First of all, I wanted to say thank you all for the comments and emails of concern for my daughter. They meant a great deal to us.
Things are looking better for Gabby now that she’s being treated for asthma. On Sunday, we had to take her to urgent care because she was having difficulty breathing again. Her oxygen saturation was at 94, so they gave her a breathing treatment.
The doctor who saw her in urgent care told us that her lungs were cleared up and that now the problem is asthma.
Gabby had RSV when she was 4 months old and our pediatrician told us that asthma could be a problem for Gabby down the road. The doctor that was saw on Sunday told us that 30% of babies who have RSV do go on to have asthma. Doctor said there’s still a chance she will outgrow it and we’re hoping that she does.
Asthma scares the shit out of me, people. Watching your child struggle to breathe is pretty fucking scary. I had a long conversation with the doctor and I do understand that it can be managed with proper medication. I need to educate myself on the disease so that I’m not so terrified of it.
Currently, they have her on a 5 day treatment of oral steriods (Predisolone.) She’s also taking albuterol and Qvar (she’ll be on that until the end of February.)
In the past 3 and a half weeks, we’ve spent over $300 on copays and prescriptions (our co-pays for both are only $10, I can not tell you how grateful I am for our health insurance. SO FUCKING GRATEFUL.) I’ve been to the doctors office more times than I can count (the boys have been sick too) and I’ve stood for hours in long ass lines with germy, sick people who do not think they need to cover their disgusting mouths when they cough. I’ve not slept in my bed for a week, but on the couch, with a sickly little girl sprawled across my chest. I’ve administered more medication than I think I’ve taken in my entire life.
But I’ll tell you what I have NOT done.
I have not bought a single Christmas present. I have not bought Christmas cards, nor have I taken holiday pictures of my children, I have not baked, decorated or acknowledged that Christmas is NEXT MONDAY in any way, shape or form.
PigHunter did take the boys on Friday to get a tree. I had swore that I would never let him go shopping for a tree without me ever again, but I had to stay home with Gabby. He let the boys pick the tree out and I must say, it is probably the most perfect tree we’ve ever had, which is hilarious because this is the first year that no one but us will actually see the tree. I let the boys decorate it however they wanted to. I did not have the energy to care about little things like “properly spaced ornaments”.
I always wait til the last minute to do my shopping and such, but I didn’t count on the three (THREE!) children of mine being sick and me being unable to get out of this house except for doctors appointments.
I thought about going shopping today, because today is the first day that Gabby has not cried all morning long and the first day that she’s been breathing normally, but, I’m now afraid to take my daughter out amongst the general public until she’s had her flu shot because the doctor made it very clear to me that she MUST GET HER FLU SHOT AS SOON AS SHE’S FEELING BETTER. Apparently, it would be “very bad” for her to get the flu right now.
I suppose I’ll wait til Tony comes home from work and brave the crowds and cold and start (I’m just starting. STARTING!) my Christmas shopping tonight.
I’m currently baking apple streudel for Ethan’s class. He informed me at 9 last night that “oops, I forgot to tell you have to bake something for my class and it has to be something from Germany.”
I’m not sure that apple streudel is from Germany, nor do I know if I’m spelling “streudel” correctly, but I do know that my grandmother makes it and she is from Germany and you know what? I’m worn THE HELL OUT, so that’s good enough for me.

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  1. ben

    At times like these, it pays to remember the wise words of the Good Doctor:
    “Maybe Christmas,” he thought, “doesn’t come from a store.”
    “Maybe Christmas… perhaps… means a little bit more!”
    (yeah, right, tell that to my hellions if they don’t get what they blackmailed Santa for)
    Hang in there. We can trade Albuterol stories if you like (mine have mostly outgrown it but we still have a breathing machine that gets used at least a few times every winter)

  2. Busy Mom

    Busy Girl had RSV and now has asthma. She’s 12 and it’s rarely a problem anymore. No problems with sports, usually occurs when she laughs really hard.

  3. Y

    That’s so comforting to hear. It’s pretty scary, but I know it’s managable with proper care. Our doctor also told us that it’s good to have them in sports, to keep the lungs strong. I had no idea.

