Yesterday I had a little bit of an emotional breakdown.
After months of telling anyone that would listen, including my doctor, that I thought there was something wrong with my thyroid and after months of being blown off and made to feel like I was “just being lazy” and maybe a little crazy, I have been diagnosed with Hashimoto’s thyroiditis.
Let me give you a few examples of how my cries of “something is wrong!” were ignored.
“I feel tired all of the time.”
“You are getting older. And you ARE overweight. Those things can make you feel tired.
“Oh, the weight! I can’t lose anymore weight. In fact, I keep gaining weight!”
“Well, how many calories are you eating a day? Are you working out for at least an hour a day? Mmm , hmmm.
“But you don’t understand! I’m too tired to work out. I have no stamina. I try to work out, but I can’t. I feel horrible!”
Excuses, excuses. Get thee on a treadmill. You’ll feel better.
“I feel like I’m dying sometimes at night. My heart starts racing and I feel like I can’t breathe.”
“You DO have a history of anxiety attacks. You’re probably having them in your sleep. Let me give you some anti anxiety meds!”
“My hair is falling out in clumps. It’s dry and OMG! It’s curly?!”
“I lose WAY MORE hair than that. Also, it’s totally normal for women to lose hair in cycles and I don’t see any bald patches so… you know… you’re fine.
“There’s a lump in my throat. I can feel it when I swollow.”
It’s probably just reflux. Here’s a pamphlet to read. Quit eating greasy foods.”
“My periods are irregular and when I do have them, they’re extremely heavy. I soak through a pad an hour and bleed for DAYS.”
Again, you’re getting older, that’s normal. It happens. Get over it.
“I have trouble concentrating. I’m forgetful and in a mental fog.”
You need to go to bed earlier!
“I have no joy in my life. I don’t even get excited about riding the Tony Baloney Pony anymore. I think my Horny died!”
“Oh noes! You’re probably getting depressed again! Go see a psychiatrist or pray! Start going to church!
One can understand how I started to feel like I was crazy, right?
No matter how many of the symptoms that I had of “hypothyroidism”, I was still told that I was fine.
Yesterday, I got this email from my doctor.

This absolutely means you have a low thyroid, and the second test just means that its your body that is making antibodies against your thyroid,
So congratulations, its time to start you on thyroid medication

What? Congratulations… you’re not crazy after all? Congratulations… you were right and I was wrong? Congratulations… you get to take meds for the rest of your life?
I wanted to write back and tell him to shove his congratulations up his ass, but I refrained and asked instead to please tell me what my official diagnoses was, even though I already KNEW it was hashimoto’s based on all of the hours of research I’ve done since he patted me on the back and told me he was “SURE all of my tests would come back normal” and he’d go ahead and “put me on a weight loss pill though, but hey, you know what else works? Weight Watchers.. You should try it!”
(Seriously. He said that. Because, you know, having lost 70 pounds myself, I had no idea that weight watchers combined with diet and exercise helps you lose weight!)
He told me that yes, I had Hashimoto’s disease and that I’d need to start on meds right away and be re-tested in 30 days.
When I read that, I lost it. All of the frustration that I’ve felt, all of the anger for being ignored and not taken seriously was unleashed as I read my doctor’s email.
I cried so hard and when my husband walked through the door a few minutes later, I collapsed in his arms and wept.
(Oh! The Dramatics!)
“I told you. I told everyone and no one took me seriously. Everyone thought I was crazy or just looking for excuses for the weight gain. I told you I felt like shit, I told you that something was wrong and I was right.”
It was a very Soap Opera like moment, but after many months (years, even) of not feeling good, months of not being taken seriously, I couldn’t hold it in any longer. A Good Cry was in order.
In fairness to my doctor, he had ordered tests before when I had told him my symptoms, but when the tests came back “in the normal range” he refused to believe anything was wrong and the fact of the matter is that YOU CAN NOT GO BY THE TEST RESULTS ALONE. Symptoms are important and those were ignored and brushed aside as “other things.”
So here is what I say to other women out there who may be experiencing the same symptoms and NOT being taken seriously.
Demand that your thyroid be tested and if the results come back normal, ask to be retested in 30 days. And ask for specific tests ( listed here.). NO ONE KNOWS YOUR BODY BETTER THAN YOU. If you feel like something isn’t right, if you have the symptoms, demand that you be taken seriously. Educate yourself. Don’t be intimidated by any doctor because, GUESS WHAT? They’re wrong sometimes.
I realize this post is choppy and I apologize, but dudes, I am not lying when I say that I can’t think straight and have problems focusing, so I ask that you show a little mercy to the Thyroid Impaired.

