My feelings on The Bachelor Finale summed up in an IM conversation. (And yes, I have feelings about The Bachelor Finale.)

HerOh snap. why didn’t he just pick one and not propose?
Me:OMG. what the fuck was that? he’s an asshole.
Her: crazy he just wanted to be on camera
Me: Yeah, that was pretty bad. I mean, he always struck me as the type that comes across as “too nice” and really is just a raging asshole I don’t know, I just hate him right now

Her: totally!!
ME: as much as I can’t stand those women, what an asshole.
Her: he owns a nightclub that’s so shady
Me: it was SO shady. I feel my inner activist rising up, because WTF? lame
Her: so lame but seriously why not just pick one and not propose like every other guy
Me: right? I was so confused. I WANT ANSWERS!!
Her: he had to make the asshole statement of “I’m just not in love” WHY? like “I just don’t see myself with either of you” but yet he didn’t pick anyone else!!
Me: yeah, and what about when they showed the previews to tomorrow’s show and he was all “how do I explain not falling in love” HE WASTED OUR TIME, Stef.
Her: what should we do?
Her: we should set up a counseling program for victims of Brad
Me: haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. Victims of Brad! I’m laughing so hard
Her: VOB. Post Brad Partum. I’m going to have to go on meds now. this is so unfair and cruel
Me: and I swear to GOD if there’s a second season with brad…
Her: ABC should’ve just forced him to pick one. the producers should’ve said, “look. cut the bullshit and just pick one.”
Me: You know they all fucking hate him
Her: otherwise what’s the point? Every season the guy never falls for the girl. what is the point?
Her: yet we keep watching. Maybe WE’RE THE ASSHOLES
Me: OH, we are… for watching and for caring. but even still
Her: they’re both a-holes
Me: WE’VE BEEN C-had.
Her:: HAHAHAHAH. now I’m laughing so hard the monitor just came loose
Me: Dude, I’m weeping
(potty break)
Me: Hey, Jenny just called. She said she’s the maddest girl in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD! (because seriously, how many times can a grown women say that?)
Her: HAHAHAH . She’s like a four year old
Me: she is.
Her: they both were so weepy about “wearing their heart on their sleeve” dude, you’re on THE BACHELOR.what the hell do you think is going to happen? One of you is going home. okay in this case both but still.
Me:I KNOW, it should state in their contract that “you can not wear your heart on your sleeve. you can only wear it in your asshole. OR SOME PLACE OTHER THAN YOUR SLEEVE.”
Her: I think many women will feel comforted by our joint anger. We’re here to help. right now so many women are angry and confused and they shouldn’t have to be. we need to channel our anger and make some positive changes…to ABC
Me: Dude. Are there message boards? *goes to check* Yes! There are! And we are not alone! “We the Viewers do not want to see Indecisive and Misleading men on this show.” Also, someone called him a “butthole”
Her: Some people feel bad for him which is crazy. he didn’t have to propose. just pick a bitch and move on
Her: is the After the Rose thingy tomorrow??
Me: Yes.
Her: Damn. I have to watch.
Me: <--------- will be watching. I realize there's a very good chance this is only going to be funny to us (especially since I'm pretty sure it was midnight when we had this conversation.) But, I wanted to post in anyway, just in case there were any other women out there feeling stupid this morning for being angry and pissed off at BRAD last night and are brave enough to talk about it. Because, really, it takes guts to admit that you had "feelings" about a show as stupid as The Bachelor.

50 thoughts on “My feelings on The Bachelor Finale summed up in an IM conversation. (And yes, I have feelings about The Bachelor Finale.)

  1. Carrisa

    Honestly? I feel the same way. I don’t understand how he could be so into both of them and then not pick either one. And I kept saying all season that I felt like this Bachelor was the first one who really seemed genuine about wanting to find a wife.
    What a tool.

