Walking is Important

Remember last year when I wrote about the interview that I did for Alpha Mom?
Well, I thought (hoped? prayed?) that they had forgot all about that video and that I’d never see it online because oh, I DID THE MONKEY. But, guess what?
They didn’t forget.
The video is up.
I don’t have much to say about it except that what I said about The Liquor? Was a joke. I probably should have said something like “ha! ha! KIDDING!” But, I didn’t
OOPS. [Doug Heffernan Voice]AWKWARD[/Doug Heffernan Voice]
Also? I “walk”. That is what I do for “me” time.
I walk.
Because I am a Winner.

33 thoughts on “Walking is Important

  1. Arianne

    So cute, you doing the monkey just made my day. The editing after your drinkin joke was most unfortunate. Did she at least laugh when you said it?

  2. Kyla

    Oh Y…I think I love you more after seeing you do the Monkey.
    And they kind of left that alcohol joke hanging. *lol*

  3. Kat

    That was a great interview!
    I laughed at the drinking stuff. So many times when the boys were little, I would get so frustrated and scream out I needed a drink.
    I think that’s totally normal to say something like that…LOL
    The dance moves, too funny hahaha

  4. xtx

    I loved the entire thing!
    Y…somehow, because of the hilarity and goofy stylings of your writings, I expected your demeanor to be much more, um…”Jenny McCarthy” goofy-ish…
    But as it turns out you are very feminine, poised and proper! I was pleasantly surprised!
    I can see why your husband thinks you are sexy. You have a very sexy aura about you…. It’s true! And I’m no lesbo!!
    And The Monkey was awesome!
    Great job!

  5. Y

    I was only acting like that because I was trying to be professional. HAHA.
    When I was watching it, I was like WHO IS THAT PERSON?
    Also, the alcohol thing. Ok, we were talking about it and I made that joke and then I was all “should I say that? Will people think it’s funny?”
    and they were all “yes!”
    ANd we laughed. But the editing makes it look like I was all “No, seriously, YOU NEED THESE THINGS.”
    But, whatever. ha.

  6. Isabel Kallman

    Ok, so I just fired both the the editor and the associate producer who was in charge of editing that piece. Just kidding.
    Seriously, though, I agree that the timing was off and it came off awkward. Though I am more upset about that we let Yvonne ramble about her walking.
    And, it will be fixed ASAP. I try to delegate some responsibility and see what happens? Oh well. I must have been without coffee when I approved the final version. I just asked my associate producer to relook at the final footage and she was all like, what is wrong with this?
    Sorry Y and thanks for being so gracious about it!

  7. Y

    Oh, Isabel. I love you.
    “I WALK! Um, let me think, what else? OH! I WALK!”
    ….to the liquor store to buy the THREE THINGS THAT EVERY PARENT MUST HAVE.
    ha. It’s ok. I’m the one that said it. It was bad delivery, not bad editing. haha.

  8. Angela

    I agree with the comment above in that I also expected you to be goofier, but you were very well spoken and you have a beautiful voice! I thought it was a great interview that was funny and genuine.

  9. Michele

    Y! Omaha, NE here! You are AWESOME! I work 7-4 and don’t even start doing ANYTHING productive until I read your post for the day! Thank you for the realness and laughter you provide me!

  10. Deanna

    I laughed the hardest after you said, “a bottle of cheap wine, a bottle of tequila, and a bottle of rum”
    yesssss!! The delivery was fine; I knew you were joking (right? right?) har!

  11. Snickers

    Y, you are THE best!! I seriously believe that we (the internet population) should start a campaign. You NEED to be President of the United States. Hands down you are the best person for the job. No nonsense, totally honest, beautiful (in body and spirit), you, my dear would get the job done!!! I’m writin’ your name in!!!
    Love your blog, love you, love your family. Get well quick! We all need you!

  12. kim

    first of all – you are gorgessity.
    secondly, i am SO going to be linking back frequently until i can master the monkey myself! 😉
    love you, lady!

  13. burnurcomputer

    I didn’t expect your voice to sound like that. I don’t know why…..It’s not a bad thing!!!!!! I LOVED your version of the Monkey! I tried to do that one time and looked like well, not a monkey. More like the Crack Whore that I hear about from your buest blogger.lol!

  14. Y

    IF you click on “videos” mine should be there. They’re just putting a new one up on the homepage every day.
    So, mine is still up, you just have to find it. 😉

  15. Incognito

    HIL-AR-IOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love the monkey. Holla! And is there anything wrong with cheap wine, tequila and rum? Uh, nooo!
    Good stuff, Y!

  16. p

    I mean this in the best way possible: you have a valley girl voice! I love it 🙂 And the editing on the “three things” question is hilarious.
    Y: …and a bottle of rum.
    Stone-faced interviewer: MOVING RIGHT ALONG!
    I love it. Thanks for letting us know!

  17. Joelle

    Am I smoking crack because I just sat through an interview with Catherine Conners after clicking that link. There was no Y doing the monkey for me. 🙁

  18. Joelle

    Ok. I just went looking for it and found it here.
    But I had to pause to tell you that I LOVE the Monkey. That was brilliant. I was waiting for you to do The Lion, too.

  19. kim

    i’m so glad i found it and i love it. you are so freakin’ cute. and it was fun to actually see you and hear you for a change. thanks for putting it up 🙂

  20. Melissa

    Loved it! Seeing you somehow made you much more real to me. Thanks for being there when I have a bad day. I can always open up your blog and have a laugh or a good cry.

  21. Mark80

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