This post has not been edited because if I go back and read it I will delete it like all the other ones before it.

I’ve been struggling with what to do about this blog.
Today, I was tempted to delete it. I was very Soap Opera Serious about it too. I feel like this.. why keep it up when I can’t seem to be able to translate my thoughts into words? I see it sitting here, with the same post up for a week and I’m literally unable to type the thoughts and stories that have collected in my brain for the past 7 days.
However, I know that if I were to delete or to make some dramatic statement such as “I’M QUITTING BLOGGING!” that I’ll regret it the second I did it. If only because I love to have this place to write WHEN the mood strikes (which obviously isn’t very often these days.)
Writing has always come easily (naturally?) to me. And please don’t misinterpret that to mean that “I am a naturally a good writer.” I know that I am not a good writer. And please don’t misinterpret THAT to mean “I am a horrible, awful writer and am stupid and I should just go ahead and kill myself now!” What I mean is that it’s something I love to do (in the same way that I love to hear myself talk), even THOUGH I know that I’m not incredibly good at it and although I have gone through periods of “writers block” I don’t ever recall feeling as though “I will never be able to do this again!!”
But that’s how I feel right at this moment. I am trying not to give it too much weight, because I realize that for the most part, the reason that I’m having a hard time with this whole writing thing is because of the low thyroid (Ha! You thought I was going to get through an entire post without saying it! YOU LOSE!) At the same time, I can’t help but wonder if after almost 6 years is simply long enough and it’s time to move on.
(Am I really having a “blogging crisis” or am I fabricating this to BOOST MY RATINGS!? Troll sez: RATINGS PLOY!)
(Clearly, I am not ready to let that go yet, if only because it’s my second most favorite insult on ever written on this blog, the first being “WINNERS DO THE MATH!”)
Please don’t leave comments asking me not to quit. If you do, I will virtually hold my finger up to your mouth and say “SHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.” This isn’t something I need to be talked out. It’s just me, thinking out loud and trying to break this writing funk that I am in. The truth is that I don’t think I could ever delete this blog. There are too many stories that I want to remember and deleting it would be like deleting a tiny little piece of my soul. (See! I told you! Soap Opera Serious!) However, if I don’t have some kind of mental break through in which I am once again able to sit down and write about my life (AND NOT ABOUT MY THYROID.) I may have to walk away for a bit.
Here is where I ask for your help.
Dear You,
Ask me a question.
In doing so, you may help to unlock my brain and save me from this Blogpression. (Oh YES I DID.)
p.s. if I get a lot of questions, there’s a very good chance that I won’t be able to answer every single one. And it won’t mean I didn’t like your question or that I’m an asshole. It’ll just mean that I’m overwhelmed, so please don’t take it personally.
p.s.s. I’m kind of hoping that someone will ask me about my thoughts on Mary Hart, because ever since watching a clip of her and Marie Osmond on youtube I can’t seem to get her fake laugh out of my head and I may have gone so far as to google “Mary Hart is annoying” to see if the internet feels the same way about her as I do.
I look forward to your questions.
Woah, that’s a lot of questions! No more questions necessary as I am pretty sure I’ll be answering questions for the next 3 months. THANK YOU!

105 thoughts on “This post has not been edited because if I go back and read it I will delete it like all the other ones before it.

  1. helen

    Y, here’s a question? Will you trade your daughter for mine? Yours is so cute and sweet and adorable and mine is 19 and giving me an ulcer and grey hair and…..I understand how you feel about your blog and the thyroid because my blog and my daughter, feels like deja vu without the cool part ( Hey! I so feel like I did this before, cooooool)
    The thing is, I’m not at ALL bored with your thyroid, it is a welcome release to read your blog, hey how about we swap? I’ll write about my terrible daughter here and you can write about your thyroid on my blog and we’ll be telling a new tale to different readers? There’s an idea!!

  2. Rhi

    What’s your favorite thing about me?
    Oh, are these questions about you? Well then, what are your thoughts on Mary Hart :)?

