Wean THIS!

I love my mom but I hate the camera

Hi. My name is G-Unit and I’m mad at my mommy right now. That is why she does not have time to write today, because she is too busy dealing with my anger. You see, my mommy decided to take The Bobs away from me FOR GOOD. I was wondering what was up because everytime I’d lift her shirt up and ask for “Boobies” she’d say “No, boobies are sleeping.”
I didn’t like it, but thought, “Fine! When they wake up, they’re ALL MINE!”
But, that was 4 days ago. Four.Flippin.Days. I may not even be two yet, but I know that Boobs don’t sleep that long. This morning, I lifted her shirt and demanded that she give me some boobie and she said “All gone.”
All gone? What? WHAT? It was then that I realized she was trying to take them away from me forever and it was then that I got very mad. I screamed. I hit. I said “ONE MORE!” I cried. Oh, how I cried. Mommy started crying too. Why is SHE crying? IT’S NOT LIKE ANYONE TOOK ANYTHING AWAY FROM HER! How can she do this to me? My Bobs. I love My Bobs.

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  1. RSM

    Okay, I was going to write about how she’s going to be in a bad mood for a few days, the poor little thing, and that you should play her some Elliot to cheer her up (even though that probably only works for us ’cause we’re NERDS!) and now I’m totally thinking about American Idol and singing that BAD DAY song about your little girl.
    I need HELP!

  2. beth

    aww hun you can do it! its hard i know!! i knpow how you feel! you can do it be strong occupy her with other stuff, food anything..

  3. clickmom

    PS There are actually very few medications you can’t take while nursing- check with your local La Leche League Leader- this weaning may not be totally necessary- so if you aren’t ready you might not have to. However, if you are ready, never mind.

  4. Jen

    Stay strong, Y! You can do it!
    And thanks for fixing up that little area of the sidebar we chatted about :).
    I am very proud of you.

  5. oshee

    I am glad you are sticking to it. You have commented for a while now how much you really would like to stop. Of course, then you’d talk about how much you will miss it.
    I am going to offer a tad bit of advice now, but I trust you will disregard it if it really isn’t needed.
    Have you considered trying to give her something to replace the Bobs? A special soft snuggly something? Blanket..stuffed animal. Something you only allow her to have while you are snuggling with her? It might help give her something new to focus on.

  6. Ozone Ferd

    G-Unit, Two words… Boobaholics Anonymous…. it works… there’s a meeting in every city… get help now before the thumbsucking starts…. cause from there it’s weed and then heroin….

  7. Skatemom

    that face. No wonder she still gets the Bobs. Those are what we call “Whorf eyes” in my house — the Klingons only wish they could laser people with their eyes like we do when we’re pissed.
    Stay strong. The first few days are the hardest and if you give in now, you will never get her to relent on ANYTHING!!

  8. Y

    I love that MOST OF YOU have chosen my side!
    I will not give into her want of The Tittays.
    (But DAMMIT, it’s hard not to. Because oh my god, she’s my last baby.)

  9. sarah

    Oh I bet this is traumatic but you sure do have a fabulous sense of humour about it! And what a face! Gorgeous!

  10. Mama Lump

    awwww, Ike agrees with you, G-Unit. He misses his “GAH” as well. I do however, sympathize with yo’ mamma and I very much know why she was crying too.

  11. Jessica

    What a precious, pissed off little face. I always think my daughter is exceptionally cute when she’s pissed at me for thwarting her. Not that I try to piss her off, but it does take some of the sting of her fury away when she’s just. that. cute.
    That being said….weaning is such a personal decision, and such an incredibly difficult one. You know we’re here for you!

  12. Manda

    QueenMommy that was funny – yes, weaning does totally suck. After four days she’s not getting anything back, there is now nothing to give back to her. Sorry. It only took me 24 hours to dry up when my son was down to nursing for 5 minutes each night. Then I sent Daddy in to comfort him and put him back to sleep – it brought them much closer too. Distracting her is an excellent idea.

  13. nancy

    Stay strong, she will be OK, when she stops that cute sad face. You’ve given her two years of your BOBS, this is her first NO, she is a tough one…..Good Luck, your kids are beautiful and healthy looking.

  14. Beth

    My son and I had nursing difficulties and I went through a lot of feelings about it — my heart goes out to you, having to make this difficult decision. It’s probably much harder on you than it is on her, although that little face of hers seems to say otherwise. I admire your graceful handling of this phase. *hug*

  15. Still Nursing....

    Nah. Makes ME sad, and I am not even the one going through it. Poor both of you. 🙁

  16. E :)

    My mum breastfed my youngest brother until he was 4. FOUR! Don’t do it. That’s all I’ll say about that. You’re doing the right thing…
    Good luck!

  17. jes

    Oh, wow. Those eyes? That nose? Her precious LIPS?
    She’s a cutie. Must be hard to say no to a face like that!

  18. B.J.

    Good Job Y! Just think – if you stick to it the Bob’s might get less…well…bobbly and your Killler Aerobic Dance skills can only improve!

  19. Aly

    She is an absolute stunner. I don’t envy the tantrums- but I have to do it:
    Alright, I’m done.
    Be strong Y!!

  20. SMKN70

    Aww, I do know what you are going through. Hello there, I am a first time visitor to your site, and I just had to respond. I too have 3 children, the last also being a surprise, and that last child LOVED to nurse. I knew he would be my last baby. I finally weaned him at age 3 1/2 years! It was really hard for a few days, for both of us, but then he got over it. For months afterwards he would sometimes lovingly give a quick little pat or kiss on my chest, and that was all, no more tears. It’s been 6 months now and he still remembers nursing, and still will occassionally (not often) pat or kiss my chest (through my shirt) when we are snuggling. We are still as tightly bonded as ever! Hang in there; if you’ve made it this long, you can do it, and you don’t want to have to start all over again, right? Congrats to you for nursing as long as you did. (((Hugs))) to you, I know what an emotional even it is.

  21. Kay

    Be strong Mommy! But that face! GAH! I know it has to be done and this needs to be it, I know that doesn’t make it any easier either.
    Did she seriously say ‘One more”..if so, how funny is that!!!!!? Definitely tells you she knows it is over. 🙁

  22. tonya cinnamon

    remember Y GLASS OF WINE with good memories for you not G-unit 🙂
    and give G-unit a lovey . any lovey with your smell on it. .. a good smell 😉
    .. its the smell and the softness she grown to love.
    hugs tonya

  23. a Random Person

    oh no! Y, I know you were saying you wished she was more affected by your decision to wean her, before, but somehow I doubt it’s better now that she DOES.
    good luck and, on the bright side, at least she’s an adorable temper tantrum thrower (shush. It’s wordlike!)

  24. Kimberly

    OMG (as a fellow breastfeeding mama) that is so heart wrenching!!
    (BTW, you’re baby is just beautiful. I just linked here from RSM and I think I might be hooked on your blog. 🙂 but anyway…)
    Good luck with the weaning, good for you for sticking to it, I think I would have broke!

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