Extreme Generic Shopping.

I had to drive out to my sister’s house today. While I was there, she offered to take me to a little store around the corner from her house that she described as having “cute clothes for big girls.”
My very first thought was to say something like “Um, maybe another day!” because, well, shopping for clothes when you’re as big as I am is a leeeeeeeeeeettle embarrassing. But, here’s the thing. My sister has a great sense of style and I would have been stupid to turn down an offer to have a personal shopper. So, once again, I stepped W-A-Y outside of my comfort zone and went with her to do a little shopping.
I won’t bore you with the details of the trip (which basically consists of me saying “but this is way too tight!!” and my sister saying “YOU HAVE TO STOP WEARING THINGS THAT ARE TOO BAGGY AND ONLY MAKE YOU LOOK BIGGER!!”) But, I will tell you that I now have actual, real clothes that are not track suits and that they are kind of cute, even if I’m not 100% comfortable wearing a shirt that shows all of The Rolls..
Picture or Video 3018
If I told you that I got all of them there clothes for under $100 would you believe me? No? Ok, but what if I told you that that I bought them at a place called… ARE YOU READY FOR THIS?? Mrs & Plus Size. You’d probably believe me then, right? NO!?
Translation: Old and Fat Wimmins! WE’VE GET YER JEANS RIGHT HERE! I mean, what else could that possibly mean? Why must it be so hard to shop for plus size clothes? AND WHY ARE THEY MOCKING ME WITH THEIR BIG YELLOW LETTERS?
But… $6.99 t-shirts that fit. I forgive them

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  1. Pam

    Get ’em any where you can!! They’re super cute and hell, why not look your best at any weight? I figure, I have a lot to overcome so I better look good trying. LOL
    I hope they lift your spirits a little.
    I shop at avenue. The clothing store for the curvy woman. AKA, also the store for fat chicks.

  2. lani

    Y- I’m so glad you got yourself some new beautiful clothes. I think you will feel better now that you have some options and aren’t wearing the same thing over and over. But then, this is coming from someone who ALWAYS feels better with new clothes – thus the reason I’m making myself take a year off from shopping for them. Ha.

  3. lani

    p.s. And yay for cheap cute clothes and yay for trips to New York City. I’m so happy for you. Forgot to mention that.

  4. Blue Momma

    I need some cute, cheap clothes, too. I ordered my workout clothes from Woman Within. Translation: there is a chick in there under all of that fat.

  5. Heather

    I’m so glad you got some new clothes 🙂 It really makes a world of difference to have some clothes that look GOOD on you!

  6. Procrastamom

    Awesome! Up here in Canada, we big girls shop at a chain called “Addition Elle”. They don’t often have $6.99 t-shirts though…could be why I prefer to do a lot of my shopping in Washington State.

  7. BookMamma

    Thank Gawd you got some pretty clothes!!!
    I seriously believe in your sister’s theory. Looking your best always makes me feel a bit better too, and until quite recently I’ve been a size 22/24. And shoes? They don’t discriminate size. Shoe therapy is SO in order.
    Tim Gunn always says to buy clothes that fit… “fit, fit, fit!” You needed a boost – I hope you rock these duds in NYC!

  8. elizabethsheryl

    Good for you for going shopping and getting some non track-suit clothes. You’d be surprised with what you can find when you look around..especially at places like Torrid or Avenue.

  9. jeanie

    Over here, we have Big is Beautiful.
    Honey, having clothes you can walk out of the house in with your head held high is worth any price – good on you for taking your sister up on her offer!

  10. Some People Call Me Mom

    Yay for shopping! Double Yay! for taking your sister up on the offer AND listening to her valuable “stop hiding in the big, baggy clothes” advice!
    Glad you are stepping outta the track-suit. 🙂

  11. Silke

    I am so glad you went shopping. I am sure, you look fab in all of them clothes. And making a bargain is always great. 🙂 Wanna see you wearing this stuff. 🙂

  12. TJ

    I’ve been reading your blog since Aged & Confused and I think this is the first time I’ve ever commented. I’m kind of a dick like that.
    I’ve had my weight go up and down through the years and have always hated clothes shopping, especially when I have to set foot in one of those “special” stores with clothes “just for me” but dude. Once you suck it up and get your butt in there, it is amazing what just one cute outfit that you like and fits you well will do for your attitude the whole day. Hope those clothes put a little sass back in your ass when you walk around in ’em.