  4. ishouldbeworking

    I’ve been down the asthma/breathing treatment road before too….my daughter is 12 now and has no problems either. She’s in sports and band and they both help keep the lungs strong. Glad Gabby’s OK, and good luck with The Shopping.

  5. Audrey

    So glad your little one is better!! I’m skipping my usual holiday baking this year — I’m out of time and out of energy. I was actually looking forward to it, too, since next year at this time we’ll have a nine-month old and I doubt I’ll get much of anything done!! At least I can take him/her to buy his/her presents… 🙂

  6. Annika

    First of all, anyone who does not understand your reasons for being behind on Christmas should be OFF YOUR LIST forever.
    Second, we are all behind. (Except the overachievers like my sister-in-law who HAD A BABY last week and yet we just got a box from her and I really hope she sent it before giving birth or I will be forced to hate her forever.)
    Third, asthma sucks but it is really manageable. My stepsister had fairly severe asthma and it STILL wasn’t that bad.
    Fourth and last, I love you! You’re doing fine.

  7. DebbieS

    PHEW! I am SO relieved she’s OK! Careful shopping tonight, it’s a freakin’ zoo out there and you don’t want to have to steal your daughter’s inhaler 😉

  8. Katie

    It’ll all come together, it always does, right?
    I’m glad everyone is feeling better and you must show us pictures of the perfect tree! (When you have time, please)

  9. Heatherg

    All of mine (4) had RSV and then Asthma. I think they kinda go together.
    Nonetheless, they all grew out of it.
    Hopefully that will happen with Gaby too!!!
    Also, i’m done with my shopping, but i still have quite a few friends that are just getting started as well, so your not in that boat alone.
    Good luck, the crowds are horrible this time of year!

  10. Les~

    Thank God the baby girl is doing better. Any kind of breathing disability is VERY scary. And I agree with a lot of other readers Y, you are a GREAT mom and you, my friend, have the patience of Jobe…’cuz I would have ran screaming from the whole scene! Have a great Christmas and New Year because you all so deserve to.

  11. Michelle

    Coming out of lurkdom to thank you for the update. I was getting worried that something truly awful had happened, but am glad to know they’ve got the little princess sorted out.
    Now here’s hoping everyone gets caught up on their sleep.

  12. Kim

    My son has asthma and he is five now. He spent his first Christmas in the hospital. He went in on Christmas Eve with breathing problems and we stayed for three days. It was probably the saddest Christmas I ever had, watching my three month old struggle to breathe. I totally get that you are scared.
    Definitely get the flu shot for all your kids, and invest in a nebulizer. We tried renting one for awhile since we were in denial that we would be living with this health issue and then we just needed it so often that it didn’t make sense to not have one on hand all the time.
    I hope that it starts to feel more like Christmas to you in the very best of ways……

  13. Karen

    I have a niece and a nephew with asthma. They are grown now. She plays the sax and is studying to be a nurse, he is a fireman/first responder/ emt. Asthma is very manageable. You’ll learn to deal with it and so will Gabby.

  14. Sarah

    I grew up with asthma after a cold turned into pneumonia. I battled Singulair, Advair, and Albuterol for the good part of 8 years. I still have problems every once in awhile. As much as it sucks, it is manageable, and I’m sure you and Gabby will get the hang of it. If you would, keep in mind, though I’m not a doctor, excessive/extended use of steroids, some that treat asthma (like prednisone) can cause an increase in cortisol levels, resulting in weight gain, strange hair, emotional distress. She’s young, so I wouldn’t worry ’bout that now, I mean for the very distant future (think 20 years or so).
    Best of luck with the little ones. And don’t worry, Christmas will be over soon.

  15. Carrie

    Sam’s got asthma, exercise-induced. Since being put on oral medication (Singulair), he hasn’t had much difficulty at all, though I, like you, am holding out hope that he’ll grow out of it.
    Albuterol makes them feel jittery; that may explain some of the crying, too.

