37 thoughts on “Proof that I love you.

  1. Katie1976

    I just missed out on the book rampage, but I would be soooo in on the basket give away! By the way, Notes from the trenches led me here. And just so you feel special, this is the first time I’ve ever left a comment on a blog.
    Random info: I used to be a Carni. Now I’m a room mom for my son’s 2nd grade class. I guess I’m OVER qualified to run the ring toss at the school carnival, although drunk rednecks and kids hyped up on candy really do have alot in common.

  2. gwendomama

    my hand weeps too – just seein mah name in your handwritin, your bloodsweattears dollin.what could i do but feel a bit verklempity.
    and offer you a blogher drink ticket next year, least i could do since i’ll prolly be there finally sans lamprays.

  3. Kelley

    *sob* I wanted to join in…… but those damn spammers stopped me.
    But it is OK, some solictior in Jamaica is going to share his fortune with me. He emailed me today saying someone died and he needs me to help get the money out of the country…. so I can buy my own book 😉

  4. Paige

    Can I make a suggestion for *next* time?? (I haven’t read through comments on the other posts, so forgive me if it’s already been suggested)… perhaps c/p all the comments into a word doc, then cutting, or typing the names then cutting???
    i don’t know. Just a thought. You ARE dedicated though. I’m duly impressed.

  5. Kathy

    I’m satisfied. I would have liked to see you break the 200 mark but this will do. You get a pass since you asked Ethan to pick it.
    Hahaaaa you so hate me right now don’t you. 😀

  6. y

    Paige- The reason I wrote them out by hand was because it was a deal I made with Kathy (one of the authors of the book). in order to get another book to give away.

  7. Helen

    I missed it, because…well that’s a story of it’s own do you think you could just write me name and take a picture so I can feel all famous and mushy like those other gals?

  8. Kathy from NJ

    Next time you can enter numbers instead of names, draw a number & count down the comments to the winning number. Also there must be a random number generator on the net – tell them you want a random number between 1 and 187 (or whatever) and have the computer pick the number. If you have the guts to have another contest…….
    Pioneer Woman is having a photo naming contest – as of last night there were over 1600 entries!

  9. CATE

    Major suckage. I don’t see my name anywhere. Good that he didn’t draw out “Pachina”, though. I’d have had to demand volume on the video so I could hear you ‘splain that away!

  10. Janet

    Aw, man, I missed the second book giveaway.
    But my webbed toes made the list of favourite random facts so, all in all, it’s a good day in a “I’m a Circus Freak” sort of way.
    PS: I like your blog.

  11. Procrastamom

    Oh my God! What a stupid time to decide to give the internet a break and actually do some work at my job! I frickin missed this!!! I haven’t looked at mah blogz for a day and a half (yes I hyperventilated a little).
    Thanks Y, you rock!

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