selling Party Lite candles. You can actually make pretty good money that way- good luck!

  3. Lena

    I’m just WAITING for the “Ask Me About Candles” button. LOL
    Speaking from experience, you may very well haev a garage full of candles soon. At least your house will smell good. It could be worse. It could be SCRAPBOOKING! Ahhhh!
    BTW, are you going to Blogher???

  4. Lena

    HOLY HELL Yvonne, you have a link to Kevin James! You may very well be the first person I know who loves him too. We LIVE for King of Queens around here.
    K- I’m out…

  5. LotionBarBunny

    I am so excited for you!!!!!! As another girl in direct sales, I totally know what it means to need parties and to really get your feet off the ground.
    I’m crossing my fingers that you sell Mia Bella Candles because they kick butt.
    Thank you for the email yesterday about the troll on my blog. 🙂
    I’m emailing you now about the candles! Yippiee!

  6. Coralie

    Good luck on your new business venture. It can be frustrating and seem easy to give up on, but I’ve been doing home parties for 3 years and if you need any tips (although I don’t sell candles home networking is basically all the same) just email.

  7. Vicki

    Best of luck Y!!! I hope it is a soaring success for you!
    And seriously, I know other people were saying this, but can I buy candles from you?? The hell with Yankee Candle if I can support someone I admire so much instead!

  8. sarah

    i have been asking EVERYONE around here when they were going to have a candle party! seriously, you should link it up, because my candle supply is LOW…like an 18 wheeler (sorry, had to!)
    BTW: long time reader (found you through mike and joelle), 1st time commenter. i’m shy.

  9. Michelle

    I absolutely understand how you feel. It’s scary to actually make a commitment and then be held accountable for your decision- especially when that decision involves depending on other people to purchase stuff from you. I always feel like I’m being a burden and that people are only buying because they either feel sorry for me or they are trying to get me off their back. lol So I totally get your fear.
    But you know what? You have an awesome personality and people take to you right away. You will have absolutely NO problems selling candles and people will be buying from you because they LIKE YOU and the product. Congrats Y! And good luck! It’ll be scary but I know you can and will do it. And the extra money will be soooo nice!

  10. Flippy

    I totally want the “Contempo Aroma Melts Warmer” –
    In a month I’ll have some extra cash, so I’ll expect to know how to buy from you by then. Don’t even think about making me go to a party. Ack. (I’ll pay you for shipping if it doesn’t work like that)

  11. jen

    Lena- no she isn’t the only one who loves her some kevin James. I am seeing him next week (a bday gift I got for my boyfriend). I’ve heard his standup show is awesome (my sister has seen his show).

  12. Joelle

    I’m kinda thinking you should take that class, make your own and sell them. 🙂
    C’mon, you could name them things like, “Aerobic Smack Down” and “The Cheese”.
    Joy Unexpected Candles. We can set you up an online store.
    But, uh, if you don’t like that idea, I’ll come to your candle-shoving party.

  13. Jennifer

    I sold knives for 3 weeks one summer. I hated it and I felt so stupid for being a seller of knives, but I made over $1000 before I couldn’t take it any more and went back to being a lifeguard (so much more respectable). That’s in 1999 dollars! Imagine how much you can make selling things people might actually want! I will totally buy one to get you started. Got anything in the $15 range that smells strong enough to cover up the smell of a litterbox?

  14. Maria

    Candles have a peacefulness about them. And they are pretty and add nice touches to rooms just a decorations.
    And Joelle beat to it. I was going to suggest setting up a store too or at least a site for your business and register at all the search engines, etc.
    The very best of luck to you.

  15. becky

    hey, e-mail me with the brand name. while i may not be able to do a party, or make it to one, i might want to buy a couple (i can’t handle the really strong smelly ones, but i loves me some vanilla and mulberry).

  16. sarah

    i would buy candles and have a party, but i’m in pa. do you have an online link to your store or something? let me know what kinda candles you’re selling, and i’ll probably buy some. because dude. CANDLES.

  17. Culotte Folle

    Um, I tried the direct sales thing. I couldn’t hack it; I’ve got a f/t job and um, no drive.
    What about sex toys? Couldn’t you sell sex toys? You’re so comfortable talking about sex.

  18. Belinda

    Good luck in the new venture–it kinda looks like you’d be silly NOT to take advantage of the great support base you have here!

  19. LotionBarBunny

    Hmm. When I clicked the link for her candle story it was Party Lite, who doesn’t allow you to advertise online, which may be why she didn’t put the link up.

  20. pinkme

    If you feel like driving all the way to Oxnard I would have a party!! I load my friends with drinks and they buy like crazy! Hehehe

  21. Y

    I freaking LOVE you guys. Instead of making fun of my candle selling ass, you’re all “I’ll buy candles from you!”
    HA! Awesome.
    I am not “officially” a Seller of Candles yet, but when I become one, I will email those of you who are interested with the details.

  22. Hed

    One of the things that a friend of mine did with party sales, was take a small gift basket to a few businesses with her wares, her business card, and a few catalogs. One of the places she visited was a hospital administrative office. From that one basket, arranged with different things from the company she sold from, it snowballed into over 200 bookings for her, and she also gained quite a few people for her team.
    This was for The Body Shop at Home, but I don’t see why it wouldn’t work for Party Lite.
    Good luck!

  23. mary

    But you know, you should become an aerobics teacher!
    You would be all funky and have your own following and stuff!

  24. Izzy

    That is EXACTLY how I would sell candles. Or rather how I probably wouldn’t sell them…lol
    Good luck 🙂

  25. Zoot

    I’d host a candle thing from you (I dont even know the lingo – I’m way less cool than you) but, you know, there’s the whole “distance” issue. BUT- can we buy them from you online?

  26. Amalah


  27. Aly

    Y, I can’t wait to see what some of these candles look like. Sounds very entrepenuerial (I won’t even PRETEND I know how to spell that word, hmph) of you.
    You could become a candle-whoring, blogging extraordinaire!! Okay, too many big words in one comment. Must go now.

  28. Laura B.

    Y, I think you will be great at selling candles! Who would be a better party host than YOU? You just have to get over any nerves you have and go for it. The idea that Hed posted is awesome – sampler gift baskets for businesses – that could totally drum up business without forcing you to go too far out of your comfort zone to get it.
    BTW, I was looking at the search terms people use to find you, and let me just say – that is some funny shit.

  29. Rachel

    Can’t wait to hear of your candle selling tales. I will for sure commiserate, I sell the candles too. Almost 2 years into it.

  30. Paije

    I would so buy a candle from you.
    1. I love PartyLite candles.
    2. I love reading your blog.
    3. I want to support you!
    4. You’re the coolest/funniest Mom.

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