This is a test of the “IS MY BLOG WORKING YET? OH MY GOD IT BETTER BE” system. This is only a test. Had this been an actual post, you would be reading things like “I DO NOT CARE HOW OTHER PEOPLE PARENT THEIR CHILDREN, I DO WHAT WORKS FOR ME AND MY FAMILY.” And also “Is anyone else watching Big Brother All Stars and if so, hahaha DID YOU SEE BOOGIE CRY?”
This concludes the test.
Carry on

24 thoughts on “@#%^#$@@@@!!!!

  1. Faith

    Ha! The “make it work” comment made me giggle!
    And yes, I’m glad you said something about this because I was thinking it was me. Except all my other internet connections were fine. So then I thought you just had banned me randomly for some reason.
    Phew! I can keep reading Y!!! Eeeee!!!

  2. Lessa

    THERE you are! omg I was going into withdrawel!
    And yes! I saw him cry! wasn’t that HYSTERICAL? I’m kinda disappointed he beat out janelle for the final two, cuz her last move was brilliant. *L* But the shock on his face – fabulous!
    And – totally addicted to fourfour’s recaps too! Make it work!

  3. jonniker

    I’ve been following Big Brother HELL FREAKING YES and God, the crying was priceless.
    Janelle got hoses. I’m pretty pissed, as I wanted her to win.

  4. Y

    I’m pretty pissed about it too, as I wanted her to win. I can’t STAND that Mike or Erika is going to end up with the money.

  5. tammy

    Mike crying….that might have been the finest moment ever for the show. I love it. When Erica sees all the crap he said about her, she is going to be PISSED! Sadly, I wanted Janelle to win, and now I think Boogie has it in the bag. Really, who’s going to vote for Erica? She floated along all season!

  6. Kimberly

    Oh, I am very much looking forward to hearing about the parenting debacle, because it’s on my own mind tonight too.
    And apparently I need to start watching Project Runway. 🙂

  7. KK

    OMG– noone I know watches BB7… WTF??
    I can’t believe Janelle had to vote out Dr. Delicious!!
    And “Scare-ika” (or “Hair”-ika)needs to just get her crackhead self out of there about 4 evictions ago… ick!
    I am voting for Danielle or James to get the Jury Money…

  8. Nina

    Just want to say that that Erica (Erika?) girl on BB is UGLY!!! I can barely stand to look at her. I think she’s like 40 but thinks she’s 20 or something. Ugh. (There’s nothing wrong with trying to stay young, but young doesn’t have to mean slutty.)

  9. Cheryl in Missouri

    I like the nipple shirt too. If I had one I’d be sneaking looks at myself.
    I’m lost cuz I don’t watch BB so back to lurking.

  10. ishouldbeworking

    Boogie crying was GREAT! I’m with KK….Erika needed to be gone long ago. I think Mike will win, he played the game waaaaayyyy better than Erika. Anybody else wonder wtf is up w/her upper lip? It never moves! Botox?

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