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  1. Kristin

    I have Hashimoto’s too (diagnosed after I starting getting vitiligo on my wrists – so far no other symptoms though, and I’m not on any meds)…glad you’re finally getting the care you need – hopefully this will make your doctor a better caregiver to others. Good luck and let us know how the treatment goes! I hope that by this time in Feb, you’ll be feeling like your old self again.

  2. Marilyn

    I always get the feeling that people think I use/have used my hypothyroidism as an “excuse” for why I gained so much weight after my son was born. Kind of like, “suuuuure, I’m sure that’s why you’re a cow now.” And here I am taking 200mcg of levothyroxin and I doubt I’m “normal” or will ever feel “normal”, but then again, being pregnant doesn’t help.
    Glad you finally got your diagnosis and that you can start being proactive about it. I’ve been waiting for this post. 🙂

  3. ben

    How come your soap opera moments are so much cooler than mine?
    I just get the “look annoyed until the camera stops rolling” kind of moment. Yours are better.
    I so want to see video of you telling your doctor to shove it up his ass, though. That would be a prime time soap opera moment, there.

  4. Michele

    I’m glad you’re finally going to get on meds. It might take a bit to find the right dosage, but once they do it’s like night and day.
    I had my thyroid removed 4 years ago and have found this livejournal community very helpful whenever I’ve had any questions.
    Sometimes it can be so hard to find a doctor who will listen to you and take your symptoms seriously. I’m so happy that you’ve finally been heard!

  5. josey

    wow, that is crazy. i am so sorry you’ve gone through all this, Y. it’s so not fair. and the sad thing is that im sure there are hundreds if not thousands of other women out there who will have to suffer through the same thing!
    thank you so much for sharing your experience. i know it has been so emotionally and physically draining. hopefully now you can get on the right track and start feeling like the old you again! and thank you for the link to the labwork…i’m going to take note of it for myself. im sure it will save many other women heartache as well.
    i know you dont feel like it, but you really are a peach and we appreciate you!!! (((HUGS)))

  6. k

    I’m glad you’ve finally found your solution.
    Your doctor is a total patronizing asshole – once you get this under control you should try to find a new one, asap – no one should be made to feel belittled about their own bodies and health.
    And the after you find another dr, go back to this one when the waiting room is full of patients and have a screaming fit about his incompetence :o)

  7. Rebecca

    Thank you so much for posting this! I plan on going to the Dr very soon, because I have a lot of symptoms that are listed. Weight gain, sometimes 10lbs in a week. I may be overeating, but THAT much? My hair falls out. To the point it scares the living crap out of my husband. My periods, long and very heavy. Forgetful. Another thing that annoys my husband rather then worries, I will be talking about something and just stop because I cant remember what I was talking about. Tired yep me too. But I have 4 kids as you can imagine.
    I am going to go through the checklist that you linked to and take it to the dr with me.
    I really hope you will start feeling better. Good luck!

  8. Andrea

    ((HUGS, Y))
    I think I can imagine how emotional this must have been…waiting months for someone to HEAR you and the agony of knowing in your gut that something is wrong but not knowing what that may be. You certainly deserved a good cry. Here’s hoping for some quick relief of your symptoms, and I’m sorry but I join the bandwagon of urging you to get a new doctor. I’m not sure this one deserves another chance. You deserve better.

  9. kelley

    Good for you–I’m so glad you stuck to your guns and made sure that your doctor tested your thyroid. I don’t think doctors give us enough credit that we are capable of researching symptoms and coming up with a plausible diagnosis. Here’s hoping that getting your hormones balanced out will help you feel better soon!

