It’s like a soap opera! About hair! Only, not really anything like that at all!

So, um, The Haircut.
Or should I say The “Haircut”?
I’m pretty sure that The Do that I’m sporting qualifies as “Chickening out”.
Yes, I chickened out. But! I kinda blame my stylist because she was all “Long hair is SO hot right now. It hasn’t been this ‘in’ in years.”
That was all I needed to hear. I was all “Really? It’s in? Sweet! Just give me some funkay layers!”
Pre-haircut / Post 3 baby boobs.
So yeah, you can see that it’s been cut, and you can see that there are layers, but not so sure that they’re “funky” and also? Not quite sure what to do with it. It’s all thin and frizzy and AHHHHHHH.
(Is that a before cut picture or after cut picture? I do not know. I can not tell!)
Uh. The layers. Seriously, What do I do with them?
Oh! I know! Put them in pigtails! Which is SO TOTALLY DIFFERENT than what I was doing before I got it cut!
And also?
And quite possibly?

43 thoughts on “It’s like a soap opera! About hair! Only, not really anything like that at all!

  1. J

    You look very pretty in the before and after photos. 🙂 I know what its like when you have a little one at home and there isn’t a whole lot of time to mess with the “do”. Pigtails, french braids, fishtail braids, big round brush blowdrying, french twists, buns, hot rollers, or just leave it as is which looks good too. I’m just tossing some ideas your way. I’ve got a mess of hair styling things in my bathroom. My cut is similar to yours but I ended up getting shorter bangs. Still trying to figure out if I want to grow them out again……

  2. Y

    Well, thank you.
    But you know? I think that’s it. I DON’T hate it. It is “nice” and pretty, but!
    I think I had built such high expectations for this cut and wanted it to be THE MOST AWESOME CUT THAT I’VE EVER HAD DONE.
    What the hell is wrong with me? It’s JUST HAIR!!!!!!

  3. mikey

    I think you should go old skool and get bangs. And then tease those bangs so they make that wave-looking radar dish thing that was so popular in the 80’s. Only, we’ll call it “retro.”
    And if you have any Flashdance sweaters, you should bust those out, too.

  4. Lana

    I love the new haircut. I have long hair too and want to do something with it. Your hair is straight and smooth, where mine is a frizzy mass of long waves and curls. UGH! I am thinking of adding layers to mine and trimming maybe 2 inches off my length. I am chicken too…LOL!
    I think your hair is lovely. No hating on it…

  5. chickadee

    I didn’t comment on your previous hair post because the prevailing attitude seemed to be “Cut it!”, but I was really hoping you wouldn’t – or at least not short, just because your hair looked so lovely in the “before” shots. Anyway, this cut is great – and I love your mirror faces!

  6. Kait

    I like the cut. If you want something different, use a large barrell curling iron to curl the ends, or use a straightener to flick the ends out. I have long layered hair, and I just wash it and let it hang. I like your hair just loose!

  7. Pendullum

    Well, I think it looks funkay!
    I like it…
    and I would be the same…
    back in pigtails o ra ponytail…
    But you know that you have funkay layers… and I don’t!!!

  8. Susan

    I think it looks great! It DOES look different, even in pig tails! It frames your face more and looks fuller. Very nice!

  9. Itchy

    Well I for one love the layers. But of course I have layers so yeah…I would! hee…
    The big curling iron idea is a good one. But I like it as is, too. So pretty. You, your hair, and your awesome chestal area. 🙂

  10. Jessica

    i love the new cut Y! if you are trying to figure out what to do with it, i have a suggestion. my cut is similar with the layers and the length. I used a 1 1/2 inch curling iron and curl each layer seperately. curl them all up. it’ll give it a feathered little flip all the way around. you can also curl the top couple layers under and the longer one out. that’s cute too. if you email me, i can send you a pic of my hair flipped out so you can see what i mean. 🙂
    still, i really like your cut. it looks great!!

  11. stepherz

    Your hair is the bomb, Chica! Don’t mess with a good thing. Shit, I’m like Sampson about my hair. I’m not cutting my one better feature.
    Y, what physical characteristic do you love on yourself?

  12. wdc

    Holy Hotness! My God, that top looks amazing on you.
    The hair looks great. You could totally go old school and feather it.

  13. Lori

    You, Y, are the most photogenic person I know! You always look absolutely great in your pictures! But I have to know, how many pics do you take to get a few good ones?

  14. wordnerd

    Girl, it’s looking gooooooood. I like the layers. I agree with the ones that said add a few subtle highlights — just around the face. I think it, and you, look fantastic!

