There’s a Very Good Chance This is Only Funny to Me.

Emergency Gynecology appointment in an hour so I don’t have time to write much, but I wanted to show you a video I took over the weekend.
I was on a Sound of Music kick this weekend and I kept playing the songs over and over. My daughter who apparently can not stand the sound of my voice, kept coming into the room with excuses as to why I needed to STOP!SINGING!RIGHT!THIS!MINUTE! Of course, this made me want to sing louder because “I can sing if I want to! You are not the boss of me little one!” So, I put on Edelweiss for the 80th time, turned the video camera on and placed it on my desk so that she wouldn’t know it was on and began singing in the most dramatic (annoying?) voice. Within .3 seconds, she was in my room asking me to stop singing because “The baby (who does not actually exist) was sleeping!”
Keep in mind as your listening that my Uncle once told me (in front of my entire family after watching a video of me singing at church) that I sounded like “A dying cow.” SO, NO NEED TO TELL ME I CAN NOT SING. I already kind of know.

95 thoughts on “There’s a Very Good Chance This is Only Funny to Me.

  1. Megan

    I still think you have a great singing voice!! This video is AMAZING though, please think of the baby’s feelings!

  2. kim

    awesome. it’s so funny to hear a little girl speak english. i know it’s not really all that special but for a german, it is. cute. and funny. πŸ˜€

  3. superaleja

    Oh, come on. You already know you have a really pretty singing voice, having heard it here before. And it’s true! But, Gabby’s opinion is the most important one, clearly.

  4. mary

    I could kill the IT guy for not giving me a pc with sound – kiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiilllllllllllllllll!! *shake fist*
    Good luck at your appointment, Y.

  5. Becki

    That was awesome. I only wish I could see the expression on her face.
    I hope all goes well at your appointment.

  6. First Rough Draft

    Not just you — I thought it was hilarious. I love how she got more and more insistent as you kept singing. And I certainly don’t think you sound like a dying cow!

  7. Angel

    So *not* a dying cow, lol!
    So, my 14yo son walked in while I was giggling and asked what I was giggling about, so I showed him. He chuckled, and then I played the video of her singing her numbers, and he cracked up!
    Then he asked, “Is her mom single?”
    I said, “No, why?”
    “Because I want that baby!”
    LOLOLOL He has a soft spot for little kids, except his sisters, whom he torments endlessly.

  8. JenniferB

    You are awesome! Gabby is adorable and thanks for posting — and I hope everything goes well at your appointment.

  9. Lulu

    I was expecting screeching horror. Your voice is quite lovely!
    Good like at the GYN. It’s never a fun visit πŸ™

  10. Kelley

    You so do not sound like a dying cow! My 2 1/2 year old daughter came running over to the computer while I was playing it and begged me to play it again–she thought it you were one of the Disney princesses!
    PS: Hope everything is ok in the gyne dept.

  11. MadWomanMeg

    Well, personally I think you have a great singing voice, but you might want to make sure you’re not singing when that imaginary baby is trying to sleep. Very distressing.
    Good luck at your appointment!

  12. Jennifer

    Emergency gyno appointment??? Well, good luck.
    And you DO NOT sound like a dying cow, or any other dying farm animal for that matter.

  13. Connie Brooks

    I sing Edelweiss to my little one, and my mother sang it to me. It’s nice to see someone else who is passing it on – even if the little on in question is not appreciative lol.

  14. Kate

    I think you have a great voice (and laugh)! Gabby is too funny. I bet she is entertaining to live with. There is only room for one dramatic singer in the house apparently!

  15. Kris

    Your uncle needs a swift kick in the ‘nads. He must be tone deaf himself.
    I love signing Sound of Music songs to torment my children. It used to be a threat…”Behave or I’ll sing it. I will! Just try me!” But now I usually belt out the Goatherder Song in the middle of a store or when we’re bored in line whether they’re behaving or not. ;D

  16. mandy

    I apologize for what I am about to say.
    Shut UP, you have a beautiful singing voice! Absolutely lovely!
    Very funny. My 2 year old is quite bossy and likes to tell me to stop too. My voice though, is NOT good. So she kinda has a point.

  17. e

    seriously? your voice is crazy good. i’m way jealous.
    THOUGH, i do really admire you for posting a video of said singing, given your personal (and wrong) opinion of it. πŸ™‚

  18. Susan

    a) I hate your uncle.
    b) your voice is ALMOST as lovely as your laugh.
    c) Black Hockey Jesus is crackin’ me up.
    d) hope your appt. goes well…

  19. Michele

    hysterical! not funny only to you =) I may have ot steal your idea because my 3 year hates when I sing too. Ha!

