The Beginning of The End.

One room down, 6 more rooms to go
Cleaning out my children’s bedrooms has been the hardest thing about this entire moving process.
I’ve cried a lot over the past 2 days because of all of the memories that this place holds for our family. At the same time, I’m looking forward to finding a new place for my family, one that I’m not ashamed of living in.
There is so much I want to write out, so many things I want to remember about this process, about this difficult time in our lives, but finding time to sit down and do it is almost impossible right now because we have to be out of here by Saturday.
Hopefully, I’ll be able to carve out a few minutes tonight to write it all out, because I never want to forget this.
Until then, you’ll get pictures. AND YOU WILL LIKE IT.

24 thoughts on “The Beginning of The End.

  1. teachbroeck

    Moving- even when you WANT to and PLANNED on- it is a nightmare. I can’t imagine your stress level. It looks like you are kicking the packing ass. GOOD LUCK!!!!

  2. claudia

    Onto bigger and better.. all will turn out great, no doubt. It’s time for the next big adventure, you’re kids are awesome.. I’ve always told mine that what matters most in life is that we be healthy and together. Good luck, always.

  3. dana michelle

    Oh, Y! You have my sympathies as you go through this grueling process.
    When I got married last fall and had to vacate my adorable flat of 18 years, it took me forever to pack(and I’m just one person!), and it was an emotionally exhausting process because I was leaving a place I absolutely loved, even though I knew I was going to become a real bonafide homeowner in the process.
    I know you don’t “love” this house in the same way, but you love all of the memories that you and your wonderful family made there. The one thing I did before I started packing was take a long movie of everything I loved about my place so I will always have it to watch when I’m “homesick”.
    I know you’re already ripping things up, but make sure you take movies/pictures of all those special memory spots. And of course, you can do some of your hysterical narration about the events on the movies ;^P Especially the hated kitchen cabinets.
    Hugs!! I will say a prayer that you and your family make it through all of this on-time and OK.

  4. JustMe

    Hang in there, it will get better. Good things happen to good people, and you’re a good people. 🙂

  5. Procrastamom

    You are being way too good to that jackass of a landlord to be leaving the place so clean.
    (I would be lifting the corners of the rugs and peeing under them)
    Did I just use my out-loud voice?

  6. margalit

    I hope you not only get your entire deposit back, but interest for the years you lived there. That’s a law in MA, but I don’t think it is in CA. But you deserve it anyways.
    Now, where are you GOING? Are you staying with relatives and putting your stuff in storage?
    IIWY I would have stayed put until I found a place to rent. Not much the landlord could have done except start eviction proceedings. I hope you let him know LOUD and CLEAR that he made your family homeless, the dipshit.

  7. Mir

    Thinking of you, sweetie. SOME DAY you’ll look back on this as a fortuitous event; the thing that finally got you where you wanted/needed to be. But that doesn’t make it suck any less, right now. Praying for a quick end to the suckage.

  8. Helen

    I have been bloody crying all day today, they sold my home and didn’t even tell us, just came a slapped a great big SOLD on it…..this whole moving because they told us too sucks doesn’t it? I hope that you find a palace and get to look back on all this and think about how bad it would be if you never had to leave. Me too….it’ll be great. Sad though, bloody landlords.

  9. erin

    I feel for you. We moved this past summer and, oh, with the tears and the packing and the tape…I thought it was awful. I fell into the guilt trap whenever my daughter got upset, but you know what? The little twerp adjusted faster than I could ever have imagined! Your kids will be just fine, the sadness if fleeting. Think of all the wonderful memories you have to look forward to! 🙂 Plus, no more asshat landlord! Woot!

  10. Empie

    Hey Y I know how you feel about the moving thing, until last year we had a dicklord too, we lived in our house for 5 years, made it our home and had our children comfortable, we had great neighbors and the rent was cheap, then dicklord decided to sell the place! So we had to move 5 years of memories into a place we didn’t really like and smaller, and after 6 months left, the house we are in now sucks too, to small and old, old paint, cabinets and floors, believe me I feel your pain, but beyond all the stress and heartache, their is always something more, we have 7 children and a 4 bedroom is the most we could ever afford, today we signed a new lease for an 8 bedroom house! And we can afford it! It will get better, I am a firm believer that things happen for a reason, and I hope the big guy above has big plans for you, you have been through alot! It’s especially hard when your hubby works like mine and you feel like your carrying the load for everyone and trying to make the transition smooth, when in actuality no one really knows how hard it is for you to stay strong. It takes it’s toll, and it seems like it hurts more when you have to fight back the tears. You will find a place, a better place, bigger with new cabinets and better neighbors (I hope) he has a plan, you know what they say when it gets like this, just leave it in his hands, he will provide the answers, sorry to get all christian bible quotin’ on your ass,LOL!
    My advice sweetie, when Gabby takes her nap go in the bathroom and just cry it all out of you, it sounds crazy, but in the end I am sure you will feel a load has been lifted!
    Take Care, Good Luck and I am praying for your sanity!

  11. Kimberly

    I’ve had to move under duress too. The new places were smaller and…um…character building, but eventually things got better and I know I’m better for it. I’m praying for you and your family that things just go up for you all from here! You’re a wonderful family and you really deserve all the best things out of life. 🙂

  12. Maria

    Hang in there, Y!
    I hope this difficult time turns into the best thing that happened to you.

  13. BOSSY

    The photo: Bossy can see cute little vacuum marks in the rug. You are sucking yourselves out of that house and your memories with it. You are leaving behind empty rooms and carpet fibers which aren’t very romantic. However, your vacuum, with all the memories contained within, goes with you. Bossy thinks you’ll be fine and end up in a far better place.

  14. Safa

    I think you are dealing with this as well as most would. It’s going to be so exciting creating these new memories…what’s even cooler is that baby girl will actually remember a lot from her childhood in the new home you and the family find!

  15. Denise

    Y, I know how you feel (I just relocated from CA to TX)…and I’m sorry.
    I’m wondering if at your parents’ you’ll be able to keep up with the blogging without your parents discovery your blog?

  16. Mrs Butter B

    Um, my hubby wants to know if that’s a mosaic tile floor and if so, how in the world did your kids not end up with concussions and/or broken bones?
    And also, is that Lakers colored stripes on the wall, if so, boooo.
    (Can you tell we aren’t the Lakers fans?)
    But here’s hoping you find an awesome place at the perfect time and that this time at your parents will be an incredible blessing that will bring you all closer together! (B/c I can’t imagine that and hope I never ever have to do that. I think I might sleep in our van first. Actually, one time in between when we moved but couldn’t take possession of our new house, rather than stay with my parents, they actually put us up in an extended stay hotel. I think i might would have been insulted, but actually I thought it was great)

  17. FlippyO

    The landlord should’ve been paying you the interest once a year. It is a law in CA. My parents were once landlords (and they NEVER screwed any of their tenants – they were the nicest landlords in the history of landlordom) and paid it, plus when I lived in my SF apartment, our landlord paid it. I haven’t lived in CA for eight years, but when I left, it was still the law. So, if you haven’t been getting your money, then get it. If you have, then never mind.
    Hang in there. I know all the packing and cleaning and memory reliving sucks, but your stuff will be clean, and your memories will go with you. And your ugly kitchen, it’s staying behind and you never ever have to see it again. Hold on to that thought.
    Good luck! And check in whenever you can. We’ll all be here waiting, no matter when it is. Take care of what needs taking care of, your internet pals can wait.

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