Laker Girl

As a mother, sometimes you have to sacrifice things that you love for your children. Sometimes, it may be as simple as the delicious leftovers from your night out at your favorite restaurant. Sometimes, it may be as serious as giving up countless nights of sleep when you’re child is sick and you must sleep on their floor to make sure you are there if they have an asthma attack.
And sometimes, it’s giving up a date night with your husband AND a really great seat at a Laker game because you know this could be your sons last chance to see his sports hero, Kobe Bryant, play in a Laker uniform.
As a life long Laker fan and a Kobe Bryant fan (Kobe haters you can shutup now because I’m tired of hearing you talk already. Ok? Thanks!) it hurt. It really did. But, the smile that swept over his face when I told him that, with his big brother’s blessing (“I won’t be mad if Dad takes him, Mom. I know how much it would mean to him!), I was going to give him my ticket and let him take my place at the game melted away any disappointment that I felt about it.
I may never get a free ticket like that ever again, I may never get to see Kobe play as a Laker ever again. I may never get a damn night alone with my husband ever again. But I most certainly will always remember how tightly my son hugged me as I handed him the ticket and said “have fun, boy. And never forget how much your mama loves you.”
All happy because I gave him MY ticket to the Laker game.  *weeps*
(And I promise never to let him forget because, damn! I wanted to go to that game.)

70 thoughts on “Laker Girl

  1. Jenny H.

    Being a mama is tough. It was a very difficult choice to have to make. As a lifelong Laker’s fan myself, I’m not too sure I could have done it.
    I also like Kobe.

  2. AmyM

    Damn. You are a more selfless woman than I. I get twitchy when my kids ask me to give up a yogurt. “But… But… it’s the laaaast Key Lime Pie!”

  3. pam

    You’re a good Momma! If Kobe goes to the Orlando Magic (you can get up off the floor now and stop laughing) I’m just sayin..if he does, I promise I’ll get floor seats and we can go and like, catch his sweat in our mouths.
    And would it be weird if I told you how excited I was to see my name on your list ‘o names from the contest? I didn’t really care that I didn’t win, I am getting the book anyway. But thanks for a few minutes of unexpected fame!!

  4. Heather

    Always good to have further ammunition for future guilt trips 😉 Seriously though, that was good of you. I hope they have a blast!

  5. Mrs. Chicken

    My mom did this for me, my husband and my brother. The PGA was in town and my dad had corporate tickets. My mom gave up her ticket so my brother could come with us instead. It is the very last really good time I had with my dad.
    I’ll never ever forget it.
    You’re a good mom.

  6. supertiff

    try to remember how happy seeing your son that happy made you when i say this:
    DEEEEEtroit baaaasketball!!!
    sorry, but i love me some chauncey billups. he is my kobe, if you will.
    in fact, i believe i still have a teeshirt in my closet, purchased during the finals a few years back that simply says: BEAT L.A.
    i don’t think that we did though…at least not that year.
    anyway, we can still be friends, right?

  7. whoorl

    I was at the Apple Genius Bar earlier this month, waiting for my damn name to be called when I suddenly noticed that everyone was staring at me. I immediately started checking my fly, wondering what was up, until I realized Kobe was standing right next to me. Like 3 inches away. DUDE.

  8. Kristin

    When I was in college my dad gave up his seat to the World Series game at Dodger Stadium (ON THE FIELD) so I could take my boyfriend of the week.
    It was one of the greatest games and even though I don’t remember the then boyfriend’s name, I remember how cool it was of my dad to be so generous.
    You’re a good Mama.

  9. gwendomama

    mygod y, with all the love pourin outta you yesterday and today…what the hell is karma gonna send back to you i wonder?
    you are just full of the love. you are a good mama.

  10. zdoodlebub

    Ditto Shylah, coveting the girl child’s hair.
    And here’s the good news, Y.
    You just scored major points in the future daughter-in-law smackdown where your sweet boy, to whom you gave up your precious ticket and will never let him forget it, may have to choose a side.

  11. dana michelle

    You totally rock as a mom and Ethan will never forget this.
    And maybe, just maybe, he can flash that sweet smile of his at Kobe and get you an autographed picture to thank you.

  12. Magpie

    Aw, look how neat Gabby is. It’s too bad she has to live in a world where her parents worship a rapist adulterer who has a wife who isn’t liberated enough to leave him. It’s probably because Vanessa’s father left her mother, and she has some psychological scarring from that. The poor girl met Kobe at just seventeen. Yvonne-Marie had a fucked up Christian childhood with a domineering father, so she can probably relate to Vanessa (especially since they were both young brides), and doesn’t blame Kobe enough for his crimes and injustices, isn’t that right? Hopefully Gabby gets some exposure to liberation some other way, because it’s not going to come from home.

  13. Margaret

    Oooh. Zdoodlebug is right on the money! A “pay it forward” moment, if you will.
    And Magpie? Honey, lighten up. You have some nasty stuff going on in your soul. It’s not pretty.