  3. N

    My DH has an underactive thyroid. It was diagnosed years ago. We also heard rumors of immediately loosing weight and problems being solved overnight. Every 6 months he would go in to have his blood work checked and they would always up his meds. Only last month did they say it looks like they are finally normal. He’s lost 10 pounds without trying (which could also be due to the massive amounts of stress he was under) and starting to return to his old self. Its nice to read your blog and see someone else living through this crap.
    Anyway, my question is what is your favorite summertime memory?

  4. Kellybeans

    Ok, first Mary Hart is sooo annoying. Fake. Very, very fake.
    And my question: How do you raise such good, wonderful boys, even as adolescents? I have a near-1-year old and I need to store up the advice for later. Tips from you would be appreciated! 🙂

  5. gwendomama

    i would ask you what you think about paula abdul but that is so yesterday and the answer is easy: drunky.
    so what do you think about the ‘Orphan Works’ Bill?
    I think that everything we have ever posted becomes ‘orphaned’ property unless it is trademarked and registered (who does that?). I think that microsuck then gets to ensure that they can own anything ever published and have their newly adjusted cap on the infringement penalty be the awesome way to own anything at all and only ever have to pay a max fine of $150K.
    What do you think about that?

  6. Taryn

    Who were your female role models as a child? Did you have any amazing pop culture, pro-female figures? Who are your current role models? And, in the role model area, who would you like for your kids to look up to?
    I asked four!

  7. AA

    What should I do with my life if I decide to quit teaching 7th grade? I love the kids but the educaton policies are driving me nuts. Oops, sorry that is the question foremost onmy mind. But I can salvage this I think– What are your feelings about the kind of education yoru kids are getting? Do you think it is as good as what you got? Better? How do you feel about the emphasis put on standardized testing? Do you feel like your children are being prepared for real world experiences?
    Yes, I do just want to get parents and the general public riled up enough to change things. It won’t come from within. Too much money and too many jobs have been created and they won’t want to give those up.

  8. AA

    Okay, I can teach. I just can’t type or proofread after a day at the zoo with 200 7th graders in 90 degree weather.

  9. Jamie

    Okay, maybe not but I’d like to know. Are you going to attend BlogHer this year? I’m volunteering/going (poor college student, yo) and I would lovelovelove to meet you while I’m there (if I’m not to scared to be annoying and say hi).

  10. Missie

    Any tips for a first time home buyer? What to do right away, what not to do? How not to burn the house down? What might-be-a-good-idea-right-now-but-really-isn’t-a-good-idea-EVER thoughts?

  11. Mandee

    What are you thoughts on Mary Hart? Specifically, what are you thoughts on the poor fools who just got married at a ceremony she officiated in a bright pink suit from 1984 (some Made of Honor publicity stunt, I think)?

  12. Kandace

    Do your parents still not know about the blog? If so, how on earth did you keep it a secret when you lived with them. Would your mom walk in on you blogging and you have to pretend it was Internet Porn or something?
    Poof! Un-block!

  13. Shelley Carlson

    Did you know that when the bodys regulatory system gets “screwed” up….it can take months, even a year to normalize (i.e thyroid)? I feel your pain with this…A family member of mine thought she was absolutely losing her mind when her thyroid decided to abandon her.

  14. Megan

    Can I knit you something?? I wish I could knit a thyroid, but I’m having some trouble finding a pattern . . .

  15. Amber

    I’m wondering if I have a thyroid problem, also. I’m fat, cranky and tired all the time. Also, hungry, HUNGRY. It’s like I can’t get full. What finally made you go to the doctor and have yours checked? I also feel like maybe I’m blaming my weight issues on this hypothetical diagnosis and I’m just a junk food junkie that deserves to weigh 258 pounds at 32 years old. And if I feel this way about myself, will my doctor feel this way about me, also.

