53 thoughts on “Dear Internet

  1. Maria

    It’s going on week three that I’ve had a cold and allergies, so I’m not exactly okay. Cookies would definitely make me feel better.
    Are you okay? Would you like us to send you cookies?

  2. Heatherg

    Is pig hunter still down?
    I got some cool huntin’ pics i can send to him via email!
    Its hunting season (black powder) down here and my husband just filled out freezer!

  3. Helen

    Oh please, am having huge party tomorow and promised 40 kids they can decoarate cookies….am dreading making cookies, please send some, many many cookies please.

  4. stepmomof2

    Yes, some cookies would be great. We are all out of homemade cookies here. I wondered what was happening with your blog. The internet sucks big time.

  5. The Interwebs

    Are you implying that I had my “fiber optic cable” snipped?! I take great offense at that suggestion. I am still as virile as ever, dammit! You better watch out before I go all TRON on your uppity ass, woman!
    (Um. Oatmeal raisin, please? Extra brown sugar? That would be great.)

  6. Marmite Breath

    The internet is on Weight Watchers again, starting TODAY. It does not need your cookies. Back away, wench. Offer the Internet a carrot stick.
    (The Internet baked cookies yesterday with the children and ruined its first day of detox from shitty foods)
    The internet hates itself sometimes.
    Er, sorry, I am projecting again.

  7. Kyla

    OMG…I have been craving baked goods for a week. I had a single bite of the most glorious cookie ever while at Disney World…the cookie met an unfortunate end before it realized its potential…but I still have not forgotten it. Please, give them to me! Cookies! COOKIES! *lol*

  8. Chachi

    As a cult leader (read mommyblogger) you have certain responsiblities to fulfill and as a representative of the Interwebblogosphere, I feel the need to inform you that offering “cookies” to the masses when they are down, is suspiciously akin to a certain Mr. Jones and his rose colored glasses, down yonder in Guyana. I suppose you were gonna serve “juice” too?
    Peanut butter….. please? Oh…and a big glass of leche, Por Favor?

  9. Chachi

    As you may or may not be aware, Chachi is old, therefore wise. He is all knowing, all doing. Except that which entails what Karen so graciously has offered the entire intah-net. We all know that it has the propensity to speak bovinely. 😛

  10. Kait

    I want cookies, but I am on a diet as well. So. No cookies for the internet! I broke up with cookies! They are no longer welcome.
    Because I don’t believe in helping myself out, I am going to bake a pumpkin cake tonight to share at work tomorrow. Yeah, I love myself like that.

  11. Lessa

    Cookies? *perks* Why yes, yes the internets would love some cookies! And quite possibly a cupcake. with extra icing. mmmmmmm. icing!

  12. Me

    Y, I showed my hubby the pictures of your hubby. After wincing in pain (and bringing his legs close together), he made one comment:
    “Dang, do you think she’s gonna show the web his scar, too? I can just see her giving him a little extra pain killer in those cookies and then taking a picture while he’s sleeping…poor dude, really poor dude”
    And I’m almost scared to ask- how bad are the stitches?

  13. Nila

    The internet does seem to have a sick ball sac. Cookies are the best medicine. Pighunter better milk all the attention he’s getting. He’s lucky to have you for his nurse. If all nurses had tatas like yours, there would be a log of happy sick people.

  14. julianna

    Yes!!! I have a cold and I have NO VOICE. I need cookays. I mailed some to my Dh? But they got totally stolen in the mail! Who would eat stranger cookays? Jackholes!

  15. Flipp-ay

    I couldn’t wait any longer for your cook-ays, so I bought some. Ghosts & goblins, in awesome sugar cookie form. No icing, no extras, just the perfect blend of sugar, butter and flour.

  16. MitMoi

    Hey, that’s my trick. Offer to cook food for “OTHER” people *tasting the cookie dough*
    … ’cause those calories don’t count, right? *eating a finished cookie*
    Because it’s for a good cause …. and I want to make sure it’s my BEST effort *consuming all the broken cookies*,
    so I’m totally off the hook, right? *hangs head in shame when she steps on the scale*

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