  20. ajnabi

    Y, your singing voice is lovely! Little kids are just funny that way. πŸ™‚
    And it was really mean of your uncle to say that. Even if it had been true, which it clearly isn’t.

  21. helen

    My daughter ( 19) just said…who is that singing? That is someones mom? She has a beautiful voice! And you do. Funny video..its the way she gets so desperate sounding ” Stop singing THE BABY IS TRYING TO SLEEP!” Perfect.

  22. Cindi B

    You can too sing! That is way too funny about the baby sleeping, though. That girl has got some great negotiating skills.

  23. Wacky Mommy

    Your uncle just said that cuz she was jealous!
    My favorite song to sing as a child? “My Uncle Used to Love Me But She Died…” Too bad you didn’t sing that one at him. Her.
    My singing voice is okay, but the way my kids tell it you would think I couldn’t carry a tune. I CAN carry a tune, dammit, and so can you. OK, I’m going to go sing now while I do the laundry. Hope appointment went all right.

  24. g-mom

    Read all the time comment few but I had to on this one.
    Your voice is good…no dying cow there! Me, my cow died loooonnnnng ago.
    Of course no one telling me the “baby has got to go to sleep!” LMAO! Kinda bossy huh?

  25. jadine

    Ha! Good for you! She’s not the boss of you πŸ™‚ That cracked me up — she was pretty insistent, wasn’t she? “STOP SINGING! STOP!” Ha! πŸ™‚
    It cracked me up because my kids (ages 11 and 8) have given up on asking/telling me to stop singing. They’re resigned to it, and wear expressions of silent pain when I sing.
    AND you sang one of my favorite songs ever, AND you’re pretty good!

  26. Jess

    Seriously? Your uncle is weird. You have a lovely voice. I love that song too.
    I hope everything is okay, or rather, that it’s not okay in an obvious way that the Dr’s can figure out what’s going on with your body and fix it!!!

  27. Andrea

    Your voice is lovely. Your uncle was clearly out of his mind. Your daughter? Adorable.
    Hope all went well with the doctor.

  28. jessica

    so i’m sitting here and i hit the play button ready to hear this horrid voice… when i’m shocked by one of the most beautiful voices i have ever heard!! how dare you lie to me!
    seriously Y, you’re voice is awesome.
    you know what’s even more fun? dancing in the middle of the target (to whatever musak might be playing) while your child does the loud whisper “stop!! someone is going to see you! OMG STOOOOOOP!!!!” while he tries to hold you down. no seriously, try it. YOU will never be more amused.

  29. RachelJ

    I agree—you have a really nice voice! It would have been funny to see Gabby’s face, but this was great. Thanks for sharing.
    (one of the readers who is still around and appreciates and enjoys whatever you have to share πŸ™‚

  30. Kate

    I hate to be the child-tormenter in the crowd, but I LOVE that your singing makes Gabby so miserable and you continue to do it. There’s something so delightfully easy about messing with a little one like that. Or maybe that’s just me. (I’ll be the one who gets her kid taken away by the state for singing her into a frenzy) Tee hee hee hee…

  31. Kate

    Oh, p.s. I’m usually a lurker and didn’t mean to make such a dumb comment– really I wanted to say that I hope you’re okay and that you’ll let us know soon…

  32. AA

    Hope the emergency was not too bad. Hope you are okay.
    And I was totally cracking up. Gabby is hysterical.

  33. Nicki

    Your voice is beautiful. There is no dying cow there, sorry! But that is so funny and so typical. I’m not allowed to sing either, ever. I wish I could say my kids are so polite and creative but maybe if I sounded more like you and less like a REAL dying cow they would be!!

  34. Laura

    Okay, really, if you couldn’t carry a tune, all of the Internet would be ignoring you. But the fact that we’re all commenting means we can hear how well you can carry the proverbial tune even without any proverbial bucket. SO. NEVER AGAIN do we want to you apologize for your singing. You CAN and you DO SING. WE’VE HEARD IT! Own it girl! Will you become rich and famous for singing? Doubtful. But neither will the rest of us regular, decent-singing folks. BRAVA!!!

  35. Y

    Ok, I’ll never say it again. I guess I say it to address the trolls and People Who Hate Me who email me to tell me that “UR SINGING SUCKS AND SO DO YOU!”
    I just don’t want them wasting their precious time, but fiiiiiiiiiine, I’ll not apologize for my voice again.

