I Want to See The World Through Her Eyes.

Today I took my daughter out for our Monday of Fun.
We went to a local outdoor shopping mall where we bought new clothes and splashed around in the water. After we were all shopped out, we headed for lunch at a new diner around the corner.
When our waiter had finished taking our order, a woman started walking towards us. She had her hair pulled back tightly, very little make up on and was significantly overweight (about the exact size that I am.) As she got closer, my daughter looked up from her plate of Mac and cheese, pointed at her and said “Look at the lady, Mom.”
“I see her.” I said, a little bit nervous as to what she would say next (because one time? When my son was 3? He pointed out an overweight woman and said “Mom, how come that lady is so fat?” in a voice so loud that everyone in the immediate area turned their head and looked at us. STILL traumatized by that.)
Then, my daughter looked right at me and said “She’s so beautiful, Mommy!!”
Relieved, I smiled and said “You’re right. She is beautiful, Mija.”
Then, she took another bite of her macroni and cheese and said “just like you, Mommy.

87 thoughts on “I Want to See The World Through Her Eyes.

  1. Z

    That is so beautiful, just like you are… Sometimes it takes someone to remind us of it, but it’s the truth, and your daughter can see it in you.

  2. Beth

    Out of the mouth of babes. Children see the world through untainted eyes and you need to believe what she said because she told the truth.

  3. Karla

    My heart just pitter pattered in triple time. What an absolutely witty girl you have. Truly a sparkly gem.

  4. Y

    MammaLoves… I DO know that. But in a world that tells us you have to be a certain size to be beautiful, it made me very happy that my daughter hasn’t yet been corrupted to think in that way and hopefully, she never will.

  5. Kristie

    The only thing that would have made me any happier with this story would be to know that the lady overheard her, as well. 🙂

  6. lisa

    love the “monday of fun.”
    your daughter is incredible. let her comment soak in and stay in your heart, forever!

  7. Starr

    What a sweet moment. They sure do have a knack, don’t they? One of my favoritest memories ever is of my little niece coming up to me, patting me on the cheek with her chubby little hand and saying, “You’re bootiful, Aunt ‘Tarr…you’re so pwetty!” What a boost, since I was in sweats, a ponytail and shiny-skinned no-makeup zitzilla land.

  8. Heather

    That was great 🙂 It made me feel good, somehow, that a child who pointed at me and said something to mom might say something so kind.

  9. kathryn

    If only we could love ourselves the way that our children love us. This story is great.

  10. Kait

    Well, if you want to look at it this way – You could say that something positive has come out of this ordeal. Your daughter can see beauty in women other than the “typically beautiful”. Perhaps your condition is causing her to change the standard of beauty.
    I would have smooshed her right up and loved her to death right then! 🙂

  11. Kaela

    Children are honest–you’re beautiful. She see’s it and so do we.
    I came upon an article about French women, how they view their bodies and what body-confidence they pass on to their daughters.
    Reading it was so helpful and encouraging for me, I think it might be for you as well. I posted it as a bulletin on my myspace recently (I’m on your friends list) you should check it out.

  12. L.

    I’ve been worried that the way you used to hate your body for being overweight, would “rub off” on your daughter – even though you weren’t outwardly saying “Oh I’m fat I hate me!”, kids pick up on these things. I’m so glad to see that it didn’t – and that your daughter is still as sweet and loving as ever.

  13. Suburban Turmoil

    Wow. That is so sweet and wonderful and so interesting at the same time. My daughter actually does the same thing- points out women of all sizes, and ages for that matter, as being beautiful. It makes me wonder at what point- and how- children are socialized to believe that only skinny, young women are attractive.

  14. Stacie from MN

    Isn’t that the way it always is? I can see people who are even more overweight than I am and truly think they are beautiful people, but when I look at myself, all I see are my fat rolls. That’s the great thing about little kids, they aren’t old enough to have learned that our society prefers thin women.

  15. apathy lounge

    One of the reasons I was so glad that I didn’t have daughters was the fear of being criticized as I aged. Despite the crazy notions that men have regarding female beauty, we know that women are far more critical of other women. Glad to know your daughter is one of the good ones.

  16. Jenn

    AWW, what an amazing little girl you have there – and I have to agree she’s got one heck of a BEAUTIFUL mommy!!!

  17. gabby

    She is an angel sent from heaven to remind you of the little things that make a big difference in life. I have a 5 year old daughter and she always lets me know how beautiful I am to her (regardless of my weight). I always remind her as well how beautiful she is to me.
    Y, you are beautiful inside and out. Dont ever forget that. I dont even know you in person but I feel somewhat connected to you through the internet.
    Please dont stop writing. You probably think it might not matter what you say to us, but that last post made me cry and with that, you are touching other people’s lives through an internet connection.

  18. pookie

    Wow what an awesome girl. Imagine the woman she will be.
    Thanks so much Y. This made my day..you made me cry..but it still made my day!

  19. Paloma

    Kids rock.
    I weigh 100+ pounds more than my BFF and I said to the kids one day that I was exercising to look like auntie(my BFF). Cause Auntie is pretty and she has a pretty body. They proceeded to tell me that I am pretty. Prettier than auntie.
    Oh, my loves.
    Sorry, your story just totally reminded me of that.



  21. DeeDee

    Excuse me while I try to sop up my heart that just melted like butter after reading that! What a beautiful comment from a beautiful little girl. You’ve got so much going for you and I hope you feel better after hearing her say that because the thing about little kids is that they ALWAYS speak the truth in their heads.

  22. JL

    Doesn’t get much better than that, does it?
    My Girl is nineteen now, and we still have “Girlie Time”. My FAVORITE time.

  23. Angela

    Y! What a precious story. Your little girl is so wonderful, with such a big heart – clearly a reflection of her mama.

  24. Chana

    I hardly ever comment but I had to come out of lurkdom today to say that this is a beautiful story and it made me all teary eyed and emotional. I agree with your very precious daughter. You are beautiful.

  25. Monet (aka Birdsboss)

    Oh my gawd!!!! i had to come back to tell you that today when my little girl (bird) and i were leaving daycare…she stopped and said hey look mom, “a mommy” while she pointed to another lady that was walking right by us….then she said “she be-uuu–tiii—ful mommy”…this made me stop in my tracks (even though i just wanted to get the hell outta there after a long days work) and i looked at the lady…she was a normal mom…lovely ofcourse…but i just loved how my kid saw her beauty!!! she has never done this before so i just had to come back to tell you….anyway, the “mommy” was so touched and said thank you!!! ohhh what a wonderful moment it was!! just thought i would share!!

  26. Monet (aka Birdsboss)

    ….and it made me think of gabby…so trippy it happened today after i had read your post….totally stopped me in my tracks like i said before and think of your post!!!

  27. Susan

    She’s absolutely right, you know.
    Funny–I just blogged about a very similar Girls’ Day that my 8yo and I had!

  28. d

    out of the mouths of babes… you had better listen to your little one, Miss Y. she’s a wise one already.

  29. Lisa

    Long time lurker….
    Wow! Thanks for just being you and sharing an amazing story about the simple things in life. You will never know HOW MUCH I needed that today!!(and every day…. )

  30. lani

    Thanks for sweet little girl Gabby’s who give us the right perspective. She knows what beautiful is. She’s right, you know?

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