  2. Kim

    I’ve never commented before, and I can’t believe THIS is what it took me to delurk. But still, here’s my take (warning, I’m sort of defending Brad here): You have to give it to him for having some integrity (come on, at least a little bit??) for not proposing to one of those ladies just for the sake of proposing if he wasn’t in love with either of them (cus you KNOW the producers probably tried to force him to for ratings sake and he probably REALLY had to wrestle with them to not have to propose). He was in for love, as he’d claimed all along. He didn’t find love. He wasn’t gonna settle. I actually find that pretty admirable.
    I DID hate that it was pretty much ended up that he was leading them both on completely until the very end. THAT was effed up. But I’m pretty sure he was contractually obligated by the show to do so. He couldn’t exactly have been like ‘eh, I don’t really want to marry any of these girls’, and quit 3 weeks early.
    On the other hand, everyone that’s mentioned this is correct: he could have just picked one to continue to DATE without asking for her hand in marriage. Big duh. He had to have liked at least one of them enough to continue to DATE them, right? He said over and over that he had strong feelings for them both. Assuming he at least kinda sorta really did like one or the other, he could have just asked one of them to be his girlfriend and given some schpiel about wanting to get to know her better and see where it led. I’m almost surprised that the producers didn’t make him at LEAST pick one to keep dating. It was pretty anti-climatic that he just turned them both loose. Bah.

  3. baseballmom

    WHAT A RIPOFF! I couldn’t believe he didn’t at least say that they could keep seeing each other and see where it led. No wonder I hate the name Brad, and he sorta talked like Forrest Gump anyway.

  4. josey

    OYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYy!!! well, my heart broke for deanna. i used to really think he and jenni were made for each other, then deanna grew on me and she seemed so much more his type. jenni seemed a bit too immature.
    this is my first season of watching…and i didnt think he had to propose! i thought there was the option he could choose one to continue dating…i guess i wasnt sure. hehe. i suppose on one side i definitely agree with Kim up there. that was my first reaction (well, right after i said, “THIS IS CRAP!! I SAT HERE AND ALMOST CRIED FOR THIS???” and promptly flipped off the tv and ran out of the room. hahahah!)
    it **appears** he really is a nice guy and just chickened out of a lifetime commitment. cause i mean, who in the heck who has any sort of integrity could force himself to fall in love with a woman from a select few, on tv, in just a few weeks, and then marry her!? but then again, he knew what he was getting into when he got picked for the show! or, maybe he really didnt. maybe he was like some of us and was living in lalaland. i donno.
    but then there’s this cynical part of me that wonders if he just bet CHAD he could screw over the whole show. LOL. who knows!!!
    *sigh* hehe. i AM a bit embarrassed to admit i watched the bachelor this season…because to me, this is almost one of the worst reality shows since it really plays with peoples’ feelings and lives. but, i cant help but watch…it is so ADDICTING!!
    i am DEFINITELY watching tonite. im secretly hoping he proposes to deanna. LOL! (i know it wont happen, but oh well. hehe!) if anything, it’ll be interesting to see what he has to say. he better not just give lame-o cop-out excuses like he wasnt in love, etc… he better pour his heart out to get my forgiveness!!! 😉

  5. Jessie

    I have never watched the stupid “after the rose” thing before but feel it is my obligation…Nay…my DUTY to watch tonight.
    Hate. Brad. Womack. Loser.

  6. Amy

    OMG, fellow VOB here. I sat in shock as I watched last night!
    About betting Chad … wonder if they had a bet about how many of the chicks they would sleep with?? How many slept with him on those overnight dates? Eek!
    I also read somewhere today (after going online trying to find info about this guy that I can’t believe *I* have feelings for! ha!) that he’s still into his ex-girlfriend.

  7. Kristen

    Only YOU could get me to admit that I watched that asshat last night.
    But seriously, WOMEN OF AMERICA, why do you subject yourselves to this craziness?
    They should have one for SAHMs and call it “THE BABYSITTER.”

  8. Paula best friend and I had almost the same conversation!. Well, except we called Brad a buttmunching playa, haha.

  9. girlplease

    “*waaa waaaa* I’m a good person”.
    “you don’t know what you have until it’s gone.”
    “you can have the best thing in front of your face and you turn around and walk away from it.”
    Yea honey keep saying the cliches. God, Y, how can you watch this crap? I’m going to barf my Apple Jacks

  10. Sauntering Soul

    OMG, I’m so glad I’m not the only one pissed off about wasting my time on this show.
    Right in the middle of the finale, my cat came in the room, plopped down on the rug in front of the sofa and let rip the smelliest fart in the history of farts. I had to leave the room. That pretty much sums up how I feel about this season’s Bachelor.
    I know the guy who may be the next Bachelor personally. If he gets it I will, yet again, watch every episode.

