“You better be careful! They’re going to get stuck like that and stay that way forever!”

Having worked with children for my entire adult life, I knew the instant they told me the third child I was carrying in my womb was a “girl” that I would have to prepare myself for The Rolling of the Eyes. I would tell my husband things like “but little girls they roll their eyes when they’re mad! And! They sigh heavily while they’re rolling their eyes! And! When they do that, it makes me so angry inside that I want to pinch their legs!” And my husband would just laugh and say things like “But you’ll feel differently about it when your daughter does it, because you’ll love her!” And I would say “I don’t think so! I’ll still want to pinch her legs because I HATE EYE ROLLING THAT MUCH!”
I thought I would have plenty of time to prepare for the eye rolling, or at the very least, until lkindergarten. I never, ever in my wildest dreams thought that I would be confronted with The Rolling of the Eyes at the precious wittle age of THREE. But, that daughter of mine, she’s always one step ahead of the game, I tell ya.
Is a title really necessary?
You see, last week I walked into my bedroom to find my daughter’s face covered (YET AGAIN) in my makeup. OF COURSE, I had to grab my camera to capture the moment and as I started snapping away, she let out a huge sigh, ROLLED HER EYES and said “why you always have to take my picture, Mooooom?
It completely caught me off guard, but, surprisingly, I did not want to pinch her leg! Infact, I wanted to kiss her all over and tell her that she is the funniest little girl I have ever known. However, I refrained because I KNOW that it won’t be funny when she pulls that shit at 13.

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  1. stepher

    That is SO funny and what a cute photo. You really have a skill for photography, Y.
    I can’t tell you how many times I got in trouble for rolling my eyes and sighing. My momster definately got tired of it by the time I reached 13!
    S t e p h e r

  2. Jakki

    Now…yes it is adorabe but at thirteen…ummm yeah you might have to pinch yourself to make it really did happen and not a figment of your imagination. I wish I had a little girl for these kind of moments.

  3. Andrea

    My niece is already down with the eye rolling, too. I couldn’t believe it the first time I saw it. She’ll be 4 on Monday. Girls. Pft. = )
    (PS – for sake of not being a crazy ‘net person and full disclosure I wanted to tell you that I’ve commented before but I used a faux name. However I started a new blog and I’m using my real name on that blog and I don’t want my other blog to be tied to my real name and blah blah blah….I’m not crazy. I promise. If you wanna know who I am just ask and I’ll tell ya. In private.)

  4. justAcliche

    Thanks Andrea. Now I feel like I must disclose that I did the opposite. I went anon. (formerly known as MoMMY)
    Anyway, Y, I just wanted to mention that as someone with a keen eye and a photo degree I must say you have some serious photo talent. Do something about that, would ya.

  5. Scout's Honor

    Ah, eleven year old eye rolls suck, but yes, I thought they were cute at this age. And I am paying the consequences now.
    I don’t know what I expected. I am the queen bee of eye rolling, sighing, and hands on hip attitude. Once my daughter hits her teens, I am so very screwed.
    But, I still must say the eye rolls from my son bother my husband most. In fact, any of my bad habits that have rubbed off on my son are huge transgressions. He picks on my eldest about things that he hates about me. I snap my gum? He yells at the son to stop snapping his gum. I cut him off mid-sentence, he yells at son not to interupt.
    So passive-aggressive. Did you sense an eye-roll there? Good.

  6. Sasha

    Mine is 8 and she does the eye rolling/head tossing/twirl around and foot stomping make-me- want-to-beat-her-ass routine.
    Totally has me rethinking the whole naive “I don’t believe in spanking” decision. lol

  7. girlplease

    The question is, do YOU roll your eyes? She’s got to get it from somewhere. Her thumbs up pic was a spitting image of you. And this is a good thing. You’re sense of humor and love should be passed on.
    Now to teach her “girl, please!”. I’ll feel so flattered. hahaha

  8. P

    I second justacliche. You should sell photos on one of those stock photography sites. (I won’t name names – don’t want to look like a spammer!)
    Hope the Hash is lying low.

  9. Mama DB

    They say 3 is the new 5. Oh, help us all. I have a 3-year-old Little Miss and she sasses me on occasion but last month, she rolled her eyes at me. I was not at all prepared.

  10. mel from freak parade

    Oh, I am so with you on the wanting to pinch the leg thing. My daughter is about to be five. The attitude, the drama, the eye rolling, the heavy sighing. Agh. Enjoy the cuteness while you can…it doesn’t last long. 🙂

  11. Mary

    The daughter I waited for all my life is almost 11. She rolls her eyes at me all the time. I roll them back at her. I adore her, and even when she’s awful, I am so very glad to have her.

  12. shana

    HAHAHAHAHA! My girl’s going to be three in about a month, and she’s thisclose to eye rolling. And lordy, lordy, did I get in trouble for the rolling and sighing. Ack!!

