Because the last time that he busted out the clorox and got on his hands and knees without having been asked happened sometime in 1998

Let’s hear it for the boy. Let’s give the boy a hand.

29 thoughts on “Because the last time that he busted out the clorox and got on his hands and knees without having been asked happened sometime in 1998

  1. DebbieS

    Y, I wanna see the scene at the other side of the camera, the one where you’re sippin’ on lemonade and ogling Pighunter’s, umm, assets.

  2. Y

    I was pretty turned on by the site of that ass all up in da air.
    When he cleans (which is like 3 times a year) I got all hornay inside.

  3. Jen

    um, what is that thing on your toilet Y? It looks kinda like one of those stick on mustaches… but that makes no sense.

  4. KK

    Dude.. whatever the man wants? GIVE. IT. TO. HIM!!! He cleans? Hes a good Daddy?… damn Y… you got the life!

  5. Meg

    Um, have you figure out yet what the boy did wrong? If a decade will go by without him breaking out the clorox, look for something you’re particularly fond of to be broken…

  6. Brandi

    I’m with you, Y. There’s nothing sexier than a man cleaning the toilet.
    Well, maybe a man cleaning the shower AND the toilet.

  7. Heidi

    A man is so much sexier when his ass is in the air cleaning around the toilet.
    Although, nice ass for a 40 something year old! You are a lucky girl!

  8. CharmingDriver

    First, nice ass.
    Second, YAY @ your test! I’m so proud for you! Good job.
    Third, I tried to take a picture for you this weekend but I dicked up the resolution on my camera (well phone cam) and it’s small like a postage stamp. We were in Colorado and after first seeing a buncha goats (!) eating on the side of the road (not in a field, ON THE INTERSTATE) we then saw a buncha ballsy, nutty ducks crossing the road like they were off to church on Sunday. I posted the pic but you can just barely make out the quackers; just wanted to let you know I was thinking of you (but not in a creepy, stalker-like manner)(unless you dig that then yes, exactly like that, heh).

  9. DebbieS

    Y, I noticed you changed the sidebar, nice! I’m all about respecting the Costco frozen yogurt 😉 Anyway, forgot to say congrats on your typing test…but, really, why don’t you just pick up a few extra bucks selling us ladies pictures of Pighunter polishing the porcelain instead?
    I was going for alliteration, but that sounds nasty! Oh well, I’m hopped up on cold meds, I have an excuse 😉

  10. demondoll

    Wow, you are already in shorts season? I fear it will be like last year for us, no shorts until mid-July 🙁
    Hooray for Pighunter! I love a man who will clean 🙂

  11. D

    Nice… very nice… I mean, the typing test thing… of course. Blush. Ahem… Ok then, I’ll be going now…

  12. ben

    All you ladies getting a little crazy at the sight of Clorox is almost enough to make me run home and clean the bathroom.

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