Waiting. Worrying. Writing.

Last night we had to call 911 because my daughter could not stop coughing. She coughed to the point of throwing up and to the point of her lips turning blue.Big brothers rule. (Ethan, trying to cheer her up.)
While they were here, taking her vitals and doing what they needed to do, one of the fireman gave her an adorable little stuffed animal.
Her eyes immediately lit up and she said in her weak little voice “Thank you, fireman.”
She loves that dog and has clung to it all day long.
Tonight, she took another turn for the worse, burning a high fever and extremely lathargic. I’m usually the parent who freaks out and thinks the worse and I can always count on PigHunter to calm me down. Not tonight. Tonight, he’s the one that said “She’s bad, I’m taking her to urgent care. He just left a few minutes ago and I’m sitting here typing furiously, trying to calm myself down.
Perhaps it’s just the flu, or some virus that will pass quickly! But, it’s her history with RSV and lung problems that has me worried.
I’ve had less than 8 hours of sleep over the past 3 days, but I don’t mind because I signed up for this when I chose to bring these little human beings into this world.
I just want to know that my little girl is going to be ok, and I want her to get better already.
Ok, and maybe, just maybe, I’d like to get a little sleep, even if it is with a coughing little girl laying on my chest.
love love love her.
They’re treating her for pneumonia, which is so funny (not) because the doctor who saw her this morning actually shrugged his shoulders (literally, shrugged them!) and said he had NO IDEA what was wrong with her, prescribed her some cough medicine and walked out of the room.
That’s what happens when you have an HMO and your doctor is “out for the day.”

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  1. steph

    Oh Sweetie,
    I’m praying for you! Hang in there. She’ll be good, I just know it. Being a mom is the world’s hardest job, isn’t it?
    Much love!

  2. Annika

    Oh, Yvonne. I’ll be thinking of you. Please tell me if I can do ANYTHING to help. (Seriously — watch the boys? Cook dinner? Braid your hair? Whatever you need!)

  3. DebbieS

    Oh goodness…you must be frantic! If there’s anything I can do (maybe order you a pizza or something? I know at least the boys will be hungry), please don’t hesitate to ask. I’ll be thinking of you and Gabby. Hang in there.

  4. mieke

    I know how scary this is. Ol PigHunter did the right thing. Always err on the side of caution. That’s what insurance is for. Keep us updated.
    Also, when you say, urgent care do you mean the E.R.?

  5. Mieke

    Also, those pictures are heartbreakers. The ones in the tub. Ugh. Sleep will come soon I promise. Hang in there for another day or two. Use the nebulizer any time you have the smallest hint in your head you should. It always helps. With croup it helps also to have saline on hand to put that in the nebulizer. Ask your hub while he’s there to ask them if they think that would help and if they’ll give him some.

  6. Amy

    As someone who has been through the whole asthma thing with both my kids, I know how tied in knots it can make you, especially when it is your youngest. It’s my experience that I would rather take her to the ER and risk them telling me I’m wasting their time, than wait too long and have it result in a hospitalization.
    I’ll be watching for updates.

  7. Laura

    Poor sweet girl. Does she have asthma? I noticed you mentioned the albuterol in a Flickr post, I believe. I hope you’re able to get some rest soon.

  8. Sasha

    Argh! How frustrating. When you described how she was coughing, I was thinking she had bronchitis. That’s what it seemed like. I used to have chronic bronchitis and that cough could bring me to my knees gasping for breath and because of that I would be so physically drained.
    I’m glad they got that figured out for you. I would call and complain about the other doctor. People,especially the very young and the elderly, die from pneumonia and it’s not something to play with. What a loser doctor.
    I’m sorry you had to go through this.

  9. Michelle

    (((Gabby))) I hope she gets better soon. It’s so hard when our little ones are sick, esp when they’re that young and really can’t tell you much about what hurts and stuff.

  10. Lena

    Oh my God Y. How scary. I hope your little pumpkin is all better tomorrow.
    I furiously scrolled to the bottom of this post for an update and thankfully there was one because, um, I was about to call and wake up your whole damn house. *feeling sheepish*

  11. Brandi

    My heart goes out to you and Tony. I have had many nights like the ones you have been going through lately. I think all parents know that feeling of helplessness and it’s awful. I’m glad they finally figured out what’s wrong with that little angel of yours. I pray that she (and the boys) are all better very soon and that you get a well deserved good night’s rest.