  11. dana michelle

    I have never watched an episode of the show. I have to admit that the very premise of it makes me want to hurl. It’s just…. icky.
    However, I had to write and let you know that “Off with his heads” is one of the funniest things I have ever seen in print 🙂

  12. Kristin

    I think I have only commented once before, but I am mad mad mad and not glad…about Brad. Wow, dr. seuss in the house! LOL! What a whore. He even said on some talk show or something “oh yeah, am really happy with my choice I think everyone is”. AND he says all this misleading crap about “I have to break my heart and one of these womans as well’… asshat, waste of time! ggrr…
    Thanks, I needed to get that out. I’m so pissed, and the sick part is, that is exactly what the network wanted. It created a new buzz for the show. Which pisses me off more.

  13. Y

    I know.
    But dude, the drama. It’s too good NOT to watch.
    And I know that some people refuse to watch Crap TV because they are “above it” or whatever. I just happen to not be one of those people.
    I’d rather watch women show some dude their “webbed toes” in an attempted to make him fall in love with her than CSI or The fucking Ghost Whisperer ANYDAY.

  14. Kristabella

    OH MY GOD! This is the conversation I had with MYSELF! Because I knew no one that watched. And seriously? WTF?
    I’m so with you. Pick one. Of COURSE you’re not in love after knowing someone for like 2 weeks! I’d admire you more if you didn’t propose and didn’t fall in love. Because that’s? Not normal.
    But you HAVE to pick one. The show is all about PICKING ONE! I’m fine with no ring. BUT PICK ONE!
    Stupid shady hot bar owner from Texas.
    He must be saving himself for me, apparently.

  15. Michelle

    I’m pissed because this is one season I refused to watch the stupid show and the ending was actually worth talking about – and I MISSED IT!

  16. Kristin

    I’m at work now, but I had to add to my Dr. Suess rant that I agree 100% with you Y….I would rather watch that over another murder mystery any day!

  17. Kristen

    OK. So I’m watching this thing now.
    DUH. It’s a 6 week long show. He can’t just say “I don’t like anyone here” because um hi ratings.
    Okay. I’m leaving now.

  18. AlwaysCurious

    OMG I had the exact same conversation as the first half of yours! W-T-F?? He had known them for SIX WEEKS! of COURSE you don’t feel ready to marry either! But pick one to date! WHY DID I WASTE HOURS OF MY LIFE WATCHING YOU NOT FALL IN LOVE??

  19. AlwaysCurious

    OMG I had the exact same conversation as the first half of yours! W-T-F?? He had known them for SIX WEEKS! of COURSE you don’t feel ready to marry either! But pick one to date! WHY DID I WASTE HOURS OF MY LIFE WATCHING YOU NOT FALL IN LOVE??

  20. Kristin

    still here at work late…and doing a little digging on the “dirt and gossip sites”…would you believe the ultimate rumor about this doucebag is that he is actually already newly married to his EX GIRLFRIEND….whom he has a 2 YEAR OLD DAUGHTER WITH! I guess the chick has full custody of the child, but he is “actively” involved in her life! Supposedly they have been texting and he was sending her flowers and stuff the whole time during the show…so he ended it the way he did so he could just get back with her!!! WHAT THE !!?!??!?!
    AGAIN THIS IS JUST THE BIG MESSAGE BOARD RUMOR…just thought I would vent a little more about it…and the other thing is…he slept with Betina (duh, whore) and DeAnna but not Jenni, on the overnight dates. That is why D was so pissed, according to “her sources” he told her that he was def. going to choose her, hand down. and then he had planned to actually choose her and flew her dad down the day of the final rose, but was given an ultimatum by the ex and chose her literally during the taping of the final rose ceremony. What a joke I tell you!
    OKay my duty is done, I”m done stalking this site now! LOL!
    Regarding the married thing, he kept rubbing his ring finger, like he was missing something during the “after the final rose show”….wierd. Not that I believe all the hype, it was just coincidental! I really need to pack up and go home…and go to bed and stop worrying about some asshat bartender. LOL, plus my typos. sheesh. g’night 🙂

  21. stephanie

    Maybe it’s the bottle of wine I’ve drunk tonight, but I haven’t been watching The Bachelor for a couple of years and I still thought your conversation was a riot. “Wasting America’s time” is pretty priceless…
    Good times; thanks for posting the transcript 😉

  22. witchypoo

    I stopped watching after the episode where he sent his twin in to scope out who sniffed the switch.
    The guy just plain irritated me.
    He might have lots of money, but he still comes off as stupid and wooden.
    Those beady little eyes of his really turned me off.

