On notice… FEET SHOTS.

I love Flickr. I mean, I love Flickr. I usually spend my early morning alone time– which lately has been at 5am because suddenly, my boys is all “5 in the morning is a great time to start your day!– browsing through my contacts photos and also the photos from the 365 Days group.
This morning, I realized something very profound while browsing through the photos.
Eye close up photos make me feel uncomfortable. I’m not talking about a close up of both eyes, I’m talking about a close up of ONE eye in which you can see all of the tiny red veins and moisture and that little red bump thingy in the corner of your eye. I do not like to see those things up close and personal like that. It doesn’t matter how beautiful the eye is, either. It just creeps me out.
Perhaps my issue with The Eyeball can be traced back to the time that I had to cut open a COWS EYE in 6th grade science class. I will never forget the feeling of that thing staring at me just as I was about to slice it open.
Also, men who take close up pictures of their nipples? Please stop. I get all vomitty inside when I see that little erect Man Nipple surrounded by pube like hairs. To be honest, I feel slightly violated by close up Man Nipple photos.
But then, I have issues with nipples in general. Just saying the word makes me feel all dirty inside.

49 thoughts on “On notice… FEET SHOTS.

  1. Y

    I know.
    This post is so dumb, but I felt compelled to write it. COMPELLED!
    I think people would be surprised at the things that gross me out to the point of dry heaving.
    I think I may have issues with “closeness” in general.

  2. heatherg

    I have a foot fetish. Dont have dirty feet around me!!
    (I actually just finished a post about feet that was gonna hit the blawg Thursday night. lol)
    I never thought of a close up pic of the eye.
    Sounds ew-ey.

  3. Y

    Don’t feel guilty, it’s MY issue, man. I mean, seriously, I bet you can not find another human being who is grossed out by eye shots.

  4. CharmingDriver

    Eye and feet pictures both are teh gross; I prefer to pretend feet do not even exist and will NEVAH understand the whole foot fetish thing.
    Conversely, others may not understand my devotion to my new bra which includes such insanity as taking pictures of it and giving it an entire bed. But that’s because they don’t understand the love, honest and pure, of a woman and her knocker holder.
    I don’t have Flickr but you can see the pic here
    here and yes, my husband is exactly as thrilled about this as you would imagine, heh.

  5. MamaMiga

    I can see how one might find eyeballs creepy – especially if you look at the picture long enough. Wooden spoons and popsicle (sp?) sticks creep me out. Like, make my teeth hurt and my skin crawl.

  6. Kait

    I’m sorry. I’ll stop posting pictures of hairy main nipples.
    You never really mentioned anything about feet, though!

  7. Y

    No! I do not HATE.
    I just can’t deal with eyeball shots. Again, MY issue.
    Hmm, I wonder if I’m guilty of taking eyeball shots?

  8. Michele

    I’m so guilty of taking feet shots … and you know, those damn things are some of my most viewed pictures on the 365days thing. Kinda makes you wonder.
    I would be guilty of the eye thing too – but whenever I preview pictures of my eyes I’m all creeped out. I have an eye thing too …. one time, my brother got a twig stuck in his eye and I had to help get it out. Ew!!!! Heaven forbid one of my kids gets something stuck in their eye … they’re so screwed! I can’t even imagine putting contacts in ….
    And … nothing says HOT like hairy nipple. 😉

  9. demondoll

    In reaction to the thought of man nipple photos, my right eye has closed and now won’t open. And no, I won’t be taking a pic of it close up! 😉

  10. Karly

    Speaking of close up eyes…you know when people have eye boogers or eye snot? As much as it grosses me out, I have this overwhelming urge to GET IT OUT of their eyes. It is all I can do to not start digging in their eyeballs. Luckily my daughter loves for me to get all her eye boogies out, so I get my fix that way.
    I can’t believe I just admitted that. How freakin’ gross.