  16. Marriage-101

    I was in a blogpression and took a hiatus for a month. Now I’m back. Maybe you just need a break?
    Ok, here are some questions to choose from:
    All time favorite TV show?
    Top 5 celeb crushes?
    Who inspires you? or Who is your role model?
    Pretend you’re 8 and answer: what do you want to be when you grow up?
    Post your five fave photos

  17. Some People Call Me Mom

    How many sour patch kids can my 3 year old child ingest safely in an hour?
    Why does Cinamark’s Front Row Joe have bare feet while his dancing companion is in heals? How far does this set back the feminist movement?
    Will the internets implode if Joy Unexpected were to be deleted in a fit of Soap Opera Seriousness?
    You, whenever you do write, make everyday women like me laugh and appreciate the beautiful and absurd in life. Thank you.

  18. kathryn

    And here’s a fun one: If you had a superhero (think league of justice here) alter-ego, who would she be? What snazzy name would she have…?
    My husband and I quite frequently make up these personae for our friends… like we have a friend who can’t tell stories… I mean he starts in one place and loops all around and in the end the story has no point. So to us, he is “THE OBSFUCATOR!” And then we have great fun discoursing on what his precise superpower/costume/nemesis is.
    Me? My husband has already termed me “THE JUDGER”… I carry a magnifying glass to burn holes in the back of peoples heads, and have the ability to grow a superlong index finger to wag at offenders. My kryptonite? The HYPOCRISY mirror, of course!
    Anyway, it can be a bit caustic, but its all in good fun!

  19. Susan Getgood

    I want to hear more about your photography. What are you experimenting with? What things are you enjoying photographing — your kids of course byut what else?

  20. Lauren

    I love your blog! Please don’t delete it.
    What kind of music do you like? Who are your favorite musicians? You can answer this one for yourself, your husband, and your kids if you want.

  21. CA

    What do you love most about each of your kids?
    Can we have a photo tour of your house? How is living in your new place going?
    Do you love I do. It makes me laugh. A lot.
    What is your favorite TV show?
    We love you, Y.

  22. Marcie

    I am currently obsessed with Dance Dance Revolution (I have two kids that play it)
    Have you ever played it?

  23. jess

    Who are you voting for to be the next President of the United States and why?
    Why did you start your blog?(ILOVEIT!!)

  24. Marmite Breath

    If you delete this blog, I will lose all faith in humanity. Or at the very least, darling Yvonne, I will be mad at you. So, leave the same post up for a month, but just write when you want. We love reading it.
    Question: What is an appropriate punishment for shop cashiers who (a) are much younger than me and (b) call me ‘hon’ or ‘sweetie’.
    I’m thinking mallet to the face, but I’d like your opinion.

  25. Angella

    Oh, Mary Hart. You annoy me.
    As for Y?
    I love her. And want her to tell me where in the world she would travel, with her camera, if money were not an option.

  26. Katie

    I’ve been blogging for almost 5 years now and I am also wondering how these things end… Not that I want you or me to quit either but eventually it ends right? How? I don’t want people to miss me (Hello RockStar Mommy?!?!) although maybe I’m just being egotistical. ha
    My question: what are you looking forward to this summer? Me: I can’t wait to have lazy days with my kids as I’m not scheduling anything for us.

  27. Kris

    First let me say.. long time lurker.. first time poster..
    how did you discover you had a thyroid problem? i go in for blood work.. its always ok.. but i feel like crap.. am tired.. losing hair.. gaining weight..and for some reason her/ ( the dr.) always just says it will all be ok if you just lose weight.

  28. Marilyn

    Here goes…
    I just saw Rosie O’Donnell on the Rachael Ray show and I need to know: Is this the most unholy of unions ever conceived or a gift from God?

  29. Mishel

    Long time lurker. A few questions for you:
    Are you a SAHM?
    If so, how do you pass the time when your child is asleep (napping)?
    What do you do during the day to keep your child occupied (mine is 16mos. old)?

  30. ame i.

    Hurray, you’re back!
    Can you recommend a very good walking shoe? I’m headed to Disney in 3 weeks. If I’d have realized it was such a “walking” place, I would have chosen a more “sitting down” vacation.
    Blasted thyroids! Mine went hyperactive after the birth of daughter #2. I would have adreneline surges out of nowhere and shake like a heroin addict in need of a fix.