  23. Carrisa

    Ok so I’m coming back to comment again after watch the show last night.
    First of all, Brad totally sucks at just coming out and telling the truth.
    He should have just said I realized that I just wasn’t that into either one of you.
    But all this didn’t wanna string you along bull crap? What a joke. I don’t think anyone watching the show would expect Brad to have been able to fall in love in such a short time. I don’t even think the girls were really in love, but they only had him to focus on the entire time. He had a handful of girls to try and sort through.
    I just don’t see how he couldn’t have liked either one enough to just “see where things might go”
    If he liked them enough to have overnight make out dates with them, then he liked them enough to keep dating one of them.
    I think he was right when he talked about having issues and needing to resolve them.
    Maybe he’s secretly in love with his brother Chad’s wife.

  24. mauniejames3

    I cannot watch a show where beautiful smart women fight over one piece of crap man…I’d like to see one where the girl he chooses says…don’t be mad…I just changed my mind…serve him right

  25. mauniejames3

    I cannot watch a show where beautiful smart women fight over one piece of crap man…I’d like to see one where the girl he chooses says…don’t be mad…I just changed my mind…serve him right

  26. Susan

    I thought about this all day yesterday. It drove me fucking crazy, for some reason. Other than I must NEED A LIFE!
    Then I watched “After the Rose” last night, and I kinda maybe understood Brad just a little.
    Here’s what I think. I think that he really liked both girls a lot. I think that it bothered him that he could be out with one and be thinking of the other. Why? Because obviously he wasn’t IN LOVE with either one of them if his thoughts wandered to the other when he wasn’t with her. I think he felt that, after 5 weeks of nothing but romantic, perfect dates and ideal situations, that if he were going to fall in love with either one of them, it would’ve happened by then…. or at least he would’ve had “butterflies” (as he put it) or felt more SURE. Because he was still having doubts after a 5-week dateathon, he figured he would NEVER have the kind of feelings for either of those girls that he wanted to have.
    I was talking to my husband about this last night (okay, expounding on and on and ON – God love that man of mine for tolerating such bullshit! LOL), and I told him that, after we’d been dating awhile, I *knew* in my heart that he was 100% the one. NO DOUBTS. I knew I had to spend my life with him. And that was not during romantic, perfect, all-I-have-time-for-right-now-is-to-spend-my-days-with-you stuff, that was me, at 30, as a single mom to a toddler, trying to juggle working full-time and single motherhood…. and our dates consisted of the 3 of us sitting around at his house, eating his (delicious) home cooking and watching rented movies. And yet I still knew HE WAS THE ONE. And I would say yes, it was within the first few weeks. I at least knew he was worth sticking with because he very likely was the most wonderful, perfect man I’d ever met in my entire life. I didn’t want him to slip away.
    So, I’m thinking that if he didn’t feel pretty damned sure that he should hold onto at least one of those women, that he never would.
    So – that’s where I think he was coming from. Like he said, he couldn’t help that he didn’t fall in love. I think it’s kinda like that line from the Jerry Maguire movie where she said, “You sure do LIKE ME…” –but that that wasn’t enough.

  27. josey

    okay, i tried really hard not to comment again…but after watching the after the rose show, i couldnt keep this in!
    i think mr womack learned a hard lesson in life. he mentioned he “believes in over the top love.” i think he was disappointed and confused that he didnt fall head over heels in love. i dont know what he’s been thru before in relationships (im ignoring the media gossip. GUH!), but unfortunately for him he got a wake up call on national television. you could tell by the look on his face he wasnt faking his emotions. yes, maybe there was some deception in his choice to be the next bachelor (like trying to get over an old gf or something? lol), but i think deep down he’s a pretty average guy. at least didnt follow thru and propose to one of the girls just for tv’s sake, and then end up breaking it off. its just sickening that he broke so many hearts (esp jenni and deanna!) in such a short amount of time to figure out that “over the top love” usually only happens if you dont believe in it in the first place! saying that’s how you want your “soul mate” to come into your life is pretty much setting you up for disappointment!
    i still think he should have dated deanna, that poor thing. i was sitting there at the tv asking brad the same questions she was! i think she is smart enough to understand, tho, that he DOES have issues and too-glamorous ideas about falling in love. jenni seemed to take things well enough…i think she will bounce back faster than deanna.
    we all know its pathetic that we get such entertainment value from reality tv, especially ones that involve relationships and real emotional pain. however, i wont be watching the bachelor again. i dont think i can handle watching people learn their life lessons like that on tv! LOL! i have enough issues of my own to deal with 😉
    okay, i feel better now!! ROTFL!! 😉

  28. AMomTwoBoys

    OMG- you’re too funny! I do’t watch the Bachelor, because with a 2 1/2 year old and 3 month old I’m usually comatose by 5pm…BUT you make me wish I did because I want to know what you’re talking about! I giggled to myself while I read this and just about spit wine out of my mouth (that would have been a waste of a good sip of wine!) when you wrote “WE’VE BEEN C-had”. My husband looked at me like I was completely insane. Note to self: Start watching The Bachelor, as long as it doesn’t conflict with American Idol, and put the glass of wine down while reading Y’s Blog.
    Keep up the good work!