  11. Laura Lohr

    I just found your blog through Beanie’s Mama’s blog. I perused through several of your entries and I just love your blog. I also saw your before and after weight loss pictures. I am totally inspired by your success.
    Just wanted to say, “hi.”

  12. Mamalee

    Remind me never to invite you on a trip to the eye doctor with me, when I need to get steroid shots into my eyes for a disease called “iritis.” You would pass OUT.

  13. Velma

    Aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh! SHOTS in the EYEBAAAALLLL! I am officially scarred for life at the mere thought of that.
    No grapes or olives for me today!

  14. Anne Glamore

    Try calling them “breasties” instead of nipples, like all the guys at my house do. Thus, you have a boob, and in the center is a breastie.
    Don’t ask me why. We use all the other proper words.

  15. andrudeness

    I wonder if we could start an ANTI-HAIRY-MAN-NIPPLE campaign… present it to Flickr? Sign petitions… riot?
    As much as you hate the word nipple… The words “moist” and “rag” do it in for me.

  16. culotte

    As one of your Flickr contacts, I would just like to state for the record that my photo stream does not include close-up eye pictures or pictures of man-nipple.
    Not that there’s anything wrong with either of those things.
    Just sayin’.

  17. Mom2One

    Ohhhh, man!! You mean I can’t share my tattooed foot picture with you now??? I can’t?
    Seriously, I do have a tattoo on my right foot. AND I was told that I have pretty feet. By a woman. Who I used to go to library school with. Who is married.
    OK, THAT? really creeped me out. But I do love up my feet in the summertime.
    Alas, I guess I won’t be emailing you any feet pictures. Unless I’m going to be needing to torture you for any reason.
    You have a lot of cash on hand?

  18. Lisa

    I was at Target today and saw a “Make an Eyeball” science kit, which made me think of you. (It was a plastic eyeball, just in case you were wondering what kind of weirdo Target we have in my town.) I didn’t see any “Make a Hairy Nipple Kits”…weird. I wonder why not…

  19. nila

    Yeah, I’m with you on the hairy nipple thing. That’s just wrong. The worse 365 I saw was of a naked man peeing. The shot was a back view, and THAT was so so wrong. I’d say hairy man ass is worse than hairy man nip.

  20. metalia

    I *despise* close-up eye shots. Every episode of Lost used to start like that, and it bothered me to no end. Well, that, and the meandering plot that has no discernible end in sight, conveniently located hatches all over the damn island, and a magical smoke creature. But mostly the eyes. 🙂
    Also, the word “nipple” makes me titter like an extremely immature schoolgirl. Though I have to say, I’m okay with that.

  21. Snickrsnack Katie

    I don’t like man nipples in person, nevermind on a photograph. They are so hairy and bumpy – meh – they are just gross. I am okay with my man’s nipples, but I have requested several times that he shave those things. I mean, hairy nipples?!? It isn’t appropriate for a woman, so DUDES! Shave those thangs!
    Anyway, yeah, eyeballs are creep-ay. I think I might have one of those shots on my flickr somewhere, so I apologize if you have been assaulted with a view of my eyeball.

  22. Katie

    I’ve never thought about it before but you’re right. Eww, close-up hairy man nipples.
    If you find any pictures of rock hard guy abs, you’ll share right?

  23. Becki

    You know what? The hairy man nipple thing is totally gross and I agree wholeheartedly. One of ex boyfriends had a slightly hairy nipple which I think is somehow worse than a totally hairy nipple. It looked like a raw chicken that still had some feathers stuck in it, ya know? GRODY. And he used to like me to kiss em, hold on while i swallow the bile that just rose up in my throat.

  24. missbanshee

    Ya know how everyone has those particular words that give them the full-body shudder? The words that they can barely READ, much less SAY, OH MY GOD, I CANNOT SAY THAT WORD? That n…ni…nip…THAT ONE. I can’t endure that word. Shudder. Gag. Hate.

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