  12. Dee Dee

    My 3 1/2 year old son had pneumonia right before Thanksgiving. They gave him Zithromax and 2 inhalers to used and he was back to normal in a day or two. I hope her recovery is as speedy.

  13. Opal

    Oh, poor kiddo ๐Ÿ™
    I hope that she’s well soon (and that you get some sleep, Y)
    As for your “doctor” – I’m beyond words.

  14. saintseester

    I am so sorry to hear this. You must be so upset. Hopefully, the treatment for pneumonia will kick in very swiftly and she’ll be back to herself in no time. Prayers your way.

  15. BlueBirds

    Oh, Y! I’m SO sorry to hear this. I started choking up when you mentioned the fire fighters.
    It’s that time of year when EVERYONE gets sick. Babies contract RSV and we’re a population of walking plague’s.
    I hope all is well, and that she recovers quickly. Having had the exact same thing for the exact same reasons, I’d ask that you keep a wicked close eye on her lungs (which I’m sure you do already, because you’re an attentive mom), and try to stave off a development of asthma.
    And what is it about some doctors? They act like it’s about the time and money, and not about the patients. I hate that.

  16. ben

    I’m so sorry! I hope she’s better and soon (and you get some sleep)
    But I have to say, even when she is feeling like shit, the photos are awesome.
    We’ve been through pneumonia (and through the HMO crap) a couple of times, and it is some of the scariest crap I’ve been through with my kids. Hang in there.

  17. Kellie

    I’m so sorry you’ve all had to go through with this. I know the feeling of calling 911 as my daughter coughed and choked and stopped breathing when she was 5 months old and it’s a TERRIBLE feeling. I’m angry that the doctor you saw brushed it aside so easily. I bet he wouldn’t if it had been HIS child!! Hope she gets better soon and you’re able to get some sleep!!

  18. Amity

    I hope that she gets well soon. She’s so adorable in those pictures–looking less like a baby and more like a little girl every day!

  19. kim

    sending tons of get-well-vibes your way. i hope she feels better real soon. sick kids are the worst. big smooch and hug to G’s!

  20. Suz

    That had to have been so scary for you. I hope the meds work quickly and she is better soon. That other doctor is an a-hole, hope you never have to see him again.

  21. Susan

    Oh, bless her heart! Poor li’l punkin! I hope she feels better very soon.
    Both my kids (6 & 10 at the time) had pneumonia last year, and it’s so scary. My son gets asthma only when he has a respiratory thing going on, and we too had to call 911 at 4 o’clock in the morning when he couldn’t get his breath. It was terrifying! Even worse when they’re as little as your sweetie pie is. ๐Ÿ™
    Hope she feels better very, very soon. Those pictures of her are precious.

  22. Ephelba

    I hope you’ve gotten to see a more talkative Doctor since you saw Dr. “I Don’t Know”. It is terribly hard to diagnose a cough. He should have explained this to you, as well as things to look for. Viruses and bacteria can both give you a nasty cough, and sometimes they will actually cause changes in the lining of your throat that will leave you with a tickly cough for weeks. And of course, anything that makes your head fill up with snot can set you up for a secondary infection- you can start out with a plain cold and end up with pneumonia because the snot was such a nice place for the pneumonia germs to grow.
    Sometimes Doctors and Nurses aren’t as impressed as we are by our symptoms. The sickest you’ve even seen your child is problably not close to the sickest they’ve ever seen a child. You don’t want your kiddo to have to cough so hard- they’re happy she gets enough oxygen.
    It’s scary when we have to depend on someone to take care of our own kids. You’re supposed to trust this person you’ve (maybe) never met before with the health of your precious baby. It’s routine for them, but it wreaks havoc on your whole world.
    Remember this won’t last forever. She will get better. You will get sleep someday soon.
    Hang in there!

  23. mish

    OMG, Y. That’s just so scary. Now that you’ve got the correct diagnosis and medication, I hope she gets well soon. *hugs*

  24. Cheryl

    Oh, Y. Prayers for you and your family and curses for that stupid doctor. I’m sure she’ll be fine, but this is so scary. Keep us updated. Get well, Gabby!