  10. Incognito

    I completely ditto what you said. That goes for any medical concern. Be an asshole if you have to. Docjerks need to stop treating us like a standard form letter.
    Y – I am thrilled that you received a diagnosis. Coming from a family of “thyroid impaired”, I PROMISE that once they tweak your meds and find your correct dose, you are gonna feel SO good again. It does take some time though. Don’t get frustrated if the pill they prescribe doesn’t establish normalcy right away. But they gotta start somewhere. Continue being vocal!

  11. LifeAsIKnowIt

    wow. I’m so sorry for all you’ve been through. It’s one thing to feel awful, but quite another to have noone believe you that something is wrong!
    Good for you for contunuing to be vocal and to believe in yourself and you body!

  12. Michelle

    So glad you fought for those tests and finally got an answer! Sorry you have to take meds but I am sure it will greatly improve your quality of life now.

  13. anne nahm

    I’m so sorry you had to go through all this, and am glad you at least have a direction in which to pursue getting your life back. I’d like to pinch your doctor’s prostate for that email – sounds like he is more invested in being the knowledgable doctor than he is in figuring out what is going on with you. :^(

  14. Moderndayhermit

    I’ve been a reader of your blog for quite some time but never commented.
    Have you ever visited fathealth dot wordpress dot com? It has a lot of stories very similar to this one and it is an absolute travesty that these things occur.
    I hope you feel better soon, take care.

  15. Laura

    Meds have made a HUGE difference. Yes, it sucks to be young and on meds for the rest of our lives but it’s a small pill and that’s it.
    I was diagnosed with hyperthyroid several years ago after after a week of jitters, heart racing, losing hair, and losing 15lbs (the last part was AWESOME). Went on meds to bring it back up, levelled off after 6 months, gained the 15lbs back, and everything was hunky dory.
    Five years later, had a baby and was EXHAUSTED for six months or so – I assumed it was because I just had a baby (duh) and the stresses involved (because I had a child who slept through the night from 7 weeks on, I couldn’t complain about lack of sleep. She wouldn’t nap, however, so days were long), but I was seriously zonked, unmotivated, wanted to nap all day (impossible with a newborn). Doc ran some blood tests and called me the next day, panicking, saying she was surprised I had been able to get up in the mornings. That bad. Went on Synthroid and have been fine ever since.
    So yes, it sucks that you weren’t able to get the diagnosis sooner (argh) but you’re on the road to recovery – hurray for energy and being able to really LIVE again!

  16. Amy

    Vindication is *such* a nice feeling, isn’t it?
    I have Hashimoto’s too (almost 11 years), but I was lucky enough to have a doctor who didn’t give me crap and diagnosed me right away. I hope yours shapes up. If not, consider a new one.

  17. Flippy

    We believed you. My gf also has Hashimoto’s, and luckily for her (in this case) she doesn’t have insurance (couldn’t get any), so we were able to get her in to see the best endocrinologist in the city…because doctors, they likey the cash paying patients for office visits. Anyway, he treats based more on symptoms than test results because lots of people can have thyroid problems with their test results looking completely normal.
    You should help the women (and men, but they’re generally taken more seriously and not treated as hysterical people who are looking for excuses) who will be treated by your doctor in the future, and make sure he never treats anyone like this again – that he doesn’t ignore obvious symptoms of thyroid disease. Maybe one of Mary Shomon’s books. Even though I hate since they made their site all About(.com) the ads, her expertise is worth the hassle of going there.
    I hope that the meds help you feel better soon, but I’m sure even just knowing that there’s something physically wrong is a good first step toward mentally feeling better.

  18. Serendipity, baby!

    Vindication can suck, hope the medication really helps. I gained 60 lbs after a car accident (in about 2 months actually) but the doc said it was in my head since my levels were in the low end of hypothyroid. Wish I’d looked into it more.

  19. Mrs. Chicken

    I would have done the same thing. I find that male doctors especially ignore women when they reveal these symptoms. They always want to blame it on The Lady Crazy or the vapors. I am so glad you know what you are up against, and that it is treatable. I have a friend who has this and she does very, very well on meds.
    You deserve all the righteous anger you can muster. Be well, friend.

