Giving the people what they want

Today, there was great potential for me to feel depressed and cry a lot. The last day of school for my boys, friends not speaking to me because I am a Horrible Person and also, fat, blahblahblahwahwahwah. But then, the greatest thing EVER happened! I recieved an email from The Bride To Be which contained totally embarrassing and yet totally awesome pictures of a certain someone doing a certain type of dance and Ha! Depression averted!
(Ok. Not really, but can we pretend? Please? Thank you!)
I can’t decide on what to title the following picture, so let me give you a few of the choices.
“Proof that I am sometimes a jackass”
“Proof that I am a happy drunk”
“Proof that I need to get out more”
Or (and I think I’ll go with this one)
“Proof that I did the worm on the floor of the bowling alley bar.”

Are you sure you still want to invite me to your party?

73 thoughts on “Giving the people what they want

  1. Itchy

    “Are you sure you still want to invite me to your party?”
    Yes. Cleavage that nice has to partay! 🙂
    And anyone that enjoys doing The Worm that much has to be great fun.

  2. chrissylas

    Dude… you are totally invited to my party. And even though you have no idea who I am and have never spoken to me, I will serve massive amounts of alcohol if it means that you will do the worm during my party. You crack me up Y, seriously.

  3. T

    I happened on to your site by mistake. It’s like a car wreck where you just have to look. I read several of your posts. I know there are people like you, but ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! Can we say disgusting . . . . . revolting . . . . . . repulsive???

  4. Laura B.

    That is hysterical! You would totally be invited to my party if I ever in fact had any parties.
    (T, you are a complete jackass. Didn’t your mother teach you that if you don’t have anything nice to say you shouldn’t say anything at all?)

  5. Nicole

    Awesome. I respect how far you are willing to go to win a contest. And posting the photos? Damn. Are you sure there aren’t balls underneath that skirt?
    [By the way, I think dear T (above) is a jackass, as Laura has already pointed out. A stupid jackass who left an apparently valid e-mail address that gives his first and last name. I’m just sayin’…]

  6. Y

    It’s alright you guys. People are entitled to their opinions. The funny thing is? The words T used to describe me, is exactly how I feel about myself most days.
    But, I love that you all get protective of me. You guys are awesome. xoxo

  7. Cindi

    I love your willingness to be “real”!!! Love the pics, the posts, all of it! You always write about what we all feel like– don’t ever stop that!

  8. Carley

    Very boobilicious! What is even funnier to me is that I wore an outfit almost exactly like that yesterday (without all of the boobiliciousness since mine are a little less ample). What great style you have! 😉

  9. Michelle`

    I would totally invite you to my party!!!
    You’re such a hoot. Thanks for posting the pics!

  10. Deanna

    Would you mind moving to Ohio? I would invite you to every party I know about (and even dinner every night). You are hilarious!!!!!

  11. B.J.

    Why oh why do you have to be on the wrong coast?!!! You are sooooo invited to any of my parties in Philly!

  12. macgeezel

    I can see your dirty pillows…and me likes what me sees! Sexy worm, you.

  13. E :)

    Jealous of the boobs… You looked fabulous!
    And you should be proud that some people (ie. T) are clearly jealous of you.

  14. Kimberly

    OK Y, you are not allowed to say or think fat things about yourself because the very first think I thought when I saw that photo was “wow, she’s about the same size as me!” 🙂
    Besides, you’ve got great boobs! A great outfit! Gorgeous hair! And you crack me the hell up!

  15. DeannaBanana

    Hah! I so totally need to show this to my husband, who will clearly realize immediately that there are other people that dance and party like me and that it is NOT shameful! 😛
    LOVE it Y!!!!

  16. chrissylas

    And Y, definitely don’t listen to T. She or he is uglier than anyone cares to admit because regardless of how he/she looks on the outside, the inside is all black and twisted and cruel. You’re much cooler and much more beautiful (inside AND out) than they ever will be.

  17. Soochal

    you SO rock the worm! you have an open invite to every freakin’ party in my future!

  18. Heatherg

    I so………………wish i had been at that party!
    At first I thought “Oh-No , she did—nt”
    and then i saw those pictures and thought
    “oh yes she did”
    I heart you!

  19. JesseeezMOm

    Honestly, I think T is just jealous of your aerobic dance skillz. Only an expert dancer would even THINK of attempting the Worm in thongs..
    your already informed us of the granny panties. You always make me smile Y! U R FUNNY

  20. p

    “The words T used to describe me, is exactly how I feel about myself most days… But, I love that you all get protective of me.”
    Y, get protective of yourself! I hope you weren’t serious. Disgusting, revolting, and repulsive are words we save for violent criminals, old potato salad, and hardcore fisting porn. Come on. You are none of these things!
    You’re hilarious and I love the photo proof. Get on loving yourself, woman! Everyone else does!
    p.s. you’re so invited to my wedding, whenever that will be 🙂

  21. Julie

    You would SO be invited to any party I have, and we’ve even had our political differences in the past! You are GREAT.

  22. Melody

    It makes me even more want to have you at my party!! Especially since you’re sad today and clearly THEY are in the wrong. You rock Y!