  16. Carmen

    Y, four of my kids have asthma, one of them pretty severe. We go the gamut of meds here. We’ve been in the ER more that I care to think. If you’ve got questions, you can email me and ask.

  17. kim

    SO good to hear from you! still sending get-well-vibes over there for G and i hope she’ll outgrow the asthma! i think strudel is from germany and if it is and it’s what i think it is it’s spelled STRUDEL. you’re a great, GREAT mom and i’m wishing you the most perfect christmas EVER!

  18. Amy

    So glad to hear she’s doing better. Seeing your baby struggle to breathe is so hard, I’ve seen it enough times, but it still gets my heart racing and we do our best to avoid the ER. You might have a few years of her having problems, and I don’t know what part of the country you live in, but here in the midwest, fall and spring wreak havoc on their respiratory systems.
    You are not overreacting, you just got past a very bad scare is all. Be prepared to feel your heart in your throat every time she coughs, sneezes or makes ANY kind of noise while breathing, including a stuffy nose. It’s become a bit of a joke here, because the rules ofthe game are to try to head it off before it turns into wheezing and it starts with “Guess the cough: Harmless or Asthma?”.
    My oldest (8)is well controlled on Singulair and Advair, and my youngest (5)….well, Singulair alone helped for a while, but I think she could probably use something on top of that, because she tends to have asthma that likes to go directly to wheezing, skipping the warning cough altogether.
    So, that was my long-winded way of saying you are NOT overreacting, you are concerned, and that’s a good thing, because this asthma thing? Can really suck, especially when they can’t tell you what is wrong.
    Also? If you have ANY concerns, call the good doctor and don’t be afraid to ask questions. I feel for you, especially with the other one’s sick now too. Try to rest and I hope the Orapred rage doesn’t kick in. You might be peeling Gabby off the ceiling in a day or two.

  19. norm

    My youngest (now 10) has asthma, and it’s well managed. It’s actually declined a lot since he was little. He leads a normal life, and we don’t have to worry much but to make sure he takes along his albuterol inhaler wherever. I can’t remember the last time he had an attack, but we always are on guard whenever there are triggers (like a cold/flu, or lots of dust, etc). Amy’s “Guess the cough: Harmless or Asthma?” really strikes home.
    One thing that didn’t work for him is Singulair. A rare side effect of Singulair is very scary night terrors. He had these, and it was a bad scene because the drug was about the last thing we considered to be causing it — we worried about school, home life, all kinds of stuff, finally we took him off the pill and ta da, good night’s sleep. Watch out for that, but if it works, great — it’s not a steroid.
    Asthma’s about the scariest one there is. You can’t overreact, because it’s something you have to act on right away. I’d bet everyone’s happier with a healthy lil’sis than with a lot of presents 😉

  20. E :)

    She’ll be fine if she takes her preventatives. I’m an asthmatic and take them every day with relatively few problems. Once the situation is stabilised you will have a very well little girl. And if you want any grassroots advice, just shoot me an email.
    Good luck!

  21. mish

    I’m glad she’s doing better. I hope you can get some rest soon!
    And yes, strudel is a German dessert. It’s on the menu at our local German restaurant. And they’re from Germany, so they would know! Yum!

  22. lena

    Ooooh, that makes so much sense now. Asthma. Of course. Chris has had asthma his whole life and it’s easily managed. Don’t overreact!1! 😉
    Do you want me to come over and do your shopping with ya? Let me know.
    Take care you. And…streudel is totally German. I would’ve handed him a jar of sauerkraut. You done good mommy.

  23. Jennifer

    I’m so happy to hear that she is feeling better, and that you were able to get down to what was causing some of the problems. Yes, it’s scary, but as you said, if you are educated, the knee-jerk fear can be replaced with educated vigilism. A good friend of mine is asthmatic, and he can do just about anything he wants, but knows what his limits are, and what he needs to do if it flares.
    The two of you will get the hang of this! (BTW, a well little girl is still waaaaay better than any of this Christmas stuff, and I’m sure that tree is gorgeous!)