  29. Heidi Hyde

    Oh my God- what a total fucking lame-wad. I hate him. I hate him almost as much as I hate that one girl’s facial tick where she blinks like eightymillion times a second. WTF?

  30. Jenn

    I don’t watch the Bachelor, but I have had this exact same type of IM conversation – hilarious to my friend and I, both during and after the conversation, but to outsiders? Not so much.
    Hrm. I may have to comb my archives for blog fodder.

  31. trish

    Y’all are taking this shiz way too seriously. Bottom line: The guy is a jerk, he couldn’t pass up the chance to go on TV and date 25 women and get mega attention, and his commitment phobic loss of bachelorhood fears hit him when he was gonna propose. He’s too arrogant to just say that, so he tried to play the “nice guy” card and appear like he was holding out for twu wuv, but looked like a bigger arse in doing so.
    But, didn’t you just LOVE it when they booed him? And Chris Harrison just hung him out to dry and refused to rescue him. I replayed that scene where his eyes are all in a panic darting around looking for someone to rescue him several times just to laugh.

  32. Stefanie

    I agree with all the commenters. After watching the After The Rose..(Y, sorry we didn’t IM again but I fell right to sleep after – and no Ambien -I wish they’d given me a to-go baggy) I think Brad is just someone to half feel sorry for. Yes, he is still a shady bartender and yes, he should’ve just come out and said that the producers put pressure on him to pick on but in the end he couldn’t. But, dem bitches is crazy. They just went on and on about how in love with him they were but then said they understood that love doesn’t happen that fast. He shouldn’t have flown out Deana father either. He did lead her on but, honestly, I think he’s just sort of dumb and liked being on tv but when push came to shove he wasn’t all that into either chick. Anyway, I’m so done with Bachelor…until next season!

  33. Jenn

    How much more could I possibly love you? And now I find out that you also watch trashy reality t.v.?? 🙂 Thanks for saying exactly what I was thinking as I watched it!

  34. Jen

    I’m in the minority here. I actually respected that he didn’t pick one of the girls because he felt he wasn’t in love. I do believe he should have chosen his words better and maybe owes apologies for that. But I’m also trying to look at the fact that it must be very easy to get caught up in all that is going on. Who wouldn’t fall in love having such amazing dates?!?!!!It’s NOT reality. That’s why the majority break up once they go back to reality.
    I was so mad at the After the Rose show last night that repeatedly people said “well you had 25 beautiful women to pick from”.
    Well love isn’t all about looks people! I’m not beautiful or thin but I am an amazing catch, amazing mom, and lovely person. Maybe he was interesting in finding THAT person, not the one who looks best????
    No matter what side you are on, ya gott admit, THAT WAS GREAT TELEVISION!!!! LOL

  35. Susan

    I agree, Jen — I hated that they kept focusing on the “beautiful” women part.
    Looks only go so far.

  36. mauniejames3

    ya know the more I think about it the angrier I get at the women..what would cause all of those beautiful and educated women to fall in love with that idiot…I think they should have en mass walked
    out holding hands singing, got along without ya before I met ya gonna get along without you now, now that would really be fitting..can you imagine all men after one women..then men would bond over golf or some crap and the poor women….

  37. bababa

    There a many times in ones life where they can all say “wow, that was a wastte of time.” But there is a fraction of those times where one can truly say “WOW. That REALLY was a big fucking waste of a few moments of my life” and really mean it. I can count two right off the top. #1 – Watching any of the “bachelor” series and #2 – reading any part of this ridiculous post.

  38. Stella

    update this site beeeyotch. how many days do i have to endure breathing and family and shopping with no humor from you? HUH?

  39. Jenn

    OMG, this post is hilarious.
    I don’t care about The Bachelor but have had equally STRONG FEELINGS about the likes of Survivor.
    I understand your strong feelings, and I support your right to express them in whatever form necessary.

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