Contra. Dicktion.

Me: When you come home, you just might find me with short hair
PigHunter: Honey, I don’t care about stuff like that.
Me: I know you don’t care, you never have. I just felt like warning you.
PigHunter: Don’t say I don’t care! I DO CARE!

59 thoughts on “Contra. Dicktion.

  1. Brandi

    All men care. They all secretly want the women in their lives to have long flowing hair. Why is that?
    I don’t see any pictures…did you chicken out?

  2. Kristie

    Well, my husband is one of the odd ducks (Ha! Get it? I totally am still thinking of you and the duck episode!) who likes women better with short hair. Unfortunately, mine is long. He also likes women who are perky and athletic. Sadly, he missed out on all counts when he married me. 🙂

  3. Y

    I left out the rest of the conversation.
    He actually got mad at me for saying “I know you don’t care” when HE WAS THE ONE WHO JUST UTTERED THE WORDS “I DO NOT CARE.”

  4. Y

    oh and I did cut it, but it’s not short. Just 3 or 4 inches shorter.
    By summer I should have the nerve to cut it all off.

  5. shaz

    men are odd! And… I read your blog on and off, but somehow there is always something going on about hair??? Is it just me?

  6. Y

    “Always” something about hair?
    Um, not always, but I did post about how I had become attached to my long hair a couple of months ago.
    And I do post pictures of new haircuts.
    But “always?”

  7. Yvonne

    Well hello!! I stumbled accross your blog today, and admist my fascination for your name also being Yvonne, I realized something else….YOU’RE USING MY BRAIN!! I swear, I could be writing your blog – well, maybe not as eloquently, but seriously, you have the same sense of humor that I do, along with a similar lifestyle. Needless to say, I’m very entertained. I’m so happy I’ve found a new daily read. Yay me!

  8. Jenn

    I love your haircut! Good job, I know you were not feeling very brave. It looks great!
    Now maybe if you want to go shorter later you’ll be less nervous…..

  9. Mary

    Ohmigod, I just had a brainwave! You should launch a part-time business taking photos of children! You can start a site with some of your own, if I lived even remotely close to Cali (I’m in Toronto) and if I had kids, I would hire you right away.

  10. Kyla

    Men don’t listen when they speak. Josh is always trying to tell me something he said WASN’T what he really said…and then I say “Well, what did you say?” and he has NO idea. Men! *lol*

  11. MamaLee

    SUCH a male.
    Of course he cares. My hair was long when I met my hubby. He would tease me that it constantly get shorter and shorter as the years (and births) went by! I am now growing it out again, but I’m almost to the point where I’m sick of it and want to chop it off again! I understand your hair situation. PASS ME THE DISCO WIG!

  12. Me

    OK, where’s the picture of the new hair?
    I went to flickr and all I found was a freaking picture of Y that from the thumbnail, looks like a Zebra Ass.
    Imagine my surprise when I found out it was simply sunshine on her shoulder making her squint.

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