  20. christina

    Good for you for sticking to your guns and getting the diagnosis! Some doctors just need a good smack upside the head, especially when it comes to stuff like this. I’ve had Hashimoto’s since I was 8 years old (I’m 44 now) and it’s been a roller coaster, but medication is ESSENTIAL and I’m so glad you’ll be getting what you need. You may never feel totally normal again, but you WILL feel a whole lot better, I’m sure.
    And yeah, I can second Mary Shomon’s thyroid site as being a GREAT resource.
    Hang in there, Y!

  21. Kelly

    Y – I’m really glad that you shared this story with the ‘nets. I too have hypothyroidism. The sad thing is that for so long I was the jerk telling myself that my symptoms were because of my weight and inactivity, despite the tiny thought that might not be the case.
    If there is only one thing that people get out of this its trust yourself. If you honestly think something is wrong there is no reason your doctor shouldn’t take you seriously. It took finding a good doctor for me to figure that out!
    Party on, Y!

  22. mothergoosemouse

    Well well well.
    I’m glad you’ve got a diagnosis, and I hope the meds help you start to feel better soon. But I still can’t help but be pissed that you weren’t taken more seriously (and sooner) by your doc, and that you were more or less accused of being lazy and crazy.
    Talk about lazy, Mr. Big Shot Doctor. How about exploring symptoms further instead of leaping to the immediate conclusions that you need anti-anxiety meds and a treadmill.

  23. Jane

    I am convinced that I could bring my own severed head into the doctor’s office, and he would look up at me and say “Well, clearly the problem is due to your weight.”

  24. AJ

    I am so glad you finally have a diagnosis. I am proud you stood up for your self and got the darn tests!

  25. SJ aka Simple Family

    I’d say I’m sorry but you know what I think…THAT’S RIGHT, BITCHES! IT’S ABOUT TIME YOU RECOGNIZE.
    Now if you don’t want the pony, you get to say, I would but Hashimoto says no. He took it all.

  26. chris

    And yet you fail to tell the internet that I diagnosed you before your dr 😉
    I am so glad you finally have an answer, my Hashi-twin.

  27. Christina

    Girl. Can you get a new doctor? Because this one seems like an ass-clown. He may have degrees as wallpaper, but there is no degree for a bedside manner.
    Hope you start feeling better soon!!

  28. Kay

    I can’t believe that doctors still want to treat you for 15 different things instead of listening and testing thyroids. And the ones that just go by the plain jane tests are mentally retarded. You can and more than likely WILL be symptomatic way before a test will show. I am not a doctor but I also have Hashimoto’s and I was treated separately for the depression, the swallowing problems, the hair loss *(well they said the same thing, you aren’t bald, so…). I also have diabetes so you know they were blaming it for 70% of things. (roll eyes)
    I would like to tell you that after 10 years of treatment I am better but I am not. It took 6 to find out you need to go through the same old rigamarole and tell them it is NOT working and change dosage/meds/treatment.
    Finally I actually got to the point that my levels were consistently normal. My depresssion and hair loss and energy zaps are returning so here I go again.
    Hope you have better luck! We all deserve to at least feel normal!

  29. Jen

    Thyroid problems run rampant in my family and as far as I know not a single family member has had an easy time getting diagnosed. I understand and sympathyse with what you had to go through. I’m sorry that no one listened sooner and I’m hoping that you feel better very quickly!

  30. Bronwen

    I’m so glad you took the initiative and MADE your doc order the tests for you. You are so right – you have to advocate for yourself.

  31. Jessalee

    I am so glad you finally got your diagnosis!! I know when my mom was dealing with thyroid issues (though hers turned out to be thyroid cancer), she felt CONSTANTLY like she was going crazy. There’s really no way to explain, she has said, without going through it.
    Bravo for standing up for your rights!!! I hope you get the right dose of meds to get yourself back on track soon!

  32. margalit

    Your medical care through this entire episode was abysmal. They didn’t listen to you, they ignored your symptoms, and they let you get sicker and sicker. This isn’t whad secent medical care is supposed to be like. If I were you, I’d be writing a letter of complaint to both the head of the medical society in CA, and the head of your health insurance company. When a doctor screws up like this, they have earned a negative tick in their professional file. Otherwise they’ll do it again and again.
    I’m glad you finally have your test results and can move forward towards your health AND weight goals. Man, it totally sucks that you had to wait so long!