  24. Brandi

    Whew! Thank God she is feeling better. Yes, I understand the joys of insurance all too well. I don’t know what we would have done with out it after the year we’ve had. Don’t sweat not having the opportunity to do your Christmas shopping. You have been busy with things that are just so much more impotant. And isn’t that what it’s really all about? Hoping you get a good nights sleep…finally.

  25. wordnerd

    Awww…I’ve been out of the loop for a couple of weeks and just came by to catch up. So sorry to hear of all the sickness but equally (if not more) glad that all seems to be well with the munchkin.
    Don’t you worry about Christmas — it’ll get done. Heck, you could duplicate that shot of you holding her as you both sleep and give it to everyone — it’s that beautiful!

  26. Terrie

    I can so relate to your misery! My son had RSV when he was 6 months old and had his first asthma attack just before he was two. He is now 13 and still takes medication daily but it is under control (I LOVE SINGULAIR!!!) at least. We’ve been through multiple pneumonias, hospital stays and home breathing treatments and so many puffers I can;t even begin to count them. It just becomes a new normal after awhile.

  27. Julianna

    Hey! Yay she is feeling better! Who cares about presents and cards, seriously. But anyway. Now it’s time for me to add to your “stories from people about other people about having asthma.” My best friend has the worst asthma I have ever seen, combined with allergies. And she’s FINE. She can’t be around any animals, grass, etc… but really you’d never really know it. She carries an inhaler everywhere and has medication she takes every day. So even in the worst cases, Y, I think Gabby will be fine 🙂 My friend is also really involved in sports and fitness and so don’t worry about that!

  28. libby

    I cannot believe how much you have had to spend on copays and meds recently, I live in the UK now, for which l will be eternally grateful, it’s all FREE, meds and all. lt horrifies me it’s for a sick baby NOT a luxury you shouldn’t have to pay that kind of money

  29. kimblahg

    I’m glad to hear Gabby is feeling better. Last week, I had to take my daughter to the pulmonologist for her Synagis (Anti RSV) Injection. He told me that when testing 2 yr olds, they have found 80% have had RSV but parents don’t usually know because it generally presents as a cold. I don’t know if a high percentage of RSV cases get asthma as a result simply because there are so many RSV cases. I wonder what percentage of children have asthma in general. Just curious- we have been told our former preemies are at a higher risk for bronchial infection but that asthma is more genetic. Guess we’ll wait and see. Hope everyone stays healthy and good luck shopping (go to Wal-Mart at 2 AM and go nuts)

  30. Mom101

    I’m so so glad to hear that things are under control. Lord woman, give yourself a pass here. If anyone gets one it’s you. Anyone who would be offended by your lack of card-sending or gift-giving right now doesn’t deserve to be on your list.
    If you insist though…amazon gift cards for everyone. The end.
    By the way my healthy 36 year old brother has had asthma his whole life. It’s very very manageable.

  31. missbanshee

    Ooooooooh mama!!! Keep your chin up, girl. The internets have your back. Just snuggle that sweet baby and do all your shopping online.
    Albuteral (I took it when i had pneumonia last year) made me shake like a crack monkey, so if Gabby is acting weird with it = totally normal.

  32. Old Fart Grandma

    I didn’t get asthma until I was an adult, but still and all I’ve had it for 30 years. The hardest thing is not to panic. Keep her away from cigarette smoke and all those bad things for lungs in general and she’ll be just fine. Kids sometimes outgrow it!

  33. Summer

    Whew! So happy she’s better!! Don’t worry…Christmas will come together and be a perfect one for you and your family.

  34. tracey

    Sometimes not getting ‘things’ done is OK. WHen all hell is breaking loose and your kids get scary sick and nothing else in the world matters but them, we parents get a good sobering dose of perspective and are reminded of what really matters. I’m glad to hear things are looking up for Gabby. Your holiday will be wonderful because you will be together.

  35. kerrianne

    I’m glad she’s doing better! I hear you on the breathing difficulties being scary. I cannot even imagine it from a mother’s perspective, but I know that when I had my first anxiety attack, and had trouble breathing, I almost passed out for (lack of oxygen probably, yes, and also) fright. Hang in there. : )

  36. Lisa

    It sounds like she’s doing a lot better. Apple streudel sounds good enough for me. And I gave up on the ornaments being perfect a long time ago. Even if they were in the beginning, they keep getting pulled down and played with.
    Thinking of you!