  13. Jules

    I’m glad you went with your sister. Having cute clothes that fit well will make you feel better when you go out in them – I promise. I’m guilty of always wearing my sweats and big old tee shirt and I always feel fat and dumpy in them. When I dress in better fitting clothes I feel thinner and prettier – for real.

  14. Shannon

    Y! isn’t it great to have cute clothes? BTW I call it *expanding* my comfort zone, not stepping out of it. Why? Because stepping out of it implies that I haven’t learned anything and that I can can back to huddling in my very small comfort zone after it’s all over. So start expanding and stretching your comfort zone – you’ll never know what kind of greatness that can lead to!

  15. jac

    i’m so jealous! i hate shopping for clothes (well ok, i hate shopping in general) and i desperately need some new clothes for work. none of my clothes fit properly and it’s driving me insane (ok so it was a short drive, but i digress!)
    will you model the new clothes for us??? will ya please??? 🙂

  16. Kelley

    Horrific name, eyeblinding yellow letters, but look who has gotz some cute clothes!
    YAY!! Now you need to model them. If enough of us beg will you?

  17. Jen

    Hooray for clothes that fit! Fashion show at lunch, fashion show at lunch! (Please say you watch the Office and understand that otherwise I look like an idiot.)

  18. Mama DB

    Dude, I need someone to take me shopping at a place with big yellow letters. I’m living in two pairs of jeans and Cherokee Target t-shirts.

  19. Y

    Laura– that skirt IS from Target. Everything else is from MRS & PLUS SIZE.
    Will that ever stop being funny? I don’t think that it will.

  20. Sheila

    Very nice! Congratulations!
    Isn’t it interesting that things that are a little more form fitting look better than things that are tents? Even if we feel big, it’s possible to have flattering clothes. And now you’ll feel better about yourself, too!
    Have a great weekend!
    Visit To Love, Honor and Vacuum today!

  21. Candy

    You couldn’t just have gone to a Lane Bryant? At least it’s not Mrs. & PLUS SIZES. I love how the plus part was all in caps. Not TOO embarrassing.

  22. glc

    At least they didn’t have the word “barn” in their name like another chain store that shall remain nameless. I mean, hello?! What does the word “barn” conjure up? Images of cows and horses and pigs….I rest my case.

  23. Jennifer

    I think your sister is right, too, you will feel better in clothes that fit and having options, too, is great.
    (but as I type this I’m down to two fitting pairs of pants, so what do I know?)
    Oh, and we have a store here called “Catherine’s Short and Stout.” Stout? Somehow that sounds worse than Fat to me!

  24. Suzy Q

    You know another thing about those fat girl clothing stores? They don’t judge. When you walk in the store, most (or all) of the salespeople are overweight. They greet you warmly and are actually helpful.
    I’ve been shopping in Lane Bryant lately and have found some cute stuff. Some of it’s UGH, but still, there ARE some finds! Most of what I like, though, is the friendly, non-competitive atmosphere. I never feel as though someone is looking at my ass and thinking it’s too big.
    Great for you for finding some new clothes. Hope they make you feel better!

  25. Tracey

    Yay for Y! As a ‘full figured’ woman myself, I like shopping at the Avenue and Lane Bryant stores, mainly because they actually have clothes that are modern and fashionable. Nothing pisses me off more than going shopping in a department store like say, Macy’s or Sears, and all I can find is frumpy, shapeless caftans and old lady clothes even my own mother wouldn’t wear! So I have boobs and hips…so what!! I play up the boobs, minimize the tummy and work with what I’ve got! The hubby doesn’t seem to mind anyway. What I’m trying to say is that it’s sooo important to dress the body you have, not the body you wish you had. It will make you feel so much better about yourself!! Love your blog Y!!

  26. Marmite Breath

    Short and stout? WTF? (Although I may use that for the name of my blog).
    Y, I am just still upset that you are not coming to Nebraska instead of NYC. They both begin with N, for God’s sake! What is the difference? Oh, yes, corn and culture. My kids are starting to get a Nebraska accent and THAT CANNOT HAPPEN!
    We will be leaving here soon and one of my choices was San Diego. My one thing in the plus column was “Could Possibly Meet Y if I move to Cali”. Negatives were “Too Far Away From England” and “Could Possibly Fall Into Ocean With California in Earthquake” so we’re asking for Norfolk. Bloody Navy.
    PS) Sorry for the book-type comment. Love you and glad you got some new clothes!