  33. sassy

    Congratulations on your thyroid disease! (You know what I mean.) I did two sets of tests and they came back normal. My doctor was convinced this is what was wrong with me and wrote the prescription before the test results came back! Of course then he said to throw the script away. I am still not convinced that nothing is wrong with me. It is NOT all depression.
    Good luck with your drugs!

  34. Cristin

    AAAck. My whole huge long comment just disappeared.
    Again, I have never posted but have been a long time reader. Now I’m a fellow Hashimoto’s buddy! jk.
    I diagnosed myself also. Thankfully, my doctor wasn’t quite as big an ass as yours (oops) and was very willing to bear with me and my complaints.
    Please get this book-What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Hypothyroidism: A Simple Plan for Extraordinary Results. Yes I copied and pasted that. But really. It helped me understand what the hell was going on in my body.
    And one more thing; PLEASE GET A NEW DOCTOR. Someone who deals with a lot of chubby, grumpy hypothyroid patients. I’m not sure how to do that but I’m sure it involoves Google.
    Luckily, my psychiatrist manages mine because he understands the connection between that and a lot of my anxiety symptoms.
    So please, be good to yourself and find someone new. And please feel free to email me if you have any questions (like I’m the expert).
    Happy Quasimodo’s! As my mother calls it.

  35. Sarcastic Mom

    Ok, so. We are going through some of the same things, Y.
    I was actually diagnosed with HT 2 years ago… got no f’ing help for my symptoms. “Your hormones are not skewed ENOUGH for us to medicate.”
    Oh, thanks ASSBAG, what about MY SYMPTOMS?
    This is the classic, “treat the bloodwork, not the patient” asshole doctor response.
    They just wanted to do 23980239 tests after that, draw my blood, scan my neck… and have me pay for it all, but then continue not to treat me. I got so fed up I just stopped having it monitored.
    I had it checked once while pregnant after moving from TX to TN.
    When I read this post of yours recently, I was re-motivated to have it checked again.
    Thus all my new adventures (you can read about them on my blog… maybe? heh.)
    Did you know that a lot of Endo’s now believe (finally realize, IMHO) that even if your thyroid hormones are “normal” having elevated antibodies (TPO and Anti-Thyroglobulin – I know you will know what I’m referring to) is ENOUGH to give you symptoms of hypothyroidism, but ASSHOLE Endo’s believe that if your TSH and T3/T4 levels aren’t abnormal (or if you’re on an adequate level of replacement hormone) then the symptoms can’t be caused by the thyroid problem.
    Ahhh. I’m ranting and writing a blog of my own in your comments. God, I’m sorry. You can see I am very passionate about this right now.
    And I really need to thank you for writing that post. It really did remotivate me.

  36. Dawn

    Boy what a moron of a doctor! I hope you find a new one after the emotional roller coaster this one put you on! You shouldn’t put this person up on a pedestal, he is only human. Lots of people make mistakes and it really sucks that this guy wouldn’t listen to you! You deserve the best and knowledgeable person who really has your interests at heart. I hope you consider finding someone who won’t yank you around. I hope you can finally find the happiness you deserve, now that you know what is causing your problems!

  37. Sara

    I was diagnosed with that when I was 15 years old. I kept telling my doctors that I was tired and I was gaining weight like crazy and I was accused of eating candy bars in the night when my parents didn’t know about it.
    It took them 2 years to diagnose me with it. I gained 50 pounds in that 2 year frame and I blame them for not listening to me. I’m glad you finally know. Once you get on meds, you’ll feel soooo much better!
    ~Take Care

  38. oliveoyl64

    I was sent a link to your blog by “sarcaticmom”.
    I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s in 2006 and it is a constant battle to level out the meds. I had a great endo., and then had to change ins. and lost her. I am currently NOT seeing an endo. b/c the asshats at the new office can’t seem to process referrals. I am functioning okay, but know that my levels are not quite right. My speech sounds like a 3 day drunk fest at times(“pickle bucket” was coming out “buckle picket”). You just have to laugh sometimes or you will go insanely mad.
    I am bookmarking you so I can keep up with your journey through hell….I mean thyroidism!

