Sweet Kathy Lee Gifford, it’s just hair.

Letting go aint easy (also? DORK!)
I’ve become completely and totally attached to my long hair.
It’s long, thinned out, frizzy and I wear it up in a ponytail everyday. It’s unattractive and boring and yet? I can’t bring myself to cut it.
I made an appointment for Tuesday to chop it all off, or at least a great deal of it, but I can already feel myself wanting to puke at the thought of seeing all of the hair on the floor.
I think it’s giving me some strange sense of security. Like having all of this hair covers up the fact that I still have more weight to lose.
My brain. It tells me crazy things.
Time to let go?
I feel like it’s time to let it go and to do something pretty and fun with it, but I’m not sure if I’ll be strong enough to go through with it on Tuesday.
If I do, I’m pretty sure that I’m going with something like this…
Another hair cut
But the way I’m shaking just thinking about this whole “cutting thing” I’m pretty sure I’ll come back with “just a trim.” (a professional trim.)

53 thoughts on “Sweet Kathy Lee Gifford, it’s just hair.

  1. Nina

    I think it looks cute shorter. Of course, my philosophy is “it’s just hair, it’ll grow back.” Short of completely shaving my head, there’s nothing that could be done that would bother me. I always, always had long hair, then one day decided I was tired of it. Now I keep it shoulder lenght. Gotta have enough for a ponytail. And, if I was skinny, I’d definatly have the pixie style hair.

  2. Y

    I used to feel the same way. I would cut my hair all of the time, and I would go REALLY SHORT.
    “It’s just hair! It’ll grow back!”
    I need to just do it.

  3. Brandi

    You’re one of those people who look amazing with short hair. You look great with long hair too, but short hair really suits you. I hope you’ll go for it on Tuesday.

  4. Brandi

    O.K. this is friggin’ weird. I don’t even know another Brandi and yet one posted to your blog exactly one minute before I did.
    I’m having a Twilight Zone moment.

  5. Broad

    Do you remember that one picture when you were 28 and had a shorter-than-chin-length bob? You rock short hair. Plus, it’ll get you out of any rut you may have.

  6. jayne d'Arcy

    It is just hair and isn’t worth the anxiety, but I just have to say this, be SURE you want short hair. I think you look cute with the short do, but try to put aside what you “think” you have the long hair for. Do you really like it? Does it make you feel pretty, sexy, etc? Make sure you’re not cutting your hair just because you think it’s a crutch.
    I say this because I cut my hair, SHORT, two months ago because my STUPID therapist said I needed to. It was dumb of me to listen to her and I wound up with the worst haircut ever, which has only made me feel worse about myself. I love long hair, on me. I like how it looks, feels and I love to brush it. I hate the way it is now.
    So just be sure, if you’re cutting it, that’s it’s for the right reason.

  7. gc

    You have such beautiful hair! Wish mine was as pretty as yours.
    Hey, maybe to lessent the parting trauma, you could donate your hair to Locks for Love?

  8. Beth

    OMG….that short haircut is CUTE! You’re freakin HOT!!!
    I happen to love short hair…husband hates it. Why is that?
    BTW..LOVE your blog!

  9. Nicole

    You could donate it to Locks of Love (http://www.locksoflove.org/). Goes to a good cause AND you get a FREE haircut. Those high priced salons do it and Great Clips, you can find the salons on their site. They just need 10 inches or more and I think you have plenty! That is the only way I have ever cut my long hair short, plus I love you hair in that second picture!

  10. Sarah

    Be brave – cut, cut cut! I’m having my hair done on Tuesday too. It’s down to my shoulders and needs to be an inch or two shorter for me to be at my cutest 😉

  11. Anne

    Okay, I have long hair and have never had it shorter than shoulder length, but I know that if it gets to long it starts to look tacky and like I have no taste. I usually only notice this when I am somehow caught on video or see a pic that I didn’t know was being taken.
    I love the look of the short cut in the post. I am seriously thinking of getting mine cut like that now!!! But mine is not as long as yours at the moment.
    My advice to you is to get it cut in really long layers, especially around your face and leave the overall length several inches below your shoulders. If ouy are okay with that you can go back in amonth or so and get it shorter. I think sometimes the not liking a haircut stems from just the shock of too much at one time.