  25. The Real Kyla

    Awww…we had a scare like that with KayTar last January. She was breathing so rapidly I counted 70 breaths per minute…more than a breath a second. It was so scary! By the time we got to the Children’s Hospital, it had slowed again and we spent several hours in the ER being monitored before being sent home with the RSV diagnosis. It never got that bad again, but it was so scary at the time. Poor Gabby, and Y, and PigHunter. Hang in there guys.

  26. sarcastic journalist

    WTF is wrong with that doctor? Did he not do a chest X-Ray?
    As someone that had pneumonia once, I really feel for her. The antibiotics will help and she’ll be breathing better soon.
    I am ready to kick doctor butt.

  27. kimblahg

    oooh we just went through this with one of the triplets over thanksgiving. he had an RSV like virus that caused bronchiolitis/pneumonia (fyi the pediatric lung doc says kids don’t get bronchitis- it is bronchiolitis. file that away for your hmo doc in the future). it was very scary and he had to be taken by ambulance from the pediatrician to the hospital. good luck with gabby. we did albuterol every 4 hrs thru a nebulizer, oral steroids & antibiotics. it cleared up in 5 days.

  28. PK

    oh honey! I am glad they finally figured it out and send you lots of good wishes. That little darlin’! I hope you get some sleep and that she feels better soon…

  29. Mir

    ACK! Poor little thing, and poor worried Mama. I’m sure she’ll bounce right back, sweetie, but I’m so sorry you all had to go through this. Wishing you some restful and stress-free nights ahead.

  30. Dawn

    Thank God you guys are such freaking awesome parents. I had pneumonia last year and it was awful. I got better pretty quickly though. I can easily see how it gets mistaken for just a cough. The telltale signs are the fever that won’t come down and the lethargy though. Pobresita. Hope you get some rest soon.

  31. Lisa

    Stupid, idiot doctors. I would SO want to go back to him and wave the diagnosis papers and/or xrays in his face and scream at him, “LOOK WHAT THE REAL DOCTORS FOUND, YOU OVER-EDUCATED MORON!!!”
    *whew* SO sorry you’re going through this! I’m hoping you get some sleep and sending “getting better” thoughts for your girl.

  32. richelle

    Poor wee thing. The same thing just happened to one of my coworkers – she was coughing for so long and the doctor was like “i donno”.
    She went to another doctor and found out she has pneumonia, and is now off sick for two weeks.
    Hope the little one feels better soon.

  33. girl

    I fucking hate incompetent doctors. I’m sorry you were treated that way, Y, and hopefully the meds she’s on will get her started on the path to a quick recovery. I just don’t understand how some doctors can be so fucking cold and sterile, especially when it comes to a little CHILD for shit’s sake. ugh.

  34. Christin

    I usually don’t comment, but this touched me because I have a little one too who’s about Gabby’s age. And I know that bad feeling inside when you know something is wrong with them. I do hope that Gabby feels better. HUGS & Prayers~

  35. Kait

    Aww.. Y, I hope that you’re pretty little girl (she’s starting to look so grown up!) feels better soon, and that you’re able to get some sleep. Hopefully the meds help, and that she’s able to get some sleep to recover as well.

  36. Broad

    If you need to get out the whupass, I’m sure we can get a bail fund started in no time.
    Hope y’all feel better for the holidays.

  37. AngieV

    Oh the poor, sweet baby girl! I hope she feels better soon, Y. I’ll be thinking about y’all.
    Just tell us Dr. “I don’t know’s” name and where we can find him. Your loyal readers will take care of the rest. No one even has to know…

  38. melanie

    I am sending well wishes and prayers to you..
    I feel your pain ..there is 8 of us.. all with the flu and only one toilet. ughh

  39. Me

    Thought of something- we had a dr that told us once if we wanted our girls’ allergies and asthma to get better/go away, we needed to move. City smog= bad respiratory problems.
    Comforting huh. Forget medicines, just move. Sure, doc, no prob. I’ll get right on that. Right after I go dig up the million dollars I’ve got stored in the tornado shelter.

