The Bloody Feet.

New York,
You kill me.
The walking, the honking. the random crazy ass bitches who wanna shank me in times square for no reason at all, the public urinating, the pushing, the shoving, the NOT SAYING I’M SORRY OR EXCUSE ME, the constipation (New York, you constipate me) the loud ass mother fucking early morning bells, the over priced EVERYTHING… and yet? I love you and would go back tomorrow. Ok, maybe not tomorrow, but most definitely after the ex-lax kicks in and I’m feeling “regular” again.
Busy New  York City
Lots of pictures and stories to come…

13 thoughts on “The Bloody Feet.

  1. Krystle

    I went to NYC 6 months after 9/11 and I would do anything to go back! LOVED IT, and the tourist shopping store at every block, that I went into at EVERY block. Heck! Ha… So fun, definitely worth a 2nd trip. Can’t wait to see pictures!

  2. Katie

    New York is a lot of fun (I love the fast pace of everything) but could really do without the smells. Welcome home Y!

  3. apathy lounge

    I’ve been to London and it’s a great place, but New York is still my favorite vacation destination ever. Truly. I love the mountains and the ocean. I enjoy the perfect climate of a day in Santa Fe. But New York is so freaking stimulating! We went there in January. I’m ready to go back.

  4. Helen

    We were having our meetup in NY….we switched it to Boston, in June, I am SO excited. Happy you had fun and hope that ex-lax works for you! Longing for the pictures.

  5. Kay

    I say the same thing about Chicago. I think it is their food that constipates me, it is undeniably good.
    Can’t wait to hear the stories/see the pics! Glad you made it home safe!

  6. ali

    i kinda wish new york would constipate me. it, erm, affects me the other way, yo.
    (was that just a little too much? hmm?)

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