I take my reality television seriously, people.

Is anyone else watching Last Comic Standing? And if so, is anyone else experiencing RAGE at the comics that were chosen to move on last night?
Stella made it, but Doug Benson didn’t? (Hello, lame ass judges, the “Segue” bit? Brilliant.)
Dude. DUDES. Hate.Rage.Anger.
But seriously, folks, STELLA?

Let me show you how UNFUNNY Stella is.

See? Not funny. Infact, I think I want to punch her pregnant vagina.

41 thoughts on “I take my reality television seriously, people.

  1. Melody

    We were yelling at the tv too!! Doug Benson had Tim Meadows *rolling* and he didn’t make it?? I loved him! That girl with the duct tape was much funnier than most of the other people that made it! Augh.

  2. Itchy

    I actually talked about this in my post today. I can’t believe it. Doug had the judges rolling…why…how…what?

  3. Y

    AAH. I’m still pissed. But like Doug Benson just said to me on myspace. (haha) “No use in crying over spilled comedy.”
    p.s. anthony clark is a SUCK ASS host.

  4. Amy

    First time commenter, and YES I was so annoyed! The segues were comic genius. I could not believe the people who were chosen to move on. The truly funny people were left behind and the people who will create drama in the house got to move on, in my opinion. As much as it pissed me off, I’ll still watch it though, which pisses me off even more. I hate that show now, and yet I still love it.

  5. Y

    From Doug Benson-
    thanks, but i’m not out yet, because you can vote for me to get voted back onto the show starting on june 20 at nbc.com’s last comic standing page.

    (Yes, I emailed him through myspace. haha.)

  6. Carrisa

    Well I was rooting for Flip Schultz because I’ve seen his standup here locally and he’s good. We even bought his cd, he was that good. And I thought for sure that Jerry Dee guy would get in. There were so many better than Stella… so I will vote vote vote my ass off for Flip…

  7. Sara

    I KNOW. I think it’s because he’s had more exposure (i.e. VH1) and the other comedians haven’t. Also, I agree with Amy and the fact that Stella is pg makes sense as to why she was picked. The producers are all about trying to set the stage for some drama.

  8. Y

    Yeah, I get that his “exposure” may have cost him, but even so. There were MUCH FUNNIER comics then STELLA. She had lame material. Josh McDermott, the teacher dude, Flip Schultz, and OMG, the short dude who did the bit about people who eat food samples at the market. He killed me.
    fucking Stella, man.

  9. jenfromboston

    The guy with the dreads got ripped off too (one of the 1st acts last night, and my b/f said he was the best). And I liked the history teacher guy as well.
    I missed some of the earlier folks who I was told killed and yet were not chosen. Thankfully they at least brought back the tall blonde skinny chick who I’m told was v. good .
    I had the same exact rage last week…there were a few WTF’s? It’s more the people they leave behind that bugs. And I’m sorry the heavy black lady yelling her social services act did not do it for me last week, not the guy with MS. Esp given their competition. The lady who did the bit about her father the traveling salesman (my personal favorite, she had a little Kathleen Madigan flair which I appreciate)? Oh shit, she was awesome. Or The Wild Bill Harley guy who did time guy? Also great. neither selected. f*ckers.
    Serisouly, how do they choose? are the looking for certain ppl. who they think will create extra drama in the house?? that’s Mike’s theory.
    sorry for the rant; clearly you’ve nicked a vein over here…

  10. Carley

    Yes. YES! My boyfriend and I were yelling at the TV. I don’t know what those judges were thinking – they must be on crack.

  11. Vicky

    My silent protest against that show started last night when Nikki didn’t get chosen in the final 12. Girl may look a little odd, but GAWD she’s had me pissing my pants on more than one occassion. She’s already a legend here in Canada, so I’ll definately get to see her perform again, but I so wanted her to get a break on American television.
    Anyone who’s willing to coat themselves with duct tape on stage has my vote. And her bit about using the “stop, drop and roll” technique when she’s stressed (“I just stop, drop and roll…and scream like I’m on fire!”)….girl is funny!

  12. mikey

    Dude. I thought I was pissed about the cuts last week. This week was just as bad. Out of the final 12 they picked, I woulda picked maybe 3 of them. The rest? They strike me as the kind of people who have to TELL everybody that they’re funny.
    The guy talking about the free food at Costco? Holy shit, that was funny.
    Stella? Roz? You know the only reason they made the show is for the ensuing drama.

  13. hed

    We were yelling at the TV too! I didn’t get to see it last week, because I didn’t know when it was on, but I was seriously annoyed that some of those people didn’t make it!
    Was Stella the pregnant one? Is she even going to make it to the end of the show? She wasn’t that funny, and they are probably going to have to replace her anyway. Laaaame!