  40. teachbroeck

    SO sad!!! (and when did her hair get so long?) She looks 7! I have only been through pneumonia once with mine…she slept alot I felt helpless, but even though it was 5 years ago I remember the snuggles and mommy time.

  41. Kay

    Oh gentle little baby hugs to little G and Mama too! I had one that started the “P” at her age and it is very scary!!!!!! He was hospitalized once. I hope she feels better soon!
    PS the pnumonia made my son throw up and lose his breath as if he had become asthmatic.

  42. Sarah

    My kids have the asthma…croup…COUGHING… thing goin on and our doctor said to keep the house between 65 – 68 degrees. It helps them breathe better. Thought I would pass along that info. I have turned down our thermostat and it makes a big diffrence with the coughing and breathing.

  43. rsm

    She’s just lucky I wasn’t the fireman because I would have been all, “Didn’t I become a fireman to put out FIRES?!”
    Poor thing. Both of you. I hate when they’re sick, but especially when they’re SO sick. It’s heartbreaking. Hope you both get some rest ๐Ÿ™‚

  44. Kristin

    Oh, Y. ๐Ÿ™ So scary. I’m glad you have a diagnosis, and will be happy to kick that first “doctor”s ass, you just say the word.

  45. Fiona

    gggrrrr there are some doctors who should not be let near a white coat and stethoscope!!!!
    my thoughts are with you hon….and with G…and i hope she gets better soon and you get some rest
    take care and hugs

  46. dana michelle

    I’m so sorry to hear that sweet little Gabby is so sick. Poor thing!!
    I am just curious if your doctor has ever spoken to you about Synagis therapy for Gabby. It’s injections (I think) that are done each year, prior to the onset of the cold and flu season, for babies and young children that are at high risk for RSV. I believe it gives them an immunity boost.
    The Home Health agency I work for has a Synagis program, so that’s why I thought of it. However, I am not a clinician (Admin. Secretary), so I don’t know all the particulars. You might want to ask your Doctor about it for next year.

  47. Mom101

    Nobody signs up for this, dont apologize for a second. I wish her a speedy recovery, after which I will wish you better health insurance. The quality of care you’re getting is the last thing you need to worry about.
    Please keep us posted. I’ll be thinking of you all.

  48. jayne d'Arcy

    Yvonne, you truly do have some beautiful children and you capture them so well with your camera. Pneumonia is yucky, but I’m sure she’ll pull through and be better soon. Get some rest when you can.

  49. Justagirlie22

    Sweet Baby get better….. Mom and Dad get some rest. Hope everyone is better soon! Even sick that child is adorable I just want to squish those cheeks ๐Ÿ™‚

  50. Mona

    My daughter was diagnosed with mild pneumonia after a doc’s visit on Friday, we took her to ER Sat night coz she wouldn’t stop coughing. My husband then threatened the doc the following week, now everytime my kids cough, they’re on inhalers, they were on nebulizers before school.
    Hope Gabby is feeling better, she’s turning into a very beautiful girl, been working and now checking on yr blog, at work I can’t access internet at all, sux!

  51. Heidi

    Man, that pisses me off to hear that. I’m a respiratory therapist in Chicago, and I deal with RSV and kids all the time (I was one of those kids when I was little)…the first thing that stupid doctor should have done is sent her for a chest x-ray. Within 30 minutes to an hour they would have known it was pneumonia and could have started her on antibiotics right away. I think I’d be complaining if I were you. Doctors don’t know everything, and it is a guessing game, but he should have AT LEAST tried to rule out pneumonia.
    I hope your little sweetpea gets better soon.

  52. Prissy

    Oh god how horrible for you and your baby. I am a nurse and didn’t know I had pneumonia and the damned doc sent me home. I was so sick I knew something was wrong but couldn’t fight for myself. I hate that this happened to you. They should know that it is especially important to be careful with babies and small children because when they go bad, it is always something respiratory. Feel better soon little baby. I am praying for you.

  53. nila

    I hate stupid ass doctors that just shrug their shoulders and send you home with a prescription. Happens to often.
    Poor Gaby, poor you and pighunter. There’s nothing worse than a sick kid. Hope all is well soon.