  13. Jane

    I LOVE the photo! My baby hasn’t started that yet (12-mo-old), but I’m betting it won’t be long. She already plays with makeup.

  14. Redneck Mommy

    She’s so beautiful, Y.
    Lucky lady.
    My daughter is closing in on 12. Eyerolling and me are old friends.
    I’ve never wanted to pinch her leg. But I have had to put the stapler down a time or two and remind myself that it wouldn’t be a good idea to staple her eyelids shut.
    I love motherhood.

  15. Greta

    What is friggin’ AWESOME…is when they stuff like, Mom, what happened to your belly button…or…I’m never having babies if it does that to your tummy and like that lady on John and Kate + 8.
    P.S. she totally contours her cheeks better than me 🙂

  16. diz

    Can I just tell you? I am an eye roller. At almost thirty years old. It was even addressed in an annual review at work.
    I can’t for the life of me remember it being a huge deal with the parents when I was a kid, but I am so unaware of my eye rolling now that it must have started early.
    Boy, are you in for a long life of it 😉

  17. Kelley

    Oh you are gunna be fine! Already prepared. Don’t forget the head down, look at you through their hair and sigh beforehand.
    And then you just do it right back at them… trust me I am living it with a 14 and 16 yr old.

  18. helen

    Oh how precious they are at 3 and your girl is super precious. I have 5 boys and 1 girl and once Sophie hit 10 I knew that was a pretty good ratio! Boys are so simple to raise in comparison, but to have 1 girl is priceless.

  19. pam

    Hmm, I’ll have to inform my boys that eye rolling is reserved for girls only. I wonder if that information will actually STOP them from doing it. I doubt it unfortunately.
    It doesn’t make me want to pinch their legs but it does make me want to beg them to stop trying to make me feel like a shitty parent when I know I’m doing the right thing.
    Oh and you have cute feet.

  20. Y

    Ha! I know that boys roll their eyes too. However, for some reason, it bothers me when little girls do it. Probably because they make a huge dramatic production out of it. Or, because I’m sexist. Either one.

  21. Mr Lady

    Our kids really need to hang out.
    Or not.
    Maybe, for the sake of our mutual sanity, we should make very sure they NEVER got to hang out. Together, those two might drive us to the drink.

  22. Cassey

    I bet you feel good, she’s advanced. There’s something you can brag about by the swings. “Walked at 7 months? Oh my girls was eye rolling in preschool… ”

  23. Shelly

    Eye rolling…sighing…..it’s not limited to the female gender…I’ve got 2 teenage boys….and let me tell you, I’m surprised that they can even SEE with all the eyerolling in my house. *Sigh* *tear* they grow up so fast. And yes….you’ll HATE them and ADORE them all at the same time, while remembering how YOU rolled your eyes (or at least WANTED to) at that age.
    My boys also get frustrated at the camera…..until they WANT to see stuff and are happy that dad has it stored happily for their viewing pleasure.

  24. Clementine

    I have a bunch of eye rollers in my child care program and they’re all boys. The oldest is 4.5 and he started the trend, but it didn’t take long for the little ones to pick it up. In fact, my 23-month old rolled his eyes at me today when I asked him to drink his milk. It’s craziness! My personal take on it as that as long as they aren’t being fresh with their words, eye rolling is fine. I wonder what I’ll think when my own daughter (now 15 months) starts that nonsense, though!

  25. heartfull

    I agree with Scouts Honor above! My 8 year old acts just like a 13 year old when it comes to the drama. I don’t know if I’ve seen much eye rolling (though I’m a champion eye roller, so I assume that’ll come around) but the talking to me as if I’m s-t-u-p-i-d is worse, I swear.

  26. mauniejames3

    I especially loved the Mooooom…that’s little girls for ya…I had only boys but daughter-in-law number one blessed me with two girls…they have completed my life…

  27. Christine

    Very sweet photo! You can see how she really feels about having her photo taken by her eyes!! Love it.
    Having a 14 yo daughter (and two other daughters, my 5 yo does, and when the two yo does it is just too adorable, I want to pinch her cheeks), but it makes me long for those days when she was 3. There have been times when the eye rolling was still cute, (if she’s just giving me a hard time and joking about it), but other times, it drives me completely crazy!

  28. Michele

    Since you’re blocked at work, I can usually only read you in my reader. And not comment. So since I’m at home right now I just wanted to quickly write and say, You ROCK. I lurve you. And I can’t wait to (hopefully?) meet you at BlogHer.

  29. Suburban Turmoil

    When and if I ever have the pleasure of meeting your daughter, I will be very surprised if she doesn’t have your makeup smeared all over her face. From all your photos, that’s how I picture her in my mind!!! 😀
    She is such a cutie, eye rolling and all.

  30. AlwaysCurious

    I get sad when I come here and there are no updates… how am I supposed to study for finals when I don’t have all my favorite blogs to read on study breaks (i.e. 82% of the time i spend “studying”)?

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