The greatest of these is love

I spend a great deal of time and energy complaining and crying about things that I don’t have in my life.
A house. Extra money. A thin, toned body. Perky boobs. a nice camera. Etc.
There’s nothing wrong with wanting a house to call my own. There’s nothing wrong with wishing for extra money to take my children on vacations and to buy a nice camera with. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to get in shape and be thin.
However, when wanting and wishing for those things consumes my time, my thoughts and robs me of joy, something is wrong.
Especially when what I do have is worth so much more than what money can buy.
Bonds that can’t be broken.
(Unlike the wind that surely broke as this picture was taken.)
But most of all, Love.
(Brought to you by Love Thursday.)

23 thoughts on “The greatest of these is love

  1. Brandi

    You get me every time. You have an amazing ability to make me value the things that mean most in life. You are such a special person – I mean that.

  2. Michelle

    A good reminder. I tend to think, “I’ll be happy when my kids can . . . (fill in the blank)” I sometimes forget to just enjoy what they’re doing today.

  3. Cheryl in Missouri

    Just like Brandi said, you get me every time too and that’s one of the reasons I love reading your blog. The way your love for your family, their love for you and each other, and the way you feel so beyond blessed comes thru in your posts. It makes me get in touch with how much I really appreciate my family and feel blessed. And right now with how I’ve been feeling lately, I need to keep getting in touch with the stuff that matters the most. Thank you so much Y.
    Oh…and G-Unit…omg! she’s looking more and more like a big girl. She’s so adorable.

  4. Heatherg

    You are so right. I know some hoity toity people who dont even eat dinner in the same room, much less the table. (Not that i’m a saint in the family -table department, but we TRY.Real.hard.)
    You have a beautiful family.
    You dont always get what you want, you get what you need.
    oo, now i am thinking of that song!

  5. Heatherg

    After I read that comment above, I thought about something……..
    When on the phone with a friend (yesterday) i hadnt spoken to in years (YEARS-Im such a crappy friend) anyway, i asked how she had been, (She had a husband who committed suicide after becomming disabled about 6 years ago) and she went on to tell me how things were, yadda-yadda and asked how i’d been.
    I tell her how the family is and mentioned that my hubby had been driving me nuts lately and “If i trip over his shoes one-more-damn-time this week, that i was gonna throw them at him!” (expecting her to laugh) and then she says……… “I’d give anything to trip over kens shoes” I think my heart just stopped. Sometimes i am a insensitive asshole !
    Either way, she went on to tell me that if she could offer me any advice it would be to love every single second, every smile, everything…………..”Dont sweat that small bullshit heather!” She said she would give a million bucks and the best of everything to hear him laugh just one more time.
    So i guess im saying- who gives a shit about the fancy house and name brand clothes, they dont mean squat compared to the love of a family!
    And girl——— You got some serious love in that house!
    ok. im done. just thought of that and wanted to share.

  6. chris

    What a wonderful photo. We are all guilty of the same thing aren’t we? focusing on the things we don’t have instead of finding the joy in the things that we do.
    I have lovedLove Thursday for this very reason.

  7. starrynite

    That is a gorgeous picture. We all so often get bogged down in the small stuff. Thanks for being the one to step back and say, Hey wait a minute, this isn’t right. Thanks for reminding us all what’s important.
    Okay, now I sound mega-cheesy.
    But at least I’m not typoing the word “hole”. We can all thank God for that small mercy! Hehe.

  8. Lassa

    My daughter just walked by and saw this picture and she was all “OMG Mom, I thought that was you!”
    Then I told her that we’re twins, you and me.
    And you’re right, everything you need is right before your eyes!

  9. wordnerd

    How incredibly beautiful, Y. Heatherg beat me to it — I immediately thought of “you get what you need…” As a person in a similar boat (you know, the one where sometimes you’re not sure if the plug will hold), I needed that.
    You cannot begin to understand how much.

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