  39. AMomTwoBoys

    Oh, Y! I’m not happy for you that you have Hashimoto’s, but I’m SO happy for you that you have validation!
    Hope the meds work and that your horny is back in full force soon!

  40. Wacky Mommy

    Idiots, those doctors. Was there *one* sign of thyroid disease that you *weren’t* having? Cuz I think you hit ’em all. As a woman who’s dealt with thyroid stuff for close to my entire life, you have my empathy.
    Calcium Citrate — your new best friend. When your fingers and toes are going numb, or you tremble, it might be calcium/potassium deficiency, so please talk with a doctor about that, please? Promise? OK. My doc told me to try for 2,000 mg. of calcium a day, ask yours what you should do. Don’t take calcium and/or multi-vit and/or iron with thyroid medicine — they wreck it. And take it an hour before or two hours after eating. And not with coffee or anything caffeinated and… maybe u should e me off list if u need anything? My doc told me NONE of the above and it caused problems for years, all of it.
    Honest to God, I would like to throttle them for not helping you sooner.

  41. Louise

    I am in no way trying to paint all doctors with the same brush– there are far more good ones out there than dickish ones, I’m sure– but sheesh, what a bad time you’ve had of this!
    My former doctor did not enjoy Fat People. She had recently lost a great deal of weight herself and was recommending that I do the same things she had — diuretics and laxatives were part of her “regime”– I reckon if I’d chopped off one of my legs she’d have congratulated me on my weight loss. This is why she’s my *former* doctor. My present doc, while yes, she is encouraging me to lose weight, is also not blaming everything that’s wrong with me on my weight.
    This comment got long… basically I just wanted to say that I am *so glad* that you’ve gotten a diagnosis and can now start on the road to recovery.

  42. Brandy

    I am so glad that your Doctor finally will treat you for this! And again, Thank You. Without your posting of this before I never would have thought to ask my Doctor why I was so darned tired all the time.

  43. Suebob

    You rock. You are a supersmart goddess who knows when something is amiss. It is not your fault that big poopyheads do not listen to you. That line about Weight Watchers is particularly priceless.
    Speaking of inappropriate congrats: I had a yuppie bitch buy my rental house and kick me out (after 10 years of renting there) so she could double the rent and get new tenants. When she was doing the walkthru after I had been scrubbing behind the stove etc all day, covered in filth, she said “Well, congratulations! You should take yourself out to dinner!” Yeah, bitch.

  44. lani

    I’m so sorry diagnosis took this long for you. How frustrating. Now that you know what to do to feel better, I hope it happens for you soon, Y.

  45. Monet (aka Birdsboss)

    I am glad that you finally are gonna get the help you need (ok that didnt sound right lol) no seriously dude…you are going to feel much much better…give it a week…i am just gettng my blood work done again…because havent been feeling good…just need to get the dosage adjusted….take it from your Murrieta friend who has battled with this for 17 yrs….soon you will feel better…and you will even feel like dancing aerobically lol…hugs to you Y!!

  46. Kait

    I’m glad that you’re going to be getting better! It sucks that your thyroid is all messed up, but at least now the Dr knows what’s wrong (you knew all along!).

  47. Maria

    You’re a much better person than I am. I would only be able to think in technicolor four letter words.
    I’m glad you are now in a position to start to feel better.

  48. Jules

    Wow – what a relief that’s got to be to finally have an answer. And a solution. You must be kinda excited going forward to know that you’re finally going to start feeling better.

  49. Norma

    What am I thirteen? All I read was Tony Baloney Pony! Your hysterical! I hope these meds you get you feeling like your old self soon.

  50. marjorie

    I’m glad you know for sure why you haven’t been feeling good. I hope your medication will work quickly for you. And I’m sure Tony’s B.P. will soon be appreciating the meds too!