  14. Lisabc

    Last night was my first time watching it and I was uber disappointed that Flip Schultz didn’t move on.
    Stella? Was she funny? Perhaps they’re counting on her giving birth on TV to perk up their ratings.
    Rebecca Corry deservedly moved on. She was great.

  15. girl

    that entire thing was completely ridiculous. but as the judges figured out last year (the episode with Drew Carey and that chick from “Grace Under Fire”), they’re not really “judges” at all. the producers of the show pick who gets to move on, not the celebrity “judges.” the producers supposedly weigh their opinions, but they don’t get to make the actual choices. it’s totally lame, if you ask me.

  16. Tuesday

    I thought the SAME THING last night. The first 5 comics last week were good, but last night’s? Terrible picks. I didn’t like ANY of the women.

  17. angela

    oh i’m so happy it wasn’t just me who was pissed at this round. that stella woman was the most god-awful comic ever…and why would they put a preggo woman in the house? she looks like she could give birth any minute.
    doug benson was by far better than her, and that last guy, i can’t remember his name, the one with the condom joke, he should have made it too.
    who picks these people?

  18. Amy

    I am just as disgusted with the choices of some of the comics as well. STELLA? Why? Not funny.
    I share your anger Y. Oh do I share your anger.

  19. Itchy

    OK…I was just reminded about that other chick that also moved on to the house…that really short* chick that did the exercise schtick. She was gawd awful, too!
    And if they wanted this to be a contest for up and coming comics than they shouldn’t have let Doug and that other dude enter to begin with. That’s my take on that. But since they did, they need to just roll with it. Otherwise it’s all bullshit, which it probably is anyway. This has really gotten me worked up over here…
    *no offense to the shorties out there! I just can’t remember her name and she pointed out that she’s 4ft 11in… 😀

  20. pookie

    I like Iglesia guy… sorry…
    1. He’s Latino (we stick together, then beat each other up) hehe
    2. He’s FUNny…
    3. He’s chubby (I can relate to the fat jokes) haha

  21. jen

    girl, I totally forgot about the Grace/Drew Cary ep. Ah, now it “makes sense”.
    I think stella’s shock that she got on was maybe not an act. Like possibly she knew she had been out-comic’ed. BY A LOT.

  22. DeannaBanana

    She lies! No follow-up post! Hope the G-Unit isn’t chasing you around the house with said scissors, Y!

  23. jen

    yeah, I’m watching these all over again…WTF.
    Malik S.? the cost of gas and how gangs don’t do drive bys…”I’ll just send a nasty e-mail”? c’mon. He ruled.

  24. Lisa O

    I COULD not agree with you more! I almost think its some kind of political conspiracy or something!

  25. angie

    Rage is putting it lightly!!!! I was so mad…wow…those judges suck!!! There have been so many other funnier comics…their choices are horrible!!

  26. geeky

    i watched, and i thought the same thing. NOT FUNNY. it’s obvious they’re picking people for the house based on most drama potential, and not on funniest comic potential. lame.

  27. Tanya

    I hated everyone who made it except the skinny blonde. The segue guy and the drive-by guy were awesome.
    And I didn’t have anyone to complain to about it! So thanks. ;o)

  28. MoMo

    I know! What the hell happened? We were sort of in shock after every single name they called. None of it made any sense. It’s not like only one or two bad comics made it; it’s like the majority of those chosen were the bad comics! I was so looking forward to this year, but now I’m kinda not. Bummer.

  29. The Aitch

    We are agreed. I also loved the duct taped lisper and theo von. His eggs and milk bit? Awesome. But mainly I love theo because I am a rr/rw challenges fan.

  30. Coralie

    I have thought this every night the shows been on. Ive come to the conclusion the ones going on probably are funny, and they are giving the ones who didn’t make it better ‘air time’ to get them out there and also to make us hate the judges and want to watch more.

  31. faithstwin

    The first 10 were all almost right on IMO. These last 12? There were maybe 2 that I would have MAYBE gone with. That Stella chick was NOT one of them. Not by a yardstick and an acre. The ‘judges’ aren;t the ones who vote these kids into the boat. Its the audience. That audience needed a Gallagher WatermelonWakeUpCall.

  32. Corrie

    Stella? Eghhh. I did not like her. My husband then informed my mother and I that he was 10x funnier than Doug Benson and I was all, “Oh no you are not.” So I challenged him to do a Last Comic Standing bit for me. I assure you, he is not funny.

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