  14. Suzi

    Tonight’s game? Oh boy! Lakers are playing my team, the Timberwolves. There is a very, very good chance the Lakers will get the win on this one 🙁
    You’re such a nice mama. I don’t think I’d give either of my kids a ticket to see Kevin Garnett play one last time.

  15. Laura

    Man, I was having this sort of warm feeling where I said how it sucked to be a mother b/c you protect and nurture the child always and then Magpie made me remember why you do – so your kid doesn’t grow up to be an ASSHOLE.

  16. Jessie

    As a long time Laker fan (drought of the 80’s, anyone?…not to mention the fact that Derick Fisher was THE MAN)… I feel your pain. You are a better woman than I for giving up that ticket. I personally would have wanted Pig Hunter to give up his ticket so I could go with my son. Like I said…better woman than I!!! 😉

  17. supertiff

    you know, i really don’t like kobe, either. as stated above, i’m a huge pistons fan, i’ve been spotted yelling “fuck you, kobe!” at my television many times.
    the thing is, i don’t know him.
    at all.
    and i’m pretty sure that a certain commenter above doesn’t either.
    so, what the hell kind of sense does it make to judge someone’s parenting based on SOMETHING AS RIDICULOUS AS THEIR SPORTS AFFILIATION?
    unless i’ve forgotten how to read, i don’t think you said anything about kobe bryant being an amazing man who is worthy of a nobel peace prize or anything. i don’t recall you telling us about how you hope one day g-unit can grow up and marry a man as wonderful as kobe. rather, he is the star player on a sports team that you AND YOUR FAMILY enjoy together.
    so, yeah.
    i can see how your kids don’t stand a chance. what with the love and the sharing at all.
    because, god knows, if you were foolish enough to get married young, you’re clearly not capable of ever making a wise decision, and your children are all doomed, forever and ever amen.
    does that about sum it up?
    i wish i had some bean dip…except that i might have thrown it at my computer screen when i read that comment, and that would just be wasteful.

  18. lani

    Now that is true love. Someday if your son is ever faced with the same dilemma, he’s gonna realize the full meaning of what just happened here.

  19. mauniejames3

    hmmm you are an awesome Mom…better then almost anyone I know…I still guilt my oldest son about my three days in labor with him…but since I totteled his car…he says were even…I love all my kids but a night out…without them…nah I probably couldn’t do it…your the balls

  20. Y

    Nah, I only have enabled it because the MT Blacklist that usually catches all of my spam comments suddenly stopped working, so I don’t want all of those comments posting and breaking my blog.

  21. Becki

    Hi Y!! I just wanted to say that I love reading your blog. My sister first showed it to me quite awhile ago and I read it almost everyday. I think your hilarious and can’t wait to see what you have written. I hope your son knows how much you love him to give up a seat to the Lakers!! Thats definately a good mommy act. Heres a shortcut to MySpace page. I do a little blogging when I have something to say. Check it out if you can and let me know what you think.

  22. Mrs Butter B

    Ethan looks ecstatic. (and just like you, FYI).
    Is Gabby hanging on to Pighunters leg? I remember that from when my girls were little- the grip of steel!
    Um, Magpie needs medication today. What’s up with that?

  23. Jess

    You just scored some major points. Keep it tucked away for when you are 80 he wants to put you in the old folks home.
    BTW, could you son look anymore like you? ( In my best Chandler Bing voice)

  24. Kay

    Aww that’s what good mama’s do. But you had me worried there, I thought you would have to give up the bean dip or something.

  25. CATE

    Good on you, Momma.
    Magpie…if I were as big a jerk as you come across in your comment, I’d wish you major anal leakage. But I’m not. So I won’t.

  26. Y

    Yeah. It was really kind of his brother to be unselfish (especially because I KNOW how much he loves the Lakers too. It made me cry, actually.)

  27. Beth

    You rock, Mama Y. 🙂 And I find these moments really come in handy during those “You don’t love me!” dramas some kids have. Not that I have any experience with this. Ahem. ;^)

  28. Suburban Turmoil

    And may he return the favor by not causing you to kick yourself for this favor when he is a teenager in a few years!!
    Too bad you can no longer hit up a certain new friend of yours for a few more free tickets! 😉

  29. Zelda

    How sweet! You have such a gorgeous family…you don’t post nearly enough pictures here for us to admire! So so cute.

  30. BillH

    Well, I’m not a life-long Lakers fan; I’ve only been a fan since I was in the 6th grade – so that makes it about 40 years. What I’ve seen from Kobe this year is great – he’s getting his teammates involved. That will be good for the Lakers down the road.
    NO, I don’t think he’ll be traded. There simply isn’t any franchise out there who wants a player who has bad-mouthed teammates and management in the press; also there’s no one who wants to take on his salary. Plus, Kobe has a no-trade clause in his contract. What that means is that he has the right to deny any trade that involves him. Any team that would pick up Kobe would have to give up a lot of talent; do you think Kobe would OK a trade where all the talent on the other team is being traded for him?
    It was great of you to give up your ticket, though.

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  33. Mimi

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