42 thoughts on “What Three Years Later Looks Like.

  1. Frannie

    She is soooo darn precious!!!!!!!! 😀
    Oh yeah, you inspired me to get my hair cut tooo!! hehe. Yours looks beautiful by the way!

  2. emma hughes

    How gorgeous!!! That is lovely! 🙂
    I delurked to tell you that… hope your doing alright after your stresses before…
    and your hair does look lovely ^^^^^^

  3. Kelley

    Awwwww, amazing how quickly they grow!
    Gorgeous pics. So jealous. Cameras don’t like me… it is true, they hate me, it ain’t got nuffin to do with my abilities…..

  4. Katie

    I think when I have children I’m going to send them to your house to have their pictures taken. Because if I took those, it’d probably just look like regular ole, not cute to anyone else, kid butts.

  5. lani

    Look at that. I was around when the first one was taken. Loved it then. Love it now. Love the new photo, too. Fun to follow little Gabby-doll growing up as my boy’s the same age. Can they really be almost four?

  6. chanelireli

    Isn’t it so bittersweet to see how much they have changed. Remember how incredibly big you thought they were at one but then holy smokes they are so big at three and crap, how huge are they going to be at 10? She is just darling!

  7. Prams

    When we born then mum is so happy and share with us the longer time as she can. Then we grow up and mum continues thinking about our childhood and she thinks that time never past.
    So when mum turns old then she look at us with the same charm and loving and we never realized that.

  8. Linda Lee

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