  37. Mari

    Aww Y, I am so sorry she is sick like this! I will pray for her and you and Tony.
    Hang in there, you will get all the things you need to make sure she is properly taken care of. My daughter had seasonal asthma when she was Gabby’s age and she has outgrown it. In time hopefully, Gabby will as well.
    Take care, and don’t stress about the holiday.

  38. chris

    Last March my 18 month old was put on oral steriods (Predisolone) and it made him very moody and irratable. No one told me it can have this side effect, but from my experience it can. Just a note from one mom to another – if she starts acting different from usual – it may be the casue. It is only 5 days, but for us it was a very long five days. Glad she is better – all the best for a healthy 2007.

  39. Ashley

    I have really really bad asthma, and I’ve had it since I was 2. I’ve been through many treatments and many tests, etc. and I pay very close attention to what my doctors tell me. I’m curious as hell and I ask a TON of questions, plus I’m always doing my own research.
    If you have any questions/need to vent, please send me an email. I’m always more than happy to help other people learn.
    My best piece of advice? Consistency, consistency, consistency. Gabby isn’t going to want to sit for a treatment (its loud and crappy and boring and makes you take time out of playing, which totally sucks!), and taking the pills/inhalers/powders/etc. every single day is going to seem annoying and excessive. While it may feel like she’s being drugged to the max, it’s the only way to stay symptom-free. It sounds like common sense, but it’s always worth repeating.

  40. caitlin

    If it’s any consolation, both my allergies/asthma have gotten better as I got older…I carry my inhalers and an epipen with me but haven’t used the inhalers in over a year. The epipen, never, but it sure does give me piece of mind.
    What about just doing Target gift cards for the boys this Xmas? They’d probably be thrilled to buy their own presents, and if you get their dad to take them…wah-lah! Free time for you! I’ve also used Amazon in the past because they have way more than just books and the shipping isn’t outrageous.
    Hope you & your family enjoy the holidays!

  41. Cynthia

    ‘Tis the season for illness, I say! Glad Gabby is feeling better. We’re in a similar situation here. DS went to urgent care last Friday and his sat level was 91. *sigh* He was on oral steroids, albuterol and pulmicort. The orals done, thank god. Now it’s the albuterol and pulmicort 3x a day for a month, then pulmicort once a day until the end of Feb.
    The goodness…or NOT…DD gets the same thing because of her asthma and previous breathing issues. Doing two kids 3x a day sucks!
    But this is about you, not me! 🙂 So glad she’s feeling better. Try not to worry too much about the asthma; for most its a nuisance rather than a serious health issue. *hugs*

  42. geeky

    i think i now understand what christmas must have been like all those years for my mom, and that explains a lot about why she hates christmas now!
    for a bit of good news, my brother’s both had bad asthma as kids – so bad that we had the machines to give breathing treatments at home. today? one is completely fine, and the other has an inhaler that he uses only in emergencies. i’d say odds are gabby will be just fine 🙂

  43. Christina

    I’m so happy to hear that little Gabby is feeling better. I do hope that you’ll be able to get in the crowd & do a little Christmas shopping. Your really brave to face the crowd because I wouldn’t be able to do it, but I say its better to do it on a weeknight rather than on the weekend. I do wish you and your family a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

  44. PK

    Oh, I am glad she’s feeling better. Sorry you have to deal with this stress, but sending you good vibes that Gabby keeps on feeling better and that this turns out to be less serious and more manageable than you see it now.

  45. Jill G

    I’m the mom of a severely asthmatic 2 year old little girl. Feel free to contact me if you have any quesetions, because we’ve been through it all (helicopter to the PICU, collapsed lung, now things very well under control).
    Good luck with a toddler on steriods. It brings out the best in them (LOL).
    Be sure to ask your doctor for an asthma action plan! It has given me such a piece of mind that I am doing the right things at the right times.

