What is the funniest blog that you read? A blog that literally makes you laugh out loud?
That blog for me is FourFour. Rich is brilliant and hilarious and I am sort of in love with him.
Now. Your turn. Leave the link to the funniest blog that you read in my comments so that I can go there and laugh, because I’m tired of crying today.

63 thoughts on “*~*~LOLZ*~*~

  1. erinn

    definately you!!!!! and also nothingbutbonfires she makes me lol as well……… plus she’s also ultra cool and hip……..

  2. B.J.

    crap. what am I supposed to do Y? YOU are my go to blog for that. Biiiatch!
    (said with love and get your butt back to the computer and type me some funny!)

  3. Jerri ann

    you, what a crazy question…most definitely you…so as someone said, “get your butt back in the computer and type me some funny!”

  4. Cheryl

    Definitely you and Miss Doxie.
    This is a little off topic, but I’m sure you’re watching the finale of “Last Comic Standing” as I am. I just saw Jay Mohr perform and there was a woman screaming in the audience who looked a lot like you, and I thought of you and it brought a smile to my day. I hope that helps a little bit, knowing you bring joy to a whole bunch of peoples’ faces.

  5. Tammy

    You are my “funny”. That’s why I linked you in my meme. I read Dad Gone Mad every day, too, and that man makes me snort coffee. Check him out!

  6. melanie

    You ..def.. you..
    Dooce gets me some laughs but you kick butt .
    All your links make me laugh esp. No pasa nada. I sometimes make my self lugh but no one except my mommy and sister in law , read my blog ..its cus I am a virgin at this , (shit at least I am a virgin at something !) Loves & Feel Better mama!

  7. melanie

    UGGGH ..maybe nobody reads me ‘cuz I am illiterate and can’t spell! right now, I have made various errors but hopefully if you can all read, you get what I am saying ,capesh?

  8. Stacey

    I think you already read her, but sarcastic journalist is the blogger that got me hooked AND led me to YOU (www.shenuts.com)!
    And, um, shameless self promotion…www.2manybabies.blogspot.com…the people who comment seem to think my blogs are pretty entertaining (though you may want to skip over “Fat Fridays”…not so much on the funny, usually).
    Have fun, cheer up!

  9. Me

    I’m back, to say we love you and don’t be sad. Paxil (or Jesus depending on your preference) can fix it (one temporarily and one permanently I understand)(And did you know I’m really your dad?).
    And did you know that stress/depression can cause your body to produce more of the chemical that causes you to build belly fat? No joke. My dr told me.
    Funniest site: http://www.improveverywhere.com
    It is the shit. Period. Especially the one where they get over 60 volunteers to go to Best Buy dressed like employees and freak out everybody. Well worth your time to read it.
    I love improv. And the thought of improv happening under my very nose is even better. Go. Read it. Thank me later.

  10. Me

    Cortisol. I knew the moment I hit “post” I’d remember the name of the bad bad chemical in our bodies that reproduces at the speed of light because of stress/depression, subsequently causing my belly to swell with fat.

  11. Me

    Leonid the Magnificent.
    Not a blog. He’s a contestant of sorts on “America has Talent” or whatever the show is called with Regis and Brandy and David Hasselhoff and some annoying Brit dude.
    He almost made me wet myself tonight, it was that stinkin funny.

  12. Kristie

    You, Notes from the Trenches and Look At Me. I’m So Important I Have A Blog. are my three favorites. I’m sure you already read the other two, so it probably didn’t help you much, but at least know I’m thinking about you and hope you’re feeling better soon!
    As an aside, I’m starting a local Ta-Bo (sp?) class tomorrow night, thanks to you. Sadly, I can’t find an aerobic dance class that meets my criterion (FREE!) and this class does, so it’s off to Ta-Bo I go. But I intend to have a serious dance-off …. in my imagination …. or something. Aerobic Dancing just sound so much more FUN!!!

  13. Mom Unscripted

    Sarcastic Journalist, she also led me to you. I’m slowly working up the nerve to comment on all the blogs I read. Am I lame or what?? Also Dad Gone Mad.

  14. Heatherg

    Oh shit, gotta go Y………………
    SJ is giving pony rides!
    I’m commin’ ……………. Wait for me………….I wanna ride!

  15. girl

    I’m sure I’ll get a lot of, “yeah, whatevers” with this one, but Heather “Dooce” Armstrong makes me laugh my ass off pretty much on a daily basis. She makes me never want to have kids one day and then in the next breath, I see pictures of her daughter and my biological clock is ticking like mad.

  16. rose

    I know you’re not fishing for compliments, but you would definitely be the funniest blog I read!

  17. teresa

    You are my number one …laugh out loud site!!
    My number two guaranteed chuckle for the day would be at DadGoneMad.
    He’s a riot!

  18. Faith

    Dammit, no one recommended my blog. Fuck.
    You bring a smile to my face most every day, sista. Also, I’d like to hear about the exploding ass story as mentioned in your previous post? Please? While I can most CERTAINLY identify with the depression and sadness and frustration with trying to get/stay in good shape, I can ALSO completely identify with your ass-explosion stories. And the fart ones. And all the things in between.
    I can’t wait to check out some of these blogs people have recommended! Wheeeee!!!

  19. MsInterpreted

    Honestly, I think you are very funny which is one of the reasons I come to read your blog/journal daily, but the main reason I do is because you are real. Real trumps funny any day and if the post happens to be funny, it’s a plus!

  20. Mellissa

    Yours! Especially the funny stories about your kids. You often have me in stitches and tears, and I’m always reading bits out to my husband, who also appreciates them.

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