39 thoughts on “Photography Keeps Me Sane, Gives Me Hope For a Healthy Future and Reminds Me That Life is Wonderful Even When it Doesn’t Feel so Good.

  1. DiaryofWhy

    Your daughter has personality enough for three people in that picture. If there was an America’s Next Toddler Model (which is kind of a sick thought, but nonetheless), she could totally rock it.

  2. Suebob

    If I didn’t think it would ruin your daughter’s life, I would say “Get that child a modeling contract!” And I hate kids, so that is saying something.

  3. Pam

    My God! The lips on that child. Angelina has nothing on her. Y, when you look at that face, are you just a little scared? And is Tony polishing his gun? She’s, whoa, just amazing.

  4. Kathy from NJ

    I’m with Pam, the lips are incredible. She is absolutely beautiful. It’s a good thing she’s got older brothers to fend off all the guys who will be knocking on the door in ten years.

  5. Hay

    I just had to come out of lurkdom to say, wow, you have serious talent with the camera. The bokeh background in the last shot is to die for.

  6. daniel

    gorhl you are gonna have your hands full with that child when she hits the teens. she is pretty gorgeous right there…. just like mama. 😉

  7. Kristina

    Awww Y she’s getting so grown up and she’s so beautiful. I really love sunflowers too, you are good with that camera. Keep it up girl. I hope you’re feeling better. Lots of hugs and love from Texas.

  8. Kelley

    That last one reminds me of Christmas here in Australia. I don’t know why…
    Gorgeous photos, so jealous cause I can’t work my stupid useless camera….

  9. chris

    you’ve got an excellent eye with the camera, girl! keep shooting- i’m so glad you found something to enjoy!

  10. alice

    Those are great shots! I’m glad that you’re still finding a way to use your eye even when the rest of life is sucking. Thanks for sharing them!

  11. Lisa

    In what is an otherwise really really rotten day for me, that top picture of the flower is beautiful and made me happy…thank you

  12. Sally

    love your photos…and glad you are exercising your heart & your shutter finger. your daughter is gorgeous! she looks so comfortable in front of the camera….i love that! thanks for sharing these. i hope this week is better than last week for you!!!!!

  13. Caroline

    I’ve totally been a lurker for a while now, but I just thought I’d let you know I absolutely love/admire your pictures.

  14. Emily

    Wow these are beautiful! This is the kind of thing I see and want to take pics of but when I actually do they never look as stunning as this (and my thumbs probably over the lense!) Great photos!

  15. Kim

    Love these! PLEEEEEEEZ! Can you tell me what kind of camera you use? I am shopping for a new one right now. I. Need. Advice!

  16. Christine

    People, it’s not the camera, it’s Y’s great eye for composition, color, etc. She’s fabulous.
    A digital SLR has wonderful benefits, but if you don’t know what to shoot and how to shoot it, you won’t get the end-result you desire.

  17. The Aitch

    girl, you are really getting goo000ood at the photo taking skillz. Now you can add that to your list of skillz, right after your nunchuku skills, bow hunting skills & computer hacking skills….HAHA!!!1**
    I even like what you’re doing with the cropping and processing.
    **Lordy please tell me you’re a napoloan dynamite fan!

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