  54. Flipp-ay

    Haven’t been around much. I hope Gabby is doing much much better since you last posted. Oh, and Kaiser sucks. It seems like if you don’t demand proper treatment, you rarely get it, except in case of emergency surgery or something. So, you know how you are at the boys’ basketball games? Be that way at the doctor’s office. ๐Ÿ™‚

  55. Julianna

    Hey! it wouldn’t let me comment so I am trying again today.
    I swear, even though I said I had pneumonia, Gabby did NOT catch it from me!
    I hope you are both feeling better.

  56. Shari

    Y, I am praying for your daughter. I am so sorry this is happening. Hope you can update soon and let us know if things are okay. You are in our prayers!!

  57. angie

    I hope things are getting better in Y’s house!! I’ve had you guys in my thoughts for days and days. Can’t wait to hear an update.

  58. Elizabeth

    Aww, your poor little pumpkin, I hope she’s feeling better now. Kaitlyn had RSV last February so I am just praying that it doesn’t become a recurring problem with her.
    Also, when Nathan was seven months old he went by ambulance to the hospital with bronchiolitis, and the EMT gave him a teddy bear. I still have it, and I plan to keep it forever.

  59. girlplease

    mention medical liability. his high priced malpractice insurance will ring his ears so hard that his ass will do a better job next time.
    report him to the state medical board and ask for the chief medical officer for that clinic. also report him to the insurance company.
    put it this way. my mom went to the doc for 2 years because she was feeling a lump in her breast and bleeding from it. the doctor pushed her and said “stop worrying, it’s scar tissue.”
    nope. it was stage IV breast cancer. and she has spinal and bone cancer. there’s no looking back now.
    doctors who are totally inept need to be reported so they don’t misdiagnose anyone else.
    hope gabby feels better

  60. Lee

    Poor Gabby.
    I had the exact same thing happen to me (I was the Gabby, tho). My mom took me to the doctor’s one day, and he said I just needed rest. The next day, she said “Enough of this shit” and took me to the ER. I had pneumonia in both my lungs and had to be put in an oxygen tent.
    While I was there, I was given a stuffed lamb that could be wound up and would play Mary Had a Little Lamb. I still have the lamb. Maybe Gabby will keep the dog, too!
    I hope she’s up and about and acting the princess by now, and that you’re finally catching up on sleep. Hugs to the whole family.

  61. Heather

    Just sending a quick note in the hopes that everyone at the House of Y is feeling better! Hope you’ve all managed some extra sleep and tons of hugs and kisses, and your sweet little babies are all smiles and sunshine again.
    Happy Holidays if we don’t hear from you before then!

  62. Jen

    That Fucker doctor!
    Jesus Christ!
    I am so glad Baby Girl got some meds. I hope she feels better and you all get some sleep soon.

  63. Melissa

    I had a similar situation with my little boy… He had a case of swimmers ear and the Doctor insisted that it was not swimmers ear and that it was a chemical burn. We knew that was impossible so we got a second opinion and sure enough… Classic swimmers ear. Doctors are just people too. It is our responsibility to know more these days… WebMD is a great source for information…

  64. Lisa

    I’m so sorry….I really hope she is doing better. How scary for all of you.
    That dr needs a huge foot up his ass. I really hate it when doctors shrug people off – it seems to be so common. After the amount of $$ we have to fork over to them, either out of pocket or insurance…you’d think they’d be bending over backwards for us.

  65. callistawolf

    Many hugs and sympathies and cups of warm tea from someone who is also dealing with a scarily ill child (damn that RSV anyhow). I truly hope she’s feeling better soon.

  66. Daisy

    Best wishes for all of you — especially your sweet little one. We went through many nights like that with my young asthmatic. Everything affected him worse and took longer to heal because of his asthmatic lungs. Many hugs and good thoughts your way!

  67. Izzy

    You should file a formal complaint with your HMO about that fucking quack. Our pediatrician is just the opposite. Whenever there is a high fever and coughing, she wants a chest x-ray in case it’s pneumonia. I always scoff because it seems so excessive but after reading this, I won’t do that anymore. I hope Gabby feels better ASAP and I hope you get some rest or you’ll be sick next. {{Hugs to you, mama}}

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