Like, um, I say “like” and “um” a lot.

Tomorrow will mark the 17th anniversary of the day that I wore a veil bigger than God and married PigHunter. I had plans to write “Our Love Story” in honor of our special day, but then Tony made me all sad and angry last night when he refused to allow me to rewind The Office and watch it with him because “why would he want to sit there and watch something he already had been watching for the last 13 minutes!?!” Now, I can’t write it because I am too busy cleaning up the cream puff I threw at the wall and leaving notes on his pillow that say things like “I changed my mind, I don’t want to go out to dinner with you tomorrow night, but thanks for the offer!” So, until I a) finally start my period and stop feeling all crazy and angry inside b) Tony apologizes (or at LEAST buys me another cream puff.) there will be no love story.
Instead, I will leave you with a few links that I think you should click on because you love me and you don’t want me to throw a cream puff at YOU.
Kathy (Co-Author of The It Girls Guide to Blogging with Moxie) has a new site with valuable information for parents.. Safe Mama-One-stop child safety, product recall, health and well-being resource for parents. Awesome.
Chris is working on a Holiday Gift Guide. Make sure you check her site every day to check for new items.
Stefanie is now in the hospital awaiting the early arrival of her twins. Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers.
Speaking of Stefanie… Remember the video that I posted of me on Mom Logic? Well, today they posted another video with yours truly and Stefanie talking about postpartum depression. I can’t believe I didn’t mention that she was there with me until now. Having her there with me was one of the reasons the experience was so great.
And with that, I’m done because… HOLY MOTHER OF BLOGS, link-type posts are hard.

23 thoughts on “Like, um, I say “like” and “um” a lot.

  1. anne nahm

    Happy early anniversary. Cream puffs keep the spark alive. But only if you actually hit your spouse and then make appologies and lick it off.
    But don’t get carried away like I did this one time. And on that note, here’s a little FYI: No amount of whipped cream turns ‘underwear’ into ‘edible underwear’.

  2. tulip

    Hey my anniversary is today! But instead of cream puff throwing I had my pissed off husband up at 1 am doing unnecessary laundry! Thus prompting me to the observation that maybe I should piss him off more often.
    Happy Anniversary Y!

  3. Amanda Brown

    Happy 17th! I loved looking at your wedding photos!
    Also, I just watched the video and you did a superb job, Y! What a sweet opportunity. Next, The Y Show, weekday mornings on NBC.

  4. lani

    Y- I just want you to know I think you looked really cute on this video. Someone probably said this already on your earlier post, but maybe you should go into modeling clothes for Target. You did say they were from Target, right? You look great. And Happy 17th Annivesary! You go guys!

  5. Helen

    I wonder why so many people that are SO funny have been depressed? Is it the tears of a clown thing? Almost every funny person I know has suffered huge depression at some stage. Was it hard not to crack a joke though, I find whenever I am in a serious situation I say something so outrageously inappropriate, yet funny. If we did a serious interview, you would fart and I would laugh about it….sounds like a great show!

  6. Mrs. Who

    1. You were beautiful in your wedding. BEAUTIFUL. Every single bride looks back and laughs at how awful their dress was, etc. etc. Styles change, what can you do? My dress and hair from my 1979 wedding – well, my bridesmaids wore big straw hats and carried baskets of daisies. Hey, it was the ’70’s.
    2. And the cream puff. I once poured an entire pitcher of Kool-Aid in my husband’s lap when he pissed me off.
    You are not alone, girl. Not alone.

  7. Procrastamom

    Okay, now I’m mad for you because last night’s Office was the best one this season has seen and you deserved to watch it with someone so that you could laugh your asses off TOGETHER!
    Silly Hard Assed Tony…That’s what she said!

  8. surcie

    The vid is too stinkin’ short! And, quite frankly, I wish it was just you and Stephanie. So get your own show, please.
    Happy Anniversary!!

  9. mauniejames3

    How terrible that when their birthdays or our anniv. come around and there are no card that say okay I still love you but not as much today..or happy birthday you ass…you can be swooning in love for months and then boom…maybe we should start our own card line. have him get me another cream puff too. I deffinatly deserve it..

  10. Miss Britt

    How do men not get that they have to be loving and worshipping and DO NOT EVEN TAKE THE CHANCE YOU MIGHT PISS ME OFF for a) 1 week leading up to major holiday/sentimental event and b) 1 week leading up to finally just getting your period already!!!!
    Clearly, if you do the math, he owes you two weeks of subservient adoration.
    *snort* I said math. he he

  11. witchypoo

    Happy Anniversary with lots of make up sex.
    This video must have been the second because you were much more animated, very cute, although I didn’t notice any ums or likes.
    Best line?
    Pray that the anti depressants work.

  12. Stefanie

    We had fun that day! So much fun. And you were awesome and hilarious and made the experience 100 times more enjoyable. And thanks to you so many wonderful women have stopped by my blog with kind words and helpful advice. You attract some good ones, girl! Thanks.

  13. marjorie

    Happy anniversary! I think you and Tony both looked great in the pictures. Styles change. But that cake–well, that was excessively fugly. But I was wondering, with your parents being so religious and strict, how come they let you get married at 19? I know some people like that, and they wouldn’t let their daughter even live on her own until she was almost 30. And they still didn’t want her to get married. Because, you know, men are only after one thing. Which we know is true, but anyway.

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