  12. Tammy

    If you have enough to cut, you could donate it to an organization like “Locks of Love” that uses hair to make wigs for kids or people that lose their hair undergoing cancer treatment. My daughter had her first major haircut a year ago, when she was 8 (never cut before then) and donated hers. It gives some purpose to growing it and cutting it other than seeing it on the floor.
    Plus, you can usually get a FREE, quality haircut from participating salons when you donate!

  13. Kira

    OH, it’s so CUTE shorter! I have too-long-hair right now too, and I’ll cut it if you do!
    Um…not that you care what I do with my hair…but I need a kick in the butt to get something done about this “drowned rat” look I’ve got going on.

  14. lia

    I am in the process of dying my blond hair brown. I have had blond hair for as long as I can remember. What the hell am I doing????? I’ll share my pics when you share yours.

  15. jennster

    i think that a haircut is a total makeover, and you will look FABULOUS!!!!!! something about having shorter hair is sexy…. but why do we always want it long when we cut it? lol
    whatever you do, it’s going to look hot! i think that cut you posted will look super hoton you!

  16. danelle

    I just read that statistically men are more afraid that their wives will cut their hair than they are of her gaining weight…
    My hair is two feet 3 inches long and I don’t know what to do with it either!

  17. Stacey

    I think the short cut is adorable…free yourself! (Of course, this is coming from a woman who has not had a haircut for 8 months because I am too lazy to actually have to FIX my hair in anything other than a ponytail).
    But my husband is sitting here, and he says “No! Don’t do it!” He sees beautiful, long hair and, more importantly, cleavage. That’s a man for ya.

  18. jenny

    my advice to you…..
    go to a man to have your hair cut. also, a bumble and bumble concept salon OR! and aveda concept salon…but make sure it’s a dude….cuz a chick will chop the shit out of it. a guy will make you look beautiful. trust me.

  19. Valerie

    It looks so good shorter….makes you look younger. Just whatever you do, DON’T CUT IT YOURSELF!!!!! We’ve all seen what happens when you have scissors in your hands! Really, whatever you decide, you will still be beautiful and it will grow back.

  20. Waya

    I’m not sure how long your hair is in inches, but if it’s 10 inches, and you’re thinking of cutting it…have you considered donating it to “Locks of Love”?
    I’m actually growing mine out to donate it. I’ve always had short hair but now I’m digging this long hair too. But it will be short lived.

  21. Kristie

    Like several before me, I would suggest if you do cut off more than 10 inches, that you donate it to Locks of Love. Make sure to let the hairdresser know that’s what you want to do ahead of time, because they can’t accept it once it’s hit the floor of the salon. (at least that’s what I was told when I donated mine several years ago.)
    I’m attached to my long hair, but not because it’s so beautiful. Rather, I’m lazy. Long hair is WAY easier than styling a shorter haircut everyday. But your pictures look great either way. (that was totally no help whatsoever, was it?)

  22. julianna

    I actually think it’s cute both ways. I wore my hair in pigtails on Thursday. Anyway, I also (on Thursday) mad an appointment to get my hair cut– I am growing it out and don’t want to lose length.. but am going to see about the addition of “long bangs.” granted, I look like ass in bangs and have the weirdest cowlicks ever. But I was thinking, if I could tuck them behind my ears… I am sure this will be a mistake.

  23. Kymba

    I agree with the above opinions that chin-length really suits you. But if you do decide to cut, Locks of Love is a really great organization.
    That all said, have you seen the article about new hairstyles for long hair in the new InStyle? It’s a piece where Alicia Silverstone is modeling some SUPER cute ideas for pigtails and headbands and such. In fact, here’s a link to the twist-y pigtail idea that would work well with your face – http://www.instyle.com/instyle/video/behind/0,26965,1535424,00.html
    No matter what you decide, pictures!

  24. Nila

    I just cut 5 inches off this week, and let me tell you, it feels good. I was so sick and tired of the same ole sorry pony tail, every damn day.
    It’s a new season, and time for something new. Did you know that some hippy type people believe that cutting your hair gets rid of bad energy, or some weird crap like that. So, out with the old, in with the new.
    By the way, you look hott in the picture with short hair.

  25. Cheryl in Missouri

    I totally relate to hiding behind hair to cover up the weight. I used to hide behind my hair even when I was very skinny because I had such low self-esteem and hiding behind my hair made me feel less vulnerable. Anyway, I love the shorter hair cut on you. I love the style and the color. I say do it! I think it will be a freeing feeling.