  31. liz

    For me, music is such a sensory-memory experience. I can hear songs that INSTANTLY transport me to a particular time or place.
    What are the 5 songs that get you EVERY. SINGLE. TIME?
    (and by get I don’t necessarily mean dissolving into a puddle of wet tears, but those count too. But like: This Song reminds me of the night I first drove a car by myself and makes me think of freedom)
    Also: I firmly believe that your blog is your own. Sometimes it works for you and sometimes it doesn’t. You don’t OWE anyone anything. Just yourself an outlet should you need it. And if that means writing through your thyroid struggle then do it. Fuck everyone else right in the ear is what I’m saying.

  32. Mr Lady

    First, I am not going to try to talk you out of it; I’m just going to relate for a sec. After almost 4 years blogging, I can’t count how many times I have lost my steam. And, like you, it’s ordinarily VERY easy for me. I’ve never written a post in advance. I just get up, turn on the computer, take a gulp of coffee and SOMETHING comes out. 9 times out of 10, that something is really good.
    Those other times, though, when nothing comes for a while, well, I have this handy dandy big Pause Button saved in my pictures file. I through that up, with no explanation ’cause GOD KNOWS I don’t want to be accused of milking the RATINGS, and I take it down when I’m back. I have never ONCE thought about killing my blog. I love it. (I think you love yours, too. Here’s where I subtly say Don’t Kill Me, Y!)
    So there. I can email you the image anytime. Take a break. We all do!
    Now, for my question: I have a million funny ones I can ask, but I have always wanted to know how you found my blog. You’re in a WAY higher league than me, and I am kind of, well, flattered that you read mine. How’d you stumble across me, if that’s not too presumptious a question to ask?

  33. Mr Lady

    PS: Liz, I have lead a large, full life full of stories that would make the smelliest sailor blush, but I have never been, or tried to, fuck anyone in the ear.
    Now I’m curious. Diagram, please? 🙂

  34. Mrs. Chicken

    My husband is being encouraged to apply for a job at USC. I,of course, FREAKED. So. Far. Away. From. Home.
    So I ask you, oh friend of mine, why do you love living in Cali? What would I love? What would I hate?

  35. Kris

    Someone may have asked this already but here goes… Where did Tony get the nickname “Pighunter”. I know I read your blog for a long time before you called him Tony and I was all who the hell is that? Is she having an affair?!?! Then I figured out that, you know, he has a real name.

  36. Suzy Q

    How about just writing when you feel like it, with no pressure about ratings or numbers of posts? Or is that impossible?
    No, that’s not my question.
    Question: Cool Whip or Reddi Whip? Discuss.

  37. Y

    You GUYS! This is going to be fun. Or, quite possibly, make my head explode! But, I’d take that over my head just sitting here doing nothing all day.
    (um, you know what I mean, right?)
    And Suzy, I answered you through email already, but… I was trying to make clear that it’s not about feeling pressure or about ratings (that’s a joke, for reals.) I’ve never felt pressure to post. This is my space where I write because I love to write, not because I HAVE to write, or because I want high stats. The problem is that I have so much that I want to write about and every time that I sit down to write it out, I simply can’t do it and it’s frustrating me.
    That’s all I was trying to say. But, maybe it only makes sense to me? Probably.

  38. Kelley

    Why do people think the stop signs at Costco are optional?? I have been known to shout at drivers that ignore them and shake my fist in the air (a la bearded cartoon old man).
    Also, since you seem to be able to raise kind, respectful children…could you please tell me how to deal with a 2 year old with a major attitude? I’m serious…I need some different parenting ideas before I pull my hair out (and hers!).

  39. Katie

    If you could offer one piece of advice for someone who is about to get married and begin their “real” adult life, what would it be?
    What was the best parenting moment? The worst?

