Love is…

Trying your hardest to draw “a duck” for your toddler who is begging you to “draw a duck like daddy, mama!” Even though you do not possess an artistic bone in your body and you know that you will be mocked by those you love when they see your drawing, because “hahaha, that looks nothing LIKE a duck, mom!”

(Yes, I actually propped the duck up for “inspiration.”)
For “The Record” the only person who didn’t laugh at “my duck” was the little person I drew it for. She did, however, look at the duck with disgust whilst saying “no, mom! Duck gross! eww. Put away!”

(That is a picture of her actually looking at the picture of the duck. Clearly, she is seriously repulsed by my rendition of “the duck”. I can’t say I blame her.)
Yes, this is my lame attempt to once again participate in Love Thursday.

31 thoughts on “Love is…

  1. pookie

    Ha! Try being married to a graphic designer…the butthead out does every single thing I draw.
    He’s an awsome artist. I’m just bitter.
    I’m sure my son will have that same look when I draw him something too. 🙂

  2. Susan

    I think the duck is cute:) I teach pre-K and the kids are ALWAYS mocking my drawings…I just tell them that I tried my best:)

  3. tiffers

    i think that duck is adorable.
    your family clearly has no taste.
    it’s a good thing they’re cute.
    oh–and also that they can fart on command. i think that’s a really redeeming quality.

  4. s@bd

    at least a duck is worth the attempt.
    my kid keeps asking me to draw a water tower. I actually put the words ‘water inside’ on it so I would know that I had drawn a water tower. otherwise, even I wouldn’t have been able to figure it out.

  5. Cheryl in Missouri

    That’s a cute duck, Y!!!
    Pookie – I’m married to a graphic artist that’s awesome too. I feel your pain. Both of our kids are very good drawers. Me? I draw the curtains and the bath water. Ok..that was a bad attempt at a joke, I know. *going to bed now, the Ambien is kicking in*

  6. nila

    The look on her face is priceless.
    This was perfect for love Thursday because just the fact that you try shows your love. I don’t think I’d even try, I’d tell them to ask dad or wait til he gets home from work. That’s what he gets for being an artist.

  7. Jenn

    This is the funniest Love Thursday yet. I love it. She is very upset about your drawing skills. I’m so glad you post the pics of her. Hysterical.

  8. Katie

    That is hilarious! My 4 year old does the exact same thing to me! He asks me to draw all these complicated things, like helicopters, semi trucks, tow trucks, & airplanes, and then he is livid that I can’t draw them as well as Daddy 😀

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