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  1. Brandi

    This is just so sad. She wasn’t a genius or a Nobel Prize winner but she was someone’s mother and that’s just heartbreaking. She really did have the year from hell.

  2. mrsgryphon

    I have always found the circus around Anna Nicole so very sad in itself; not that I spent a lot of time contemplating her life, but it would have been nice to see a happy ending at some point.
    I hope that someone will step up to raise her tiny daughter in a way that will lead her to a life that avoids some of the tragedies of her mother’s life.

  3. Melina

    I was never a fan, but I was always intrigued by what was going on with her.
    I feel so sorry for her little girl, 6 months old and all this tormoil, now I’m sure the fight of who her daddy really is will be coming even more so then already and it will all come down to money.

  4. Y

    Of course, the first thing I thought was TrimSpa, baby.
    But who knows, it’ll be interesting to find out what caused it.
    I feel for her little girl. But then, I always have.

  5. Kathy

    She had such a sad life, really. It’s as if she felt no one ever really loved her except Daniel. Maybe she died of a broken heart, and just wanted to be with him again. It is sad for her daughter, hopefully her father (whom ever it is) will raise her so she can be proud of her heritage.

  6. Charity

    DUDE. I was @ the nails shop getting my nails/pedi done and I’m sitting there open mouthed STARING @ the tv. OH. MY. GOD. I feel like we just lost the crazy party friend we all loved and hated at the same time! How sad. And so soon after her son’s death. Omg… the poor baby girl though… that’s going to be the WORST court battle we’ve seen since OJ.

  7. Dawn

    It is such a strange shock. Of course we should have thought it was coming, she is the ultimate lost girl, and who really rationally saw her growing into a graceful old age? But still, I gasped to hear the news. Such a final, tragic ending to a life that I thought would just be one little tragedy after another.

  8. Elizabeth

    Ditto about her baby! She’s still really little.
    I agree, it’s still a shock, despite what a “wild” life she has led. I just don’t understand CNN breaking into Martha this afternoon to tell me!

  9. Nina

    Yeah i thought too that i couldn’t really picture her old. Guess dying at 39 makes her still pretty young. I hope it wasn’t drug related….although i have my doubts that it wasn’t.

  10. Jessica

    i never thought a lot of her, but i dont think she was a bad person. she was dippy and lacked any form of intelligence or common sense… but no mother deserves to lose her child the way she did. and no child deserves to lose it’s mother the way her little girl just did. even though i wasnt a fan of anna nicole, i was heartbroken to hear the news today.

  11. metalia

    It’s really quite sad; she had a rough life.
    (Though…am I a douche for thinking that although this is sad and tragic, maybe, just maybe, her little girl has a shot at a normal life now? What’s that? I am? Okay, then.)

  12. nila

    It always freaks me out when someone so close to my age dies. It’s really sad. Her daughter has quite a legacy to overcome. First her brother, now her mom.

  13. baseballmom

    Maaannn, I KNOW! That poor little girl, and poor Anna Nicole. She was such a sad case…always striving to be the glamour girl. Courtney Love is sorta the same way, but at least she didn’t die so young. I feel for her baby later on…let’s hope her dad has the sense to keep her away from all of the paparrazzi (sp?) and craziness for the rest of her life.

  14. kim

    it’s really sad – especially for the girl. all she will ever know and remember of her mom is the tabloids and that sucks. i hate when people die…

  15. MamaMiga

    I commented to my husband last night that I thought she died from a broken heart. So much stress with losing her son, her crazy family and the many lawsuits….She wasn’t someone I admired (I was totally guilty of watching her show and making fun of her) but my heart ached for her when her son died.

  16. Susan

    I agree; very, very sad. I was surprised how much it upset me.
    Someone put it well — she was like the wild party friend that you couldn’t help but love. And I always respected the fact that she was head-over-heels in love with her son, Daniel. That was evident, even when he was a teenager. It reminded me so much of how I feel about my own kids. I mean, everyone LOVES their kids, but some people admire & respect their kids more than others. That’s always how she struck me — like she was just in awe of him.
    It’s a heartbreaking end to a very difficult and I suspect lonely life. I often wondered how she’d go on after Daniel’s death. I guess she wasn’t meant to.
    And 39, ugh. I just turned that age a few weeks ago. Hits too close to home.

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