  40. mandy

    I love your blog, I read every post…like all the other chicks who have already commented, I know. But, I really love your blog. Possibly more than them. It was refreshing to find you. I wish it hadn’t taken so long, I missed so much. I guess that is what archives are for..but I am lazy-I admit..pusing a button is too much for me to do sometimes.
    Anyway, rambling…so my question is a dumb one (no offense to anyone who has already asked this though-again too lazy to read back…)
    ? = How on EARTH did you master photography so quickly? We have the same camera and my pictures WANE (is that a word? I guess that’s two questions, I understand if you only get to one of them..) in comparison to yours.
    Maybe you have been doing it a lot longer than I think (archives thing again, I KNOW) but they are purdy pictures and I want to be like you. How do I do it? (that’s three, I get it.)

  41. Dana

    My question has already been asked, but what was the outcome of the wii vs the neighbor’s tv?

  42. Susan

    I deleted my blog, and it wasn’t because I wanted to, but because my husband (who I love and respect) was embarrassed by me putting my life on the Web. I just have to tell ya, it sucks. The worst part is not having anything to put in the tiny “URL:” box when I leave comments on others’ blogs. Woe is me.
    Anyway, I DO have a question, kind of. Maybe it’s more of a request. Would you consider posting more photos when you’re not feeling able to write? I love your photos, and I do visit your Flickr page. But if you posted photos on your blog, it would show up in my feed reader. And, I would LOVE that. Hope you get your health and writing mojo back soon! You’re a very talented storyteller and photographer, and the blogging world needs you.

  43. catnip

    I read once that Mary Hart’s voice has been known to cause epileptic seizures. For real. It’s called Mary Hart Syndrome.
    Anyway! I wondered how long it’s been since you went to aerobic dance and if you miss it? I can’t go because my own health issues and I know how much I miss it.

  44. mandy

    Waitaminute. Can I have a re-do? I liked the respectful kids question better. Can we pretend I wrote that??
    I have a 2 year old too and I could use that advice even more than the picture stuff I think. Not that your photography isn’t ranked way up there…but I am gonna pull my hair out too. (over the kids, not pictures)

  45. Meg

    I’ve been wondering this one for a while, but I felt like a stalker saying it. Now you’ve given me a perfect chance to ask! How did you pick your kids’ names?

  46. e

    here’s a question:
    i’m theoretically in recovery for an eating disorder, and yet i just hit the lowest weight i’ve been since elementary school. i’m a junior in college.
    so, do i feel like a weak pathetic failure because i feel like i’m failing at recovery? or is it because i feel like i’m not trying hard enough to…. not recover?
    and will the voice ever go away?

  47. Karen

    I absolutly love all your hair cuts…Where do you get the guts to try such different things? I am such a wuss when it comes to changing my hair although I want too. What’s you favorite hair cut?
    P.s I completly understand the need to write things and would never follow through it just feels good to get them out of your system and say (or write) them outloud.

  48. Rebecca

    If you were stuck on an island with only one piece of reading material and one kind of food, what would they be? What would be your one desert island beauty item? CD?

  49. Velma

    I know about your early years, and the teen years, and the early marriage years. I’d be interested to hear about how you first started to express yourself in your marriage and with your kids and in your life before you started blogging. What did you do to find yourself before you started blogging? What led you to start a blog, of all the crazy things? BLAWG? WTF, right? Anyway, I’d like to hear about “Yvonne: The In-Between Years.”

  50. UCM

    Where would you take this blog if you wanted to make it more of a specialty blog? By specialty, I mean a certain topic that you enjoy talking about: photography, raising a child, the joy of sex, voluntary simplicity…okay, maybe not voluntary simplicity.

  51. Colleen

    What are you looking forward to today? (or tomorrow)
    I ask myself this every day and my answers vary from silly things like “5pm when work is over!” to big things like seeing my neice for the first time in a month!! It’s a great question to start the day and help you get through it! Your blog and pictures are beautiful.

  52. Jilt

    Hi! I your blog. It was one of the first blogs I started reading regularly outside of those by people I know in my “real” life.
    My question: How has blogging influenced/affected/changed your life? What blogger do you want to meet, but haven’t yet had the chance? What blogger has influenced you as a woman/mom/wife?

  53. sunshine

    Are there any other food rules for your kids?
    I decided to let mine try cookie dough after you let yours and guess what? THEY DIDN’T DIE OF SALMONELLA! AND now they think I’m cooler than before. So thanks.