  51. Anna

    YAY! I am very glad you finally got the correct diagnosis! Your doctor sounds a lot like mine! They want to blame all of the symptoms on over eating, being lazy, depressed , what ever they can come up with to explain them away without actually listening to us. They think they are SO smart and know more about our bodies then we do (can you tell I am pissed at my doctor?)
    I have been dealing with a lot of the same symptoms for over 7 years now , and have seen numerous doctors for second opinions. They are all so full of themselves, and convinced there is nothing wrong with me. At least my last doctor took the time to actually look at my lab tests and discovered my B12 was down into the double digits which means permanent nerve damage! I am still fighting to find out what is wrong with me, and because of your posts I have a renewed fight in me!
    Good luck with the meds, and I hope you feel better soon!

  52. Redneck Mommy

    Funny, I was just in the doctors office yesterday, demanding he check my thyroid because I’m gaining weight like you wouldn’t believe and he just rolled his eyes and told me to get off the computer and into a gym. I very impolitely freaked out and the tests were ran.
    I’m hoping you feel better soon. Thanks for sharing this.

  53. jen from boston

    I will admit, I got a little teary reading this…man, the relief/vindication for one, but also, the time and energy that has been lost trying to be heard, to seek relief, the pounds regained, the hair lost, the emotional hell you’ve been thru (incl the loss of the sex drive)…I would have balled my eyes out, too.
    Am excited for you to start the meds. Did the doc (or your readers/Internet) suggest how soon the meds take effect, where the results become noticeable?
    Miss you – and can’t wait to see the post where you announce the return of the hornay.

  54. DogsDontPurr

    Sometimes it seems we have to be our own doctors these days. Thank God for the internet. Alan has had two life threatening complications….he would have actually *died*….if we hadn’t been able to research his symptoms.
    I’m glad you were finally able to get the help that you need. I hope you feel better soon soon soon!
    ((Big Hugs))

  55. brandi

    I am so glad you finally have a diagnosis. Thank you for posting this. So often, we as women are not taken seriously by doctors and other medical professionals. I’m glad you have some answers.

  56. wrybred

    I wanna say one positive thing about your doc. (I’m tempted to call him a dochole but that would be childish.) BUT he communicates with you via email! How cool is that? A serious question if you can comment an answer: is that common for doctors in California (that’s where you live right?) Here in the midwest, I don’t know anyone that gets email from their doctor. My doc communicates with me by having his secretary (qualifications: none as far as I can tell) call me and give me messages. She garbles them, I ask follow up questions, she gets back to him and then to me or not. It’s very inefficient. My doc is at least trying to save me an office visit sometimes but it would just rock if he would email me directly.

  57. Lauri

    Hugs… I hear you… as someone who struggles with thyroid issues & fights for an increase in meds….. just keep fighting to feel better

  58. Neil

    This is a perfect example of how you have to take your health into your own hands nowadays. Good for you for trusting your own body. Think how many others are going around misdiagnosed because of lazy doctors.

  59. Beth

    Oh, I wish I could just give you a big hug. I’ve felt so frustrated for you when you’ve talked about your symptoms. Although being sick sucks, at least now you know for sure what you’re dealing with and can begin taking the meds and feeling better. Good for you for persevering! *hug*

  60. Summer

    Came over from Bananas place.
    I learned the hard way that doctors are not omniscient, after my thyroid medication and an anti-depressant interacted toxically. It threw me into instant panic disorder so severe I couldn’t function. The slightest thing would send my body into spsms. It took three months before I even felt halfway normal again. I later found out I was on the wrong dose of levoxyl in the first place which had cause me to go hyperthyroid. There were other issues involved. Someday I’ll blog about the whole horrendous experience.
    I’m very glad you finally got the diagnosis you knew you needed. And yay for good long cries. We really need them from time to time.

  61. Jen B

    Thank you SO MUCH for telling it like it is! I went from doctor to doctor for YEARS and was told all the things you were told. I would leave crying because doctors would tell me I was fat and lazy. Finally after my third child I said, “I take care of three kids. You can’t be a mother of three little ones and be lazy!!!!”
    I hate to hear when another woman has gone through the same mistreatment.
    Weight is still a huge struggle for me. I just do my best. The meds have really helped though to give me the energy to get through my day.
    Best wishes!