  26. anna

    When I’m nursing I hate to wear my hair long because it seems like the vertical line of my hanging-down hair draws the eye towards my giant hanging-down boobs (and giant hanging-down everything else). So, you know, at least something shorter (or maybe they can show you how to do it up in something other than a ponytail) will keep all attention on your face.
    Jesus, that was so Oprah.

  27. chris

    on tuesday you could tell her to STOP when you’re about half way to as short as you think you want to go. then take a minute to judge for yourself how you want it to be. it’s about what makes YOU happy, you know. (and i gotta tell ya- the love thursday post about the g unit was wonderful! that girl just cracks me up. she is SO sweet!)
    keep fighting the good fight

  28. Stephanie

    I haven’t read through the comments, so I don’t know if someone else suggested this…but you could donate it to Locks of Love!

  29. girlplease

    I hear ya. I need a haircut and it’s been 6 months. It’s finally almost shoulder length yet starting to be a big pain. So part of me wants to cut it super short again. And then part of me misses having long STRAIGHT hair as long as yours (I chemically straightened it. Did it again and ruined it to the point of it was all scrag).
    If I were you, keep it long, just get some layers in it. It looks hot long.

  30. DeannaBanana

    Wow, it must be the moon or something but it sure seems like hair-cut season. I just had six inches cut off last week and also blogged about it. I say go for it, it will always grow back and the picture you have here looks gorgeous! The style really suits you and makes you look younger.
    For the record though, I believe you need to cut off thirteen inches in order to donate the hair, if I am not mistaken.

  31. Kelly

    I think you look beautiful either way but I have to say there is SOMETHING about that short hair of yours that I just LOVE!
    I REALLY REALLY REALLY hope you go for it and get it chopped off with layers all over. It looks so sexy and young and beautiful that way.
    I think getting more than a “trim” would actually be very freeing for you. I think it would be an amazing fresh and exciting start for you.
    Can’t wait to see what you decide to do! 🙂
    Good luck and CUT CUT CUT CUT and donate to Locks of Love, that would be amazing as well!

  32. GR

    I also want to suggest Locks of Love. My 7 yo donated hers this summer. I almost puked. lol
    what ever you decide to do remember you are beautiful woman and your hair (or lack of) can not change that !
    p.s. To Brandi, dd2s name is Brandi. We hardly ever see it spelt with an i.

  33. Amy

    You look great in both pics – long or short hair. However…I love long hair. (Much to all of the other commenters’ dismays I’m sure!) I would say to keep it a bit longer than the short-hair pic, but the long layering is REALLY cute!
    BTW, I’m pretty sure that in order to donate to Locks of Love, not only do you need at least 10 inches (AAH!!!) but your hair has to be 100% natural – no coloring or processing whatsoever. Not sure if that applies, but thought I’d throw it out there.
    Whatever hair you come back with on Tuesday, you’ll look just as beautiful as ever!

  34. jes

    I totally understand the hair/weight relationship! As far as my retarded psyche will let me believe, only thin people should have very long or very short hair, yes, stupid, I know! However, I did feel hotter when I went from basically your current style to the shorter one pictured (almost exactly). I don’t know why, but it made my face look thinner AND motivated me to drop those 50 lbs, 35 down, 15 to go..just so I could have it long again. Anyways, that is my two cents, love you no matter what…and long or short, I heart your hair! in a jealous way, but kindly jealous, i swear!!

  35. jennifer

    I LOVE the last picture – that haircut is pure sex! Plus it will twirl around when you’re doing aerobic dancing.
    I know where you’re coming from – most of my life I’ve had really long hair but when I look back in pictures the pictures I like of me all have shorter (not short) hair.
    I say Go For It – it will always grow back if you hate it. 🙂

  36. Mom101

    CHOP IT! Do it! You will look gorgeous and stylish and feel so good about yourself. I can’t wait to see the new you…no, the perfectly perfect old you only with new hair.

  37. ali

    i am in desperate need of a haircut…and i’m terrified. it’s just sometimes easier when it’s long and stringy. when it’s short you actually have to….take care of it!!
    let’s make a deal…i’ll go if you go!

  38. Susan

    It is absolutely *ADORABLE* shorter. Notice I say shortER. That is *not* a short haircut! It’s medium length. Big difference!
    They say the most becoming cut on a woman is shoulder-length. I have to agree.
    GO FOR IT!!!

  39. jen fromboston

    I have to remind myself it is only 10:00 out where you are and so it’s likely haven’t hd the appt. just yet. don’t know why I”m so emotionally invested in this haircut…
    don’t chicken out!

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