Ladies Love The Protector of Girls.

A girl named “Aspen” just called to talk to Ethan.
Aspen has a friend over and they called to tell Ethan that they want to kiss him and they want him to choose which girl he’s going to kiss first.
Ethan is 9 years old. So are the girls.
My son responded with these exact words (said with a BRIGHT RED FACE) “I don’t know, I’ll make the decision when I’m older and more mature.”
For a brief moment, my heart swelled with pride for the dignified manner in which my son handled the situation.
Then he screamed like a little sissy girl and told them to SHUTUP..
I don’t blame him, the kid is only 9, I’ve not yet taught him how to properly deal with Little Hussies.

24 thoughts on “Ladies Love The Protector of Girls.

  1. Kimberly

    OMG they’re NINE?! TELL me my daughter won’t be like that in only a year and a half! *SOB*
    No way. I won’t let her!
    Anyway, good for Ethan, he rocks!

  2. robyn

    Nine? Whoo boy. I hope to convince mine all girls but mom have cooties ’til college. Doubt it will work, but I’m certainly giving it my all…

  3. Zoot

    Just wait. This year (age 10, 5th grade) it was like the damn holding back the teen girl hormones erupted because at LEAST once a week, it seemed, we had giggly calls from girls in groups telling my son who liked him and asking who he liked in return. BAH.

  4. jen

    he has more poise and maturity than most people I know. And I’m incl the squealy SHUTTUP in that.
    Heck, I don’t know if *I* would have handled an awkward situation that well. “er, uh …7? i don’t don’t know I was dead at the time…I was on the moon…with steve….um, what was the question again?”
    your kid rules.

  5. Melody

    Oh heck no! My kids are never leaving the house, therefore will never meet kids of the opposite sex!!
    When did 9 & 10 year old kids start thinking about this stuff?!!

  6. demondoll

    I’m w/ Ethan- no kissing games at nine! And at nineteen, I just don’t don’t want to know what my boy will be doing- scratch that. No kissy games then either…

  7. Cristie

    omg! little hussies, I love it! I have a 9 yr old girl and an 7 yr old boy that both get phone calls numerous times a day! I even had to buy Valentine’s and Christmas presents for a 1st grade little girl this year! hussy, indeed!

  8. Laura B.

    Oh, his answer was so cute!
    I will never ever forget the burning embarrassment of calling a boy I liked and asking him who he liked. Ugh. Why do kids do this?

  9. anna

    Things start to happen at 9.
    When I was in 9th grade I had to babysit two 9-year-old boys–one would always try to “accidentally” feel me up and the other one tried to kiss me WITH TONGUE when I was tucking him in. GAH! When he fell asleep, I spit a glob in his ear. Because, you know, I was so much more grown up.
    My son is staying 6 forever. Or perhaps going back to 5.

  10. Jill

    On the flip side, I have six year old boys trying to kiss my daughter – which she thinks is GROSS!
    I guess it goes both ways……
    Co-Founder, Silicon Valley Moms Blog

  11. RachelS

    My 6 year old already says he has a girlfriend and he’s going to marry her when he grows up. I may just go lock him in a closet right now.

  12. Mom101

    Yeah, nine was my first crush. But trying to kiss him? Oh my God, I’d have died first. That didn’t happen til ten. So by my estimates, you have one good year left before you sit down and have the “slutty girls have cooties” talk.

  13. mrs darling

    I guess i would have to ask where those mothers are of those girls. I have a nine year old and she cant use the phone unless she asks permission.
    And she knows that I’m allowed to pick it up and listen whenever I want. She has never even asked to call a boy.
    What happened to parents standing up and actually parenting? Sad really.

  14. LotionBarBunny

    Oh I miss coming here and laughing. I’ve been so darn busy—forgive me Miss Y.
    Thanks for the glimpse into my life 2 years from now. My oldest (7) invited a girl over today and then was all goofy and giddy around her. Later he told me, “I like her.”
    I thought this love stuff only happened this young if you had a daughter. I had hoped girls would still have cooties for a while. I guess not.

  15. Jazzy

    Keep him away from those hoochie mamas! Good answer Ethan! I can’t believe how young they are starting these days.

  16. Jenna

    *blinks* This further confirms my belief that I should lock my seven month old son inside a bubble. And ban females from his life. *panics*

  17. Izzy

    Ha! I feel vindicated. I wrote a post a couple days ago talking about how I didn’t want my daughter growing up so fast and a few people just didn’t get it. Helloooo???? These girls are a prime example. When I was 9, kissing boys was the LAST thing on my mind.
    And good job there, mama!
    I’m proud of Ethan, too 🙂

  18. Amyin BC

    My son is 13 with an amorous and somewhat touchy GF, same age. Son is not into the romance/touchy feely stuff yet….
    I have half a mind to call her (very cool) mother and tell her so. But I can’t.
    Why not? Because when I was his exact age a mother called MY mother to tell her her son was not ready for such advances. I was mortified!
    Hopefully son will keep his cool and stand his ground!

  19. badgermama

    Now then… I would like to say a word in favor of giggly hussies. We make parties way more fun. We help y’all shy people feel popular, attractive, and appreciated.
    E. was embarrassed but now he knows that it is possible that someone might like him “that way” later on. Nothing wrong with that!
    Anyway I don’t know what planet y’all are from but little kids are often curious and giggly about all that kissy stuff. And when they are in that phase it is a good time to do some basic sex ed.
    As if pre-teen girls making dumb prank calls or talking about kissing is something new… wow… overreaction…

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