  23. Katie

    I don’t comment much but I’m a daily reader — I, too, would totally invite you to a party! And odd enough, I don’t got a freakin clue what the worm was, until I saw the pictures! 🙂
    Keep being you, a lot of us love ya that way… even if it’s just through a blog!

  24. SheilaInVa

    Y, I so totally wish we lived closer! You are so much fun! And wow, the bobs are amazing!!=)

  25. Luscious Lumpkin

    I’m actually impressed by the color coordination going on in the background…the girls match, the guys match…it’s like an actual photoshoot for you to show off your skillz

  26. Stacey

    I read your site every day, and I’d really been looking forward to the “worm” update…thanks for posting the great pics!! I’m a stay at home mom of 2 toddlers, and I relate so much to the things you write – thank you, thank you, thank you for being so honest and funny!

  27. Tammy

    I’m sure the rest of you is lovely, but I can’t get past the bobs. Can I invite the bobs to my party? Please? Pretty please can they come out to play?!

  28. kelley

    I also rarely comment–but I look forward to reading you every day! I just want to say that you look super-fine, gorgeous even! But what is even more beautiful about you is how much fun you have. Someone could be a size negative 4 and be a total schmo and noone would want to hang out with them. You are hot-inside and out-that is all I am sayin’

  29. Mike

    Since women are the majority I just wanted to say I love reading ‘Joy Unexpected’ too. Dad, husband, love reading about the other side. And yes, ‘Y’ rocks as a mom, wife, party animal…
    I ‘heart’ Y

  30. Wendy

    Hooray! I love that you DID this, and I love MORE that you showed us. Made my day. Obv. I am going to the wrong parties.
    Anyone know any good bowling allies?

  31. Sara

    I don’t comment often, but I read daily, and I’m posting in hopes that my “I love you” positive energy negates dumb ass T’s jerkatude. I THINK YOU’RE AWESOME AND OMG HAWT MAMA!!! And? That pink it awesome on you because it’s bright, and your hair looks great with it. Not to mention TEH BOBS that are all “Yeah I have three kids, but I could beat 20yr olds in a wet T-shirt contest”.

  32. Jessie

    The girl in the background with the brown hair is all, “She did not” while the blonde is all, “Go Y!”
    Of course, the boys are all just vying for the cleavage shot.

  33. Y

    Man. I have some serious love for you guys.
    And Jessie? I LOVE your commentary on the photos. So awesome.

  34. demondoll

    Girrrl! You are so invited to any party of mine! Although I have to admit, I didn’t notice the other folk in the pix- too distracted by the rack on you! Gotta go back to see the reactions.
    Nothing but love for you from this fan…

  35. Flippy

    I’m not crazy about parties, but feel free to come on over and be our party. We even have a lint brush handy, to get the pet hair off you after you do The Worm.
    Was this a girls in pink, boys in blue kinda party?

  36. Fiona

    LOL…tiffers i was thinking the same thing
    but damn Y next time make sure someone has a camera that can at least take a short video…that worm needs to be seen in its full glory woman!!

  37. kim

    DA WORM! love it! you look great on the floor AND you’re having fun! i’d TOTALLY invite you to my party 🙂

  38. Beth

    1. Yer still invited to my party.
    2. Hot pink is definitely your color.
    3. Major boob envy happening over here.

  39. michele

    delurking to say:
    1. love your blog
    2. you are SO invited to any party that i have. 🙂

  40. vertyeux

    The only thing that could possibly make those pictures any greater is if they had caught a mid-writhe action shot (the part where you catch a little air). Hell, I should fly you out to the east coast to give us lessons! Absolutely great pictures, and I’m pretty sure that the bobs distracted everyone from the granny panties. Mwah!

  41. B.J.

    Y – Job Opportunity!
    We all hire you as party entertainment! You can put a rider together that states travel, accomodations, and blackberry green tea fraps are to be included with your rate, and you in turn provide ultimate dance entertainment, and friendship for the lifetime of said party! You could become an international traveler AND get new kitchen cabinets! You have references, portfolio pictures, and a full client base here.

  42. kristi

    Delurking to say you just made my day. You consistently crack me up, but you really got me this time….

  43. AJWP

    I can’t believe you posted pictures! I LOVE IT. Everything about that shower sounds ace, from the surprise element to the bowling alley to The Worm!

  44. Leigh-Ann

    I’m always vaguely amused by the fact that trolls NEVER have blogs we can check out, you know, after they’ve indicated how superior they are. I guess we’re just supposed to take their word that they’re really, truly a size 1 with a perfect husband and perfect children. Hey, all the perfect people I know get their kicks out of insulting strangers :p
    In any case, as a lesbian I’d like to say that I love the use of the word BOBS! Now every time I hear the name “Bob”, I can have a Beavis and Butthead reaction to it: Heh heh heh… you said “BOBS” 🙂

  45. Karen Rani

    I can’t wait to meet you at BlogHer – Jes and I are rooming together and you are SO invited to partake in margaritas for breakfast with us. Obviously, you rock. Like, obviously.

  46. T

    Oh, sorry, I didn’t realize this was a lesbian blog. . . . not my cup of tea. . . . . . All of you oohing and aaahhing over another woman’s boobs. . . . . . ewwwwwwwwwwwwwww

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