  27. ben

    So, single wimmins can’t shop there?
    (it does say AND. Not “OR”)
    Love it, enjoy the clothes.

  28. Joy

    Short and Stout? Is it a teapot store?? What an awful name!
    Y, awesome clothes!! All caps and bright yellow sign… whoever thought that was a good idea?!

  29. Christine

    Thanks, Yvonne (and all the commenters!) for the chuckle this morning. That name is hilarious. Makes no sense, but it’s funny as hell.

  30. Krissy

    I struggled with my pride for a long time when I gained weight because I didn’t want to shop at plus size shops. Once I realized that it’s not about the size on the label but the way I look and feel I got over it. It’s harder to find clothes that are cute when you’re bigger, but when you do? it’s totally worth it. My favorite store has really cheap clothes, too, which means it’s heaven on earth for me. I’m glad you got some new clothes–a wardrobe lift always makes me happy!

  31. Clementine

    That store name is hilarious! Your picture totally made my day. Like some of your earlier commenters, I adore that the PLUS is in caps. If I lived around you, I’d totally check that place out…I’m Mrs. and PLUS SIZE myself!
    By the way, have you ever visited http://www.prettypear.com? I love that site. It’s for PLUS SIZE women and the woman who runs it is awesome, v. upbeat and matter-of-fact about being a woman of size.
    Congrats on your pretty pretty new clothes!

  32. Yak

    Stores like that… I can’t decide if they should be LESS in your face, with names like “Discreetly Yours” or “Pretty and Special” (which could then mean a douche-and-sex-toy store, or one that sells clothes to retarded people and the conjoined twins with one body and two heads)… or MORE in your face, in the spirit of not being ashamed of your appearance, like “Lardbutt Deluxe” or “Ms. Pup Tent.” What do you think? Have I gone over the line here? 🙂 BTW if you’re thinking of a side trip to Boston, look me up if it’s not wikid hahd (I don’t really have that accent, I promise).

  33. Greta

    I was thinking the same thing about the “Barn” store. I would name MY store, “Hey, Don’t Worry, We Don’t Sell Anything You Have to Tuck In.”

  34. Paula

    Though the name of your store sucks donkey dung, you’re lucky, all i have nearby is Catherines plus size store. Its full of old lady polyester shiz and I hate it. So Im basically stuck ordering online from Lane bryant or Woman Within which sucks even more when I need something in a pinch.

  35. Colleen

    They really couldn’t come up with a more creative name huh?
    Sounds like you got some great deals though. And… yeah for the personal shopper! It always helps to have someone with a sense of style you trust go shopping with you.

  36. Dee

    YAYAYAYAY!! I am very happy for you. I know I hate going into thoses “fat” stores so I just call them pleasantly chubby stores.
    It works for me:-0

  37. Mickey

    I also loathe clothes shopping, so I often wonder where all this crap in my closet came from!
    Y, you are beautiful no matter what size outfit you wear. I’m casting my vote with the others- let’s see you in the new clothes!
    And, Greta? Who said:
    I would name MY store, “Hey, Don’t Worry, We Don’t Sell Anything You Have to Tuck In.”
    You are my new best friend.
    On a slightly more serious note- I sometimes score bargains at Marshall’s & T J Maxx. The “Women’s” size section is usually sparse, but if you’re patient and willing to dig through a lot of crap, you can get some good stuff at half-decent prices.
    My biggest beef (ok, one of my beefs) with Lane Bryant is that their sizing isn’t consistant. I tried on the same pair of pants in three different colors and would have wound up buying 3 different sizes. Even worse (or better depending on your point of view) is the fact that the LB in the mall I allow myself to be dragged to is DIRECTLY across from a Godiva store. Guess who didn’t buy a new outfit this morning but did get $10 worth of truffles?

  38. Krystle

    Ugh, Clothes shopping… I HATE. BUT, now… lets see pictures… pictures please! I bet you look FABulous!! Have a wonderful weekend!

  39. chris

    i always tell people i shop at omar the tentmaker. what do they care? i hate getting dressed up, but it does make it more tolerable if you’ve got something you know will get you through.

