42 thoughts on “Because I am a nerd who truly, TRULY cares about this, I have to ask…

  1. Valerie

    Emmitt!!! All the way!!!!! He is just so adorable. I just love the look on his face when he’s dancing. Like a little boy! Love, love, LOVE him!!!

  2. Y

    Oh, I hate Mario.
    Even more after his mama was all “If he doesn’t win, I’ll make him a trophy.”
    Emmitt is awesome. Even my husband was loving watching him last night. I was all “Haha, you’re excited about Emmitt” and he was all “I admit it, I am, he’s awesome!”

  3. mj

    Emmitt better win, or my roommate will be starting a riot in the streets. I think her quote last night was that only immature women could possibly think Mario’s cute (and my roommate’s 24).

  4. Jill

    Ok, so I’ve never watched, but by comparing the clips (Mario on YouTube), I’d say Emmitt. Mario is waaaaaaaaay too cocky; it’s like he’s reliving his Zack Attack days through dance!

  5. Y

    Jill! haha, you said “Zack Attack”.
    Yes, he’s so cocky while Emmitt is just out there having fun.
    And you know what? Emmitt is way hotter. Mmmmmmm Emmitts ass.

  6. Dawn

    EMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMITT! Mario is just too too impressed with his own self. Back to hosting Pet Stars for him.

  7. geeky

    i dont even watch the show, but i want emmit to win because of that whole ex-NFL thing. i mean, he’s emmit smith for godssake! even though he did play for the cowboys.

  8. LISA


  9. Y

    You people do realize that I am THREE HOURS BEHIND YOU, DON’T YOU?
    I can’t believe I know the winner already! Why did I read this? WHYYYYYYY?
    (I’ll tell you why! Because I hate surprises and was secretly hoping someone would announce the winner here. haha. EMMITTTTTTTTTTT!)

  10. AA

    In reality Mario is the better dancer, but Emmitt has come further and was the surprise of the show. Who would think that big ol Emmitt Smith could dance like that! Cool. I actually came to like both Emmitt and Mario. They both seem like good guys, veryy different, kinda a comparing apples to oranges thing. Emmitt is just so classy and I was glad to see him win.

  11. Katie

    Melanie – Don’t worry – I had no clue what this was about at first. I figured from the comments that it must be some kind of TV show 😛

  12. Chicky Sue

    Mario was so yummy, I was dancing along with him last night! The dimples killed me, I wanted him to win. Emmit was awesome also, but he had his championships already. Sorry, Mario, mama will make it feel better, lmao.

  13. Dawn

    Yay!! SO glad Emmitt got it, he and I went to High School together and he is still very involved in our community and gives lot of money and (in person) support to the Salvation Army sports department so that kids who otherwise could not afford to play peewee football CAN play. He is a great force in our community and he so deserves this!
    Go Emmitt.

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