  36. Denise

    I thought this was hilarious, Y! I SO wish I could’ve seen Gabby’s face, though. And your voice is lovely. I really enjoy when you post videos.
    Anyway, I hope the gyn appt. went okay. Let us know how you’re doing…

  37. Katie

    I hope everything is okay – I saw the blurb about the emergency doctor’s visit and wanted to send me well wishes.

  38. Frannie

    Ok, um, dying cow whattt!? You sound beautiful!!!
    Omg, but I could not help but bubble with laughter at your daughter in the background. SHE IS HILARIOUS!!! PURE COMEDY!!! AY DIOS MIO!! πŸ˜€

  39. Maria

    Emergency appointment? I hope you’re okay.
    You sound good to me. The only thing that would make this funnier is if we could see her face while she is chastizing you. πŸ™‚

  40. burnurcomputer

    I have a thought on your Uncle. May I inquire if he went to your church or supported the religious teachings of the asshat that brainwashed the congregation that you attended? It seems 5t6o me that he wasn’t jealous…..It was to teach you humility because you Parents Taped You Singing In Church!!! Blasphmey or how ever the hell you spell it!!!!! It had nothing ot do with you adn everything to do with him. Chalk it up to another zealot, even a familial one. I’m not going to try to change your mind that you have a great voice, but why would people keep telling you it if it wsn’t true? There are plenty of nasty people on the internet who can put nasty things on any blog, but yet I am not reading that at all. Again, I think your Uncle was trying to save your soul from the evil of the 7 deadly sins. I think he was a nutter, but a nutter that shattered your self confidence. For his own gain *sigh*. You are going to read this and say that everyone is just trying to be nice. BUT I live in PA with tons of cows all around me…and I have never heard a pasture sound like the hills were alive…with the sounds of music.

  41. Missy

    You sing beautifully. Really, truly, beautifully. And G is too funny… Flash forward 20 years when SHE’S singing Edelweiss to her newborn baby as she’s trying to get him/her to sleep πŸ™‚

  42. Emily

    I like your singing voice! You just need more volume and confidence. Hear that? I said you need MORE volume. Screw the baby! I wanna hear some EDELWEISS!

  43. Joelle

    Dude. You can TOO sing, so don’t give me that crap. I’ve heard you in person and you’re good!
    Also, if you don’t return my texts, IM’s and phone calls, I’m going to drive up there and kick your ass.
    In love, of course. πŸ˜€ haha!

  44. CATE

    Forget the singing…your laugh is so contagious. I watch and listen to your videos just to hear you laugh. You seriously have the best laugh. (You probably hear that all the time.)

  45. Miss Britt

    Are my ears messed up? I thought your voice sounded pretty!
    I know we can’t see her, but I’d be willing to bet money there was a hand on a hip to go along with all that STOPSINGING!!

  46. Gina

    Y!!!!!! You have a BEAUTIFUL singing voice. Keep singing honey, don’t let anyone tell you different.

  47. deb

    i have heard a dying cow – and my friend, that is not a dying cow. you sound awesome. and lil miss there is a crack up.

  48. holly

    Wow – she IS insistent. Sheesh. I love to sing, lack of talent be darned, but I suspect when I have kids they’ll kick me off the stage, too.

  49. PeetsMom

    So I’m thinking, somone who loves Sound of Music, sings along without any shame (and you have a lovely voice, so no shame is in order..) and can still laugh when the daughter comes in to shush you…that person is going to be ALRIGHT.

  50. Amy M

    Such a pretty voice and such a great laugh! together – perfection! the baby trying to sleep was SO very funny!!! that’s what I call desperation – when you start to make up extra people in the house to get what you want!!!

  51. lani

    Your laugh makes me smile a mile wide and laugh out loud. The people in your life are so lucky to have you. And? Could you just stop singing? The baby’s sleeping!

  52. Karen

    I hope everythingin your “who”area is ok an dthings turn out well. ( that just sounds weird to say best of luck on your who)
    Gabby is hillarious and if a dying cow sounds like that I would love to have a chorus of them. You sound wonderful

  53. Kari

    I’m going to de-lurk and say 1) You have an AWESOME voice and clearly your uncle was not in his right mind when he told you that you sound like a dying cow and 2) I find it hilarious to make toddlers and preschoolers hopping mad! I’ve done it to my son and look forward to doing it to my one year old daughter.
    Sing on, sister!

  54. Rhi

    I am really tempted to download Edelweiss from iTunes right now. But, I don’t want to wake the non-existent baby!!

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