  40. anonymous jane

    Good on you! And the best part? You actually *have* a relationship with you sister. 🙂

  41. dana

    Alleluia! Someone else who feels the way I do about shopping for plus size clothes. I hate it. I just went shopping a few days ago and believe me, I cried more than once in the dressing rooms. I have the tendency to buy things too big, too. But I daringly bought jeans that are “fitted” and even though I feel strange wearing them, they do make me look thinner.

  42. Shania

    I can’t find a website for MRS & Plus sizes. And I NEED to know where it is because I can’t afford Lane Bryant and I don’t want to spend a ton of money because I’ll only where these clothes a little while because I am totally going to lose like 50 pounds. Are you rolling your eyes?

  43. Emily

    the first time I read this I thought the store was called “Mrs. Plus Sized”….so it could be worse, right? So have you ever seen the store “Dress Barn”? Perhaps it is a midwestern thing. Anyway, THEIR plus sized store is called “Dress Barn Woman” which to me seems way insulting, like a sort of placating “don’t worry, you’re still a woman if you’re fat.”

  44. Emily

    p.s. Yak’s comment about naming the store “Pretty and Special” made me laugh SO HARD. I personally think you should just NAME THE DAMN STORE something normal. Layne Bryant is a good name, because it just a name. I mean, skinny stores aren’t called “Ideal Body Shop” or “Skinny Skin Coverings” so why the other way around?

  45. lisa

    “Translation: Old and Fat Wimmins!” oh my god…you are so funny. i literally laughed out loud. thanks

  46. The Simple Family

    At least it wasn’t the “hefty hideaway,” right?
    One time I went into Layne Briant’s underwear store and loudly wondered, because I didn’t know where I was, why all the damn bras were as big as my head.

  47. Lydia

    I’m a regular reader and also struggle with finding cute clothes. Up until recently I bought all my clothes at Lane Bryant but they can be really pricey. Now I buy my clothes from Old Navy online – they have incredibly cute clothes and the prices are great!
    And yay for you getting out there and finding something for your trip. It’s amazing what looking good in new clothes, no matter their size, can do for you.

  48. M

    Okay….those are really cute…another place where I find reallllly cool things in the ___ department is Walmart…I swear they need to switch their buyers to purchase clothes for all their sections because I always find the prints and stylish clothes in that there.

  49. amanda

    Hmmm, a shop where women can go to get attractive, appealing, quality clothing that fits that does not involve complete and total demoralization? I think you may be on to something.

  50. Mom101

    While from a marketing standpoint I understand that the name, and how it might come in handy on google searches. But dude – who wants to be like, “OhmiGAWD Angie! Guess where I just found the most PERFECT dress!”

  51. Kristen

    I remember the first time I shopped at Lane Bryant, it was a very humbling experience… Until of course I found the clearance section!

  52. crunchy carpets

    Rofl..up here it is Additionelle….make the fat sound FREEENCH and fancy.
    I liked when they had a trendy offshoot called A&E Sport…for the er sporty fat gear….but they merged the two and opened up in a outlet store.

  53. The Over-Thinker

    Y—I totally printed that photo. It’s going up in my office. So do you also have to be married to shop there? SIGN ME UP!
    A few summers ago, I was in Atlanta and I was driving around at night. I passed a joint that was called “CLOT WORLD”—I was totally baffled (of course, I took a picture). The next day when I went by (in the light) I realized that it was CLOTH WORLD–the bulbs behind the H were out. See now, I don’t care to go in CLOTH WORLD, but I may have stopped in CLOT WORLD, ya know, just to say I went there.

  54. KimberlyDi

    You’ve stepped out of your (dis)comfort zone? WoooHoo! Step out more girlfriend. There’s nothing comfortable about your comfort zone. You’ve been miserable.
    The Gym. Shopping for clothes with your sister. This is the road to recovery. You’re doing great.

  55. maggie, dammit

    Spelling stupid name of store in big stupid yellow letters = lame.
    Those clothes = kickass.
    Congrats on stepping out of your comfort zone, it’s almost always worth it – even if it sucks in the moment.

  56. Jessica

    I’m in for the same thing when I go back to California in May. My sister is already plotting my makeover and looking at clothes for me from Torrid. Ai. I don’t want to, but she can be very…..persuasive. 😀
    Good on you for getting some very cute clothes, even if it felt uncomfortable at the time.

  57. Miss Yvonne

    Just found your blog. I’m battling thyroid disease too. Looking forward to reading the rest of your posts!
    Don’t worry, there are cute fat chick clothes out there. We just have to wade through all the crap to get to them.

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