  54. Karen

    First, let me say you are so funny, and so real and an AWESOME photographer!
    Have you ever read anything by Marian Keyes? I don’t know if you get a chance to or even like to read, but if you do, she is hysterical.
    Have you ever taken your kids to Disney World?

  55. Belinda

    Why do you feel pressure to post? Yup, that is my question. I mean, you certainly don’t owe US anything–I consider it a big BONUS to my day when I get to come here and read something, but geez, I’m not gonna hunt you down for “depriving” me of glimpses into your life. Sometimes (like recently) when I’m all angsty about getting stuff out, or just too tired to put it into words, I’ll take several days (or weeks) off, or maybe just occasionally post a picture or two to keep things “alive.”
    P.S. I can’t tell you how thrilled I was to finally get to meet you in person, and find out that you’re just as kind and lovely and funny and smart as we all think you are. (Did I say that just to PIMP MYSELF, or to BOOST YOUR RATINGS? Or BOTH? It’s a mystery.)

  56. Jakki

    Is it bad that I dont have a question for you??? I’ve religiously came to ‘check’ on you and you know, I didnt miss you. HOLD UP WAIT A MINUTE!!!
    I check you out on Flickr. And you’ve been posting there so as long as you are ‘there’…I’m good. I think you have been blogging…through your pictures which isnt a bad think…OH…I do have a question…
    You have pictures of you styling one of those Barbie Heads (which I had when I was young but was scared to death of it) hair….what’s up with that??? Are you a hair stylist by night?

  57. Michelle

    What do you like best about you over the course of your adult life? If you were someone else, what things about Y would you admire? I ask this because I think I have lost perspective since becoming a Mom. I feel selfish saying this, but I think I need to think about myself more and what I have contributed to relationships with friends and what I like to do and what my interests are. I’ve been so busy trying to keep other people happy, I forgot that if Momma ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy! I don’t want to be a shell anymore, so I was just thinking about what do I miss about who I was?

  58. Chag

    I know you said no more questions, but
    As a child, what Sesame Street character did you identify with the most?

  59. Stacie from MN

    I am so sorry you are in such a funk! I hope you are able to find what you need to get yourself out of it.
    I don’t have a question really, but I’d love to see more pictures of your house now that you’ve been there a while.

  60. Amy

    QUestion: do you want to meet me and Gina for coffee? Where? And when? I need some Y in my life, it’s been way too long.

  61. jeanie

    I know no more questions – so I will do a kids one – why? ha ha – please feel no pressure from ME to perform.

  62. Molly

    Do you think you would be able to survive if the world went into a post-apocalyptic state? Lawlessness, having to grow or kill your own food, back to colonial or pre-colonial times. I think about this question a lot.

  63. Annika

    You kinda said no more questions but mine is IMPORTANT. I neeeeeeed to know if you’re going to have coffee with me sometime soon. OK?

  64. margalit

    You’ve been in the new house for quite a while now. How is it working out? Are you still feeling the whole ‘I’m a renter, not an owner” funk, especially now when so many people are losing their houses due to the mortgage crisis? And what about your neighbors? Friendly? Insane? Never laid eyes on them? I want to hear about your neighborhood and how your life has changed since moving there.

  65. Mamacita

    I have a statement and a question.
    Statement: I adore you, and my husband and son both think you are the most beautiful woman in the world.
    Question: Will you give me a hug at BlogHer? (Please?) I’ll give you a dollar!

  66. sylvia

    Mine is IMPORTANT too! VERY IMPORTANT! What’s your favourite recipe and will you share it? I am stuck for things to make for dinner tonight 🙁

  67. Kyla

    Dear Y,
    If you could choose any super power (excluding “the ability to fix my thyroid”) what would it be and why?
    Yours truly,

  68. Rebecca

    I know, no more questions, but:
    What is the best parenting advice you have ever received?
    Do you have potty training advice?

  69. carolyn

    Will you give me your favorite family recipe that you make now or one from your childhood?
    Whom do you prefer,Barney or The Wiggles?