  62. dlyn

    I hate all doctors with the passion of a million red hot suns. I am not kidding. Glad they finally figured out you were right!

  63. Rivster

    Wow — your frustration jumps off the screen and for good reason. Your story is an important one and I am particularly thankful that you have shared it because after reading your entry, I am thinking that maybe my exhaustion, low drive, weight gain, hair loss, etc. is a result of something other than **you’re just tired from running after three kids, a husband, and a full-time job**
    So thank you, thank you…

  64. Dingosmom

    I’ve got the opposite of you, Graves disease. I also use a wheelchair from a spinal cord injury, so my dr. decided I just had bad circulation. Bone thin, hair falling out, panic attacks, it took forever to get diagnosed. Anyway, I bet the meds will fix you right up!

  65. andi

    Ugh. That is so maddening. I have hypothyroidism and had many of the symptoms you did. Mostly the fatigue and I was so cold all the time. I was only 19 and it took me over a year and three doctors to convince them there was something wrong. The first two lazy asses didn’t even do a simple blood test to rule out what is a very common condition. I still feel like the boy who cried wolf every time I visit the doctor. What are they there for if not to take us seriously?
    I hope you’re feeling better soon.

  66. Michele

    FIND A NEW DOCTOR! I cannot stress that enough! Believe it or not, there are medical professionals that are out there that will listen to you, and not just blow you off. Doctors do not know everything either! The medical field changes every day and there is no way one person can keep up with it! A good doctore will listen!

  67. Alicia

    I’m sorry your doc gave you the run around. I’m not a doctor but I’ve been in the field long enough to know that your list of symptoms is pretty straightforward… and since it only requires a blood test to find out what’s up I don’t know why so many docs disregard patients’ complaints EVEN THOUGH yes, they do mimic other illnesses. You aren’t the only one; I worked with a nurse whose Hashimoto’s was reaching critical levels before her doctor finally said “Hmm… let’s draw a TSH and a T4 and see.” And I’ve heard of this happening other times, too.
    I’m glad you were able to find out what was wrong.
    BTW, I’m new(ish) to your blog and I love it!

  68. VDog

    UGH. I have hypo/hashimoto’s as well. I have had it since I was 11. It sucks. But the meds have left me, for the most part, symptom-free.
    Now that I am ~1 yr post-partum, we are still adjusting the meds (went down! Woohoo!), but it CAN be tricky to get the right dose I am finding!
    Good luck!

  69. gorillabuns

    due to major changes in the **umm..** female flow, severity and rapid onset, along with the problem of not losing weight (even when i’m whole-heartedly trying), tired (like bone-tired), major crabbiness: i think i’m going to ask my doctor to test me.
    i know there is something just not right with me.
    thanks for sharing your woes!

  70. The Autumn Dahlia

    It was you! I couldn’t remember where I read about someone else that was struggling with these issues. A few weeks ago my hair started falling out in huge clumps and I gained 20 lbs in a matter of 6 weeks. And I can’t drag my ass off the couch to save my life. And I’ve gotten in trouble with work 3 times this week for “being in the clouds”.
    I got a comment on my blog saying that it might be that, but I hadn’t done anything about it yet. You’ve inspired me! I’m so glad you weren’t feeling frustrated for nothing. I mean, I don’t want to you to be sick, but I’m glad they know whats up now… I mean, uh… er… oh you know what I mean 😉

  71. WAHM Tara

    I am so glad I found your blog! I have had many of the same symptoms for several months now and have not been able to find any answer to a possible problem. I will be calling my doctor on Monday to get checked out.
    Oh another note, I LOVE your blog!

  72. jon

    Glad you finally did get the tests and diagnosis. BEWARE, once Obamacare kicks in, you wont even get approved for the tests.

  73. Dear Thyroid

    I am so sorry that you went through such hell, there is nothing worse than being mistreated by a doctor and made to feel like your crazy when you’re not.
    What an asspocket – the nerve of him CONGRATULATING you after making you feel SO BAD for SO LONG.
    I’m glad you’re on the right track. I hope you are feeling much better.
    Wishing you the world,

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