  46. Kimmie

    Sorry about Gabby, that really sucks. I hope she’s feeling better.
    Just wanted to pop in and wish you an early very Merry Christmas.

  47. Lynda

    My daughter was 11 months old when she had RSV and it too went on to asthma. She spent the next 7 or 8 years on preventative Singulair and inhalers to help with attacks and I’m happy to tell you that she is now 11 and has just about outgrown it. The only time she has a problem is when she’s running for long periods of time in gym. Do try to keep her away from people with colds though. Everytime my daughter got a cold, she went into a severe attack every time and needed steroids and breathing treatments. Take care!!!

  48. jesseeezmom

    Enjoy the tree PigHunter brings home and remember he picked it with love for you! For a couple of years we bought trees that were still tied up-for fun- because even if its a Charlie Brown tree…it’s a tree and we are blessed with our family. It’s not about the presents but the presence of those we love. Thank you for your blog and for you and the stories about your beautiful family!

  49. Heather

    Oh I am SO relieved to here that little G is feeling better.
    As for Christmas, relax. Chill out. Take your time. Get gifts for the kids and the husband, and everyone else can wait until you’ve had a moment to breath.
    Again, SO happy for the healthy babies. Don’t be afraid of asthma, it really is totally manageable. She will be fine.

  50. Alice-Anne

    So you probably won’t have time to read this, especially since I have been so busy and am way down the list, but thanks for updating. I have been worried about Gabby. I checked several times to see if you had posted. I know you don’t know me and I don’t even comment often, but I was thinking about her.
    And hey, the shopping late thing would be a blessing to me. The longer I have to shop the more I will spend. Seems I just can’t stop until the time is up. Running out of money doesn’t even stop me sometimes!
    Luckily we are going skiing tomorrow and won’t be back til Christmas eve, so that cuts out 4 days for me. Oh, and no, I can’t afford to go skiing right before Christmas – like i’m not all that. My boyfriend takes us and pays for everything.

  51. demondoll

    I’m so glad the pneumonia cleared up. Poor Gabby! Also good that the asthma is managable, it’s a scary thing to deal with. We have to get The Boy’s flu-shot, too cuz of the lung risk… sigh.
    And you are the best to make streudal for your huy! I heard about International Day, and bbought eggrolls from Trader Joes and tried to pass them off as lumpia. Um, not so much.

  52. nila

    Poor Y. I’m so sorry you have to go through this. I’ll be thinking about you. I had asthma as a kid and I don’t even remember when I grew out of it, it just kinda happened. Every once in a while I get short of breath for no reason, but no lasting effects. I spent many a night at the ER as a kid.
    Hang in there. Your internet community is sending all kinds of good vibes your way. It can only get better.

  53. Shari

    SO thankful to hear the little one’s problems are properly diagnosed and treated. It must be scary as hell when medical personnel will not take your child’s symptoms seriously! I have asthma and several kids in my family have it, and we never had the typical wheezy attack – with us, it was always signaled by heavy coughing. Your little one might be the same, so a cough might not always be a cough with her. Anyway, I’m just so glad and I will keep your family in my prayers!!

  54. Kristi

    Girl I can so relate to asthma issues. I have it, my son who is twelve has it and has ever since he was six months old. My daughter who is seven is developing it due to allergies. Gabby will be alright.
    The medications for this ailment help out so well. I take Albuterol, as well as my son does and he takes Singulair. Prednisone is potent. I’ve never had experience with that. My mom takes it though and she can’t get better without it, but she’s also a smoker. So there you have it.
    I hope the holidays are being good to you and I hope little Gabby get’s well soon. Lots of love and a Merry Christmas to you, your husband, and your kids. 🙂

  55. Sarah

    If there’s anything that you need from VA, drop me an email. Good luck, god bless. Oh, and also merry Christmas.

  56. Julia

    I would like to know what kind of evil teacher thinks it’s okay to assign a baking project just before Christmas! My son’s class had a field trip on the last day of school before Christmas. They called me at 7am and begged me to chaperone because so many had backed out. DUH! It’s the busiest time of the year! …….yes, I did chaperone….

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