31 thoughts on “A Moment of Cute

  1. samantha

    Beautiful picture. Has your daughter grown a tickeme plant yet. Get a picture of her with one. It will lower its branches and close its leaves when tickled. My kids love them!

  2. Jennifer

    Holy Hugeness, Batman! I think Bandit’s head may out-huge even your bridal veil! Wow, that’s a BIG dog. And could G-Unit be any cuter? I think not.

  3. Becki

    He is totally looking at her like “I know what your about to do, don’t do it!” And she’s all “I’m soooo gonna do and you can’t stop me.”

  4. Hannah

    You take the most lovely pictures. This ALMOST makes me forget my solemn vow to never own a dog. Happy mother’s day!

  5. Rae

    Happy Mother’s Day, Yvonne 🙂
    Is there any reason why you don’t enter some of these pics in contests? I’m willing to bet that one or more of these would win prizes/awards/recognition (this one included)!!

  6. Kristie

    Please tell me you’ve seen the movie The Sandlot? (The original, not any of the lame sequels) That picture of your daughter with the dog reminds me so much of that movie, right before the dog licks the boy’s face and about drowns him with the “big-ness” of his face and tongue. 🙂
    So cute!!!

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