  70. Jenny, Bloggess

    Here’s my question. Why did you cut off questions right before I asked one? Do you hate Jesus? Because that’s the only reason I can come up with that you would do that. Now you’re going to be all “Oh. I wonder what her question is. I should just humor her and ask her” but guess what? I’m not telling. And no, it’s not because I hadn’t actually thought of one when I got all mad about getting cockblocked on the whole question thing. I had one and it was good. Great even.
    PS. I think I may have use “cockblocked” incorrectly here but I’m not certain as it isn’t listed in Webster’s. The hell? Why isn’t “cockblocked” in the dictionary?
    PPS. That’s not my question.

  71. KL

    I love your pictures, what kind of camera do you have? I am looking to buy a new camera soon. Thank you
    p.s. Absolutely love your blog!

  72. Kate

    This is less of a question and more of a request…
    Please share any tips you have discovered related to photography! I have watched your photos develop into professional quality and wonder what advice you can give to an amateur like me. Thank you!
    And I hope you gain clarity with your thoughts soon. I love your voice and sense of humor!

  73. Kay

    No questions just understand how you feel. I went through that for a long while and finally came to this conclusion.
    Worrying about having something to say means it is time for a break. You write for you. That is what a blog is for. I know the celebrity thing is strong with some people but that is not why I am doing it or really why many do it. When we all started blogging we had no to little readers, after time it builds up, some more than others. This is when you start feeling like you have to rehearse what you are going to say, or censor yourself
    . I mentioned something to the fact of censoring myself here while back and I got a resounding NO!!! This is YOUR BLOG! Who said something to you? Tell them to eff off! And you know, they were right.
    So, write when you can, say what you want too, we will be here to read when something is new and support you. The rest is just gravy. Seriously.

  74. kimblahg

    this. is. sewious. you have enough questions so i’ll just tell you that i happen to think you are a good writer and i’m glad you decided not to delete.

  75. Maria

    I’m too late to ask a question. However, I would like to make a suggestion. When you have writer’s block, you could do a “my day/week in pictures.”

  76. KimberlyDi

    I know that you are going to win against this THYROID. I hope you are blogging when it happens so we will know.

  77. jen from boston

    How much would it take to get you to call your next post “THYROIDS TO THE MATH.”??
    I will open the bid with I would be willing to replace one lipstick Gabby’s had her way with.
    Jenny Bloggess, that is an appropriate use of cockblocked. I felt the same way.

  78. girlplease

    I’ll ask you a few in only the way that I can.
    1. when the hell are you coming to Chicago on a day that I’ll be in town???
    2. when you were pregnant, did you have gas so noxious that it could have wiped out a small village? Please tell me I’m normal!

  79. holly

    I know you said no more questions, but this is a good one. When you put a roll of toilet paper on the toilet paper holder, does the loose end hang on the outside of the roll (closer to middle of the room) or the inside (by the wall)? (I hope that made sense.) I heard this once as an icebreaker question for a meeting. Each of us had the way we’d always done it and we were SHOCKED that anyone would intentionally hang the toilet paper the other way.
    And please do post more photos more often. They’re great!

  80. holly

    And I second Kate’s request (the 5-4-08 11:05am comment above) for photography tips. Did you take a class or something?

  81. sb

    I know I am about a week behind as far as commenting on this topic goes, but it highlights something I have been saying ssince day 1 the first blog went up – it is a hobby like anything else, the moment it becomes work, stop. I find it silly that people put up these blogs, get a good base of readers and then pull them down because it is taking up too much time. A great example was She would moan and complain that the blog was taking up too much of her time when the only person to blame was herself. Nobody was holding a paycheck over her head or saying she wouldn’t be able to pay her bills if she didn’t put time into it. It is just childish to think you need to do so.
    Y – it is your blog. Don’t feel obligated to anyone but yourself to HAVE to post. Don’t sit in front of your keyboard and feel the need to write something if the words are not coming. When you feel the need to blurt, then do so. But don’t let anyone make you feel as if you MUST post to satisfy their own voyueristic pleasures.

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