  15. Laura

    I love the hair too, but then again I too have nearly exactly the same hair, only mine is kind enough to have just enough curl to it to be totally jacked up most of the time. Your’s however, Caliente!!
    I think you would have looked great with the cut you planned on getting too, based on the older photo I saw of you with shorter hair.
    I rarely take the plunge to get much cut off of my hair either. It’s Scary!! I do however occasionally spend $60 on a haircut only to wear it in a pigtail every freaking day of my life. Fortunately I’m not motivated enough to go get it cut often, so I’m not really shelling out all that much money on my hair.
    I also was thinking, dayummm, that shirt makes her chest rock. I need me one of those, I liked the black shirt you had on in the long hair photos too. You must tell me where you shop. I’m doing Weight Watchers and when I get my Rockin new bod, I’m going to need a new wardrobe 🙂

  16. jen fromboston

    “bwaaaaawk, bwawk, bwawk-whut”
    Yeah ya did.
    You know I think you are gorgeous and your long hair is gorgeous, even when you are rolling your eyes or looking smirking. (while I’m at it, ditto: Bobs. I mean DAYUM.)
    THAT said, miss, you had at least 3 more inches to play with and you still would have been considered “chick(en shit) with long hair.”
    Maybe this is something you do in installments. to quote “What About Bob?”, “I am baby stepping to my next hair appt. I am baby stepping to scissors. I am baby stepping to MEDIUM-long length hair.” okay, Bob never actually said that in the movie but he WOULD HAVE had he had Y’s hair phobia.

  17. Kait

    You should try the curling iron thing, and then let us see what it looks like! 🙂
    I told my husband that I was going to get the new 80’s bob (Bob! So hot right now!), and he freaked out. It was pretty funny.

  18. ali

    as far as haircuts go, you totally chickened out.
    but, your hair looks good, and that’s really all that matters, right? (well, i guess it depends on how much you paid to have your stylist make you look exactly the same!)

  19. Heatherg

    At this time i am requesting that you box up and ship me HALF of those perfect tittays you have woman!
    I need some! I got lil ole dodgers and am now so freakin’ jealous!!
    Please send me a boob!

  20. Attention Whore

    Do the new layers pop out of the ponytails when you are aerobic dancing? These are the things that matter. In that same vein – do the boobies pop out when you are aerobic dancing?
    They are spectacular! (You are the second person I’ve commented that to today…Ms. Carrisa being the other)

  21. GraceD

    Y-buns, you could shave your fine head bald, and you’d still be Our Queen.
    But, of course you look absolutely bee-yoo-tee-full. Of course!
    Yer slave 4 life,

  22. tiffers

    let me give you a little piece of advice that my boyfriend gives me all the time:
    ‘stop worrying about your hair and your face, the only thing anyone sees when they look at you is your tits.’
    yeah, he loves me.
    can’t you tell?

  23. caitlin

    I have layers like yours, too. The best thing I have found is to just buy a big ol’ round natural bristle brush (you can get them in salons, I paid about $15, but Target will probably sell decent ones too…look for natural bristles, not synthetic), and flip your hair upside down when it’s nearly dry to give it some volume, then flip the ends out with the brush. It defines the layers and looks totally different than when you flip them under. A curling iron around the ends looks nice too, like another commenter said, if you can do curly (I love straightening irons, I cannot stop).
    If you want a change, you’d probably look very nice with some long side-bangs. Side-bangs are great, since if you hate them, you can just tuck them behind your ears until they grow out again.
    Either way, your hair looks shiny and fantastic.
    P.S., in Canada, where it is static-city in the winter months, I keep a dryer sheet in my jacket and swipe that over my hair to calm frizzies. It really works. Is it becoming overly obvious that my hair fanatiscm is becoming a problem?

  24. Izzy

    I like it!
    But I always hate my hair right after I get it cut but then I figure out how to do it and then I like it better.
    Try using a big barrel curling iron in the front. Curl it inward toward your face and then brush back with your fingers. You’ll have really sexy waves!

  25. Erin

    This may sound CRAZY to some…
    I have long hair like yours. It is stick striaght. Like your appears to be. I got my hair cut a few weeks ago and my stylist gave me tons of layers. I came thinking, what the HECK am I gonna do with this??? So I washed it the other night and went to bed with it wet (OH MY GAWD!, my mother would say). When I woke up I had the perfect wavy, I spent so much time on this look hairstyle! I was in heaven. You should try it!

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