I’ve been taking G-Unit to the park everyday after I drop the boys off at school. I go for a walk, do some squats, throw in a few totally awesome kick boxing moves and then we head for the playground for some fun on the slides and swings.
I love watching my daughter play with the other children. She’s so… girlie. I didn’t expect that from a daughter of mine. I’ve never been very “girlie” or “feminine”. In fact, my husband used to do this cute little thing where he’d introduce me to his friends as “My Wife, The Trucker.” I guess I always imagined that if I had a daughter, she’d be just like me! Man, was I wrong.
And I’m happy I was wrong. I can’t tell you how much fun it is to watch my daughter stand on the sidewalk, her tiara placed proudly atop her head, hands placed sweetly on her hips, twirling from side to side while she shouts to the neighbors “Look! I pretty! Look! Lala’s pretty!”
Day 16: Tiaras piss me off(My daughter wears a tiara! And she likes it. Doesn’t she know that her mommy hates tiaras?)
Sometimes, her “Girlie-ness” can be very annoying. Like when she cries because her nail polish is chipped, (“More polish mommy! MORE POLISH! WAH!”) or when she has a meltdown because I refuse to let her play with the lipstick that she snuck out of my purse. But most of the time, watching her act “like a girl” is the most fulfilling experience of my life. Especially when she emerges from her bedroom, wearing nothing but a tutu and her tap shoes whilst twirling with her hands in the air singing her ABC’s.
Through her, I’m finding out that being “girlie” (“feminine” whatever.) can be fun. I’m starting to like the idea of painting my nails “just because” and not only when I have a wedding to attend. That said, I will NEVER like tiaras. (Nor, will I ever give up burping contests or farting whenever the hell I want to.)

27 thoughts on “Prissay

  1. vloula

    glad to see the block has taken a break. my sweet little girl is only a few months older than yours. i smile every time you write about things they have in common. isn’t being mommy the best job on earth?

  2. Me

    A new post. I’ve gotten into the groove of checking to see how many comments were appearing on Tortilla Soup that I forgot there might be updates here.
    I need to get a new hobby, methinks!

  3. Y

    Well, not quite sure it’s “taken a break”. But, I’m forcing myself to write because I LOVE WRITING, DAMMIT.
    I also love being a mother, even if I do have to wait until my husband comes home to take a dump. 😉

  4. Brandi

    Yea….you’re out of da funk! Gabriella is so beautiful, she really looks like an angel. My daughter, Cassidy was very girlie and feminine when she was Gabby’s age (I actually wanted to name her Gabrielle, but my husband hated the nickname Gabby). She stayed that way until she was about 7. Then she become a full-fledged tomboy. Never wears dresses or skirts, hair always in a ponytail, loves sports and getting dirty (not dir-tay). It was bound to happen because she has two older brothers. You never know, Gabby just might start farting and burping with the rest of you before long.

  5. Amy

    See…and you’re so cute in the tiara!! I want to meet you even more now so I can challenge you to a burping contest. I’ve never lost- not once 🙂 My mama is so proud!

  6. Susan

    Girlie-girls rock! My 7yo is one, and she just completely cracks me up.
    Recently, we were out to breakfast, and she was wearing her usual tiara, some pink lip gloss, lavender highlights in her hair (spray we bought at Club Libby Lu), big pink sunglasses, and was wearing one of her quite fashionable outfits. (My clothes suck in comparison.)
    We ran into an old coworker of mine who said, “Is she always so diva-like, or is this a special occasion–you know, like a birthday or something?” Being so used to it by now, I actually looked my daughter up in down, examining her for a minute, and said, “Uh, no, this is her normal everyday attire.” LOL!

  7. Cheryl in Missouri

    Gabriella looks sooooooo adorable in that picture. It makes me miss the days when my almost 12 year old daughter was girlie. Now she’s into the punk look and I have NO idea where that came from.

  8. Angel

    I have two sons, and I always say I am done, but reading your blog makes me think, hmmm, maybe?? 🙂
    Great entry and she is such a beautiful girl.

  9. steen

    [Drill Sargeant]You WILL wear a tiara and you WILL like it![/Drill Sargeant]
    Y, I want you to be my first official “celebrity” sighting at BlogHer! And then I will squeal and cry and jump for joy and tell the internet all about how I met Y… and they’ll be like, “Yeah, we all already know who she is.”

  10. Bronwen

    We learn so much from them, don’t we? My Miss Peanut is a total diva, from tiara to toenail polish. She’s forced me to be more feminine. And you know? I really don’t mind.

  11. Sadie

    Why can’t you EVER just enjoy this precious child?
    God, you are sooooooooooooooo ……………

  12. Y

    That entire post was about how MUCH I ENJOY THAT PRECIOUS CHILD, I’m sorry you can’t get past your hatred of me to actually understand that.
    I truly am.

  13. Beth

    What a beautiful little girl! And she wears that tiara with style!
    My daughter was the very same way when she was little…..she’s still girlie now. they never outgrow it.

  14. Momma Bean

    Just found you and am enjoying my stay already! Your little girl is just plain adorable and I’m so looking forward to girliness…But I have an opposite fear. I’m all girly and stuff and I worry that my girls will be all trucker and stuff. What will we have in common, besides our addiction to carbs and Target??

  15. Tammy

    You’re back! OHMIGOD! Don’t do that again. Next time you get a writers block … PRETEND you didn’t. I’ve been reading here for a few months now and am totally addicted. If I lived close by, I might even become stalkerish in my attempts to be BFF’s.
    And the little one … adorable. Can’t wait until my daughter is old enough to run around in just a tu-tu.

  16. The Cool Sadie

    Goddamnit, this is the second time I have come into your comments section to find that an Imposter Sadie is posting rude drivel here. And I bet you $4 Sadie isn’t even really her name, it’s probably her cocker spaniel’s.
    I am pretty sure you just wrote about how much you love your daughter, and how cool you think she is, so I’m not sure how FakeSadie missed that, but anyway. Gabby is preshus and I like her little “Loca” wifebeater.

  17. Helen

    How bizarre that sadie couldn’t see the adoration in that post, in fact every post i have read you have oozed delicious smooshieness in a very obviosu way for this baby, in fact all your babies apart from ones not born that had better stay that way. Divine little girl. My one girl ( 5 boys) is so girlie who knows where that came from …but it is a joy!

  18. Nila

    Lala is pretty. With 2 boys, you make me think I’m missing out on the girlie thing. I know I’m misssing out. I’ll just live vicariously through you.

  19. FishyGirl

    There is hope, you know – my 7 year old is super girlie, loves her dresses and long hair and dolls and tiaras, but she is discovering an athletic bent (where she got that I have no idea but certainly not from me), and she has been able to burp the alphabet since she was 4. When she farts and you get all “Man, Trout, you stink” she laughs. Just so ya know.

  20. Keri

    You have no idea how much joy I get coming here to read, Y. You are a wonderful story teller with so much humor springing out of you (they say adversity can do that for a person if they let it). My sweet girl went through her own girlie phase. It lasted a few minutes. In and out of it she has gone. She likes pink a bit right now. (she’s 18 years old so I’m allowing her to revel in whatever color she wants to…. but I’m still bigger than she is, so I still rule the radio knobs in the car – heh)
    Thank you for the laughter I find when I visit your blog. 🙂 And the latest vasectomy stuff? Pure water shooting out the nose hilarity.

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