When in Doubt (or in Thyroid Hell) Post Pictures!

When I came home from BlogHer, I had all of these profound! And Wonderful! things that I wanted to write about. But I was tired. Very, very tired. So, I would say “I will write about it tomorrow after I catch up on my rest!”
Here we are 5 days later and I am still tired. The kind of tired that has me knocked flat on my ass and it hit me that it probably has nothing to do with the trip to San Francisco –a) I didn’t leave my time zone as it was in the same state b) I got more sleep while there than I normally do at home c) I did not once get drunk, which, CRAZY, I know!– and everything to do with my mother effing thyroid. It’s been over 2 months since my last TSH test and I am pretty sure that it’s crashing again and I need a medication adjustment. It’s not just “The Tired” that leads me to this conclusion, but also the fact that I’ve been doing boneheaded things, like, losing my cell phone (have never in my life lost a cell phone) and then losing the box with the charger to my new phone at the hotel. (p.s. if I had your number, can you please text me or email me your number again? Am feeling horribly lost without your names in my contacts list.)
Until this brain of mine is functioning again, which will hopefully be by tonight, because I really need my brain tonight, I am going to leave you with my favorite pictures from San Francisco. Lame, I know. Take it up with my thyroid, man.
Trolley Fun!
Lindsay was a good sport and posed for a few shots while we were waiting for the trolley to leave. They ended up being some of my best shots. Ever.
View from the 11th floor
The view from the Alpha Mom (a.k.a cheeseburger headquarters) Suite on the 11th floor of the Westin St. Francis. Strangely, there was no screen in the window, which made me very happy (because I could get awesome pictures) but also terrified me so much that my vagina went weak with fear. Like, literally, I felt the fear in my vagina as I leaned out.
Sleep is for the Weak.
Taken at the book signing for Sleep is for the Weak (the lovechild of Rita. I was supposed to be in that book, but being the flake that I am, forgot to turn in my stuff in time. Kicking myself for eternity for that one.
On the streets of San Francisco.
I stopped to take pictures of this man and his jewelery in an attempt to get rid of the homeless man who was trying to pick up on me. At first it was a great conversation, but then he asked if I was single while staring at my tittays and I was like “WHOA.” But still, he was nice, so I continued to be polite, but then he refused to believe that I was married because I wasn’t wearing a wedding ring and I was like “this conversation must come to an end now!” I suppose that’s why I love this picture so much, because I will forever be reminded of the fact that a homeless man tried to “get with this” and that can only mean one thing… THAT I’VE STILL GOT IT.
San Fran Bokeh
This was taken on a cruise (thank you, Isabel! and Nintendo!) of the San Francisco Bay. I wanted a different perspective of the city lights, so I turned off auto focus and went for some preeeetty bokeh. I love the results. (And THANK YOU to Shutter Sisters for making this shot the “Daily Click.”)
And last, but certainly not least…
Sea of Bagged  Heads.
Because a room full of women whom I love, respect and admire wearing McDonald’s hats on their heads WHILE having Serious Conversations will never stop being funny to me. NEVER.

28 thoughts on “When in Doubt (or in Thyroid Hell) Post Pictures!

  1. Anita, the Ovolina mom

    First one to comment1 What an honor…first time this ever happens..I will try to come up with something profound and everlasting.
    Seriously though I have struggled with HypoThyroid disease for a while and it’s a bitch – sometimes mine goes out of whack and the Doc needs to re-adjust it.
    Hopefully it kicks in quickly for you
    Awesome pictures of San Fran!

  2. Anita, the Ovolina mom

    First one to comment! What an honor…first time this ever happens..I will try to come up with something profound and everlasting.
    Seriously though I have struggled with Hypo-Thyroid disease for a while and it’s a bitch – sometimes mine goes out of whack and the Doc needs to re-adjust the med – but it eventually kicks in and then a whole new world of energy opens up!
    Hopefully it kicks in quickly for you
    Awesome pictures of San Fran!

  3. Ryley

    So I can’t remember who it was.. but the other day I was reading a post from someone.. and they were talking about how you can write the most meaninful post of your life and pour your heart and soul out… and at the very end mention eating a lime popsicle and all 400 of your comments will refer to nothing but that lime popsicle..
    SO…uhh.. how come you don’t (or weren’t) wearing a wedding ring?? Yep.. thats pretty much all that stuck out to me! Just kidding!!! Love ya..

  4. Assertagirl

    I wish I had written down some of the things I had in mind to write about, too. I think I remember a few of them…but I’ll probably have to drink a bunch of champagne and eat a cheeseburger for all of them to come rushing back to mind.

  5. AlwaysCurious

    Great pics!
    Also 50 points for knowing what bokeh is and using it in a sentence 😉

  6. Danielle

    Of course you’ve still got it!
    I really wish your thyroid would quit beating you up. Have you looked into adrenal fatigue and your cortisol levels?
    trying to be less of a lurker

  7. VDog

    Le thyroid? it is le suck.
    My doc JUST bumped me up like 3 levels and I still feel tired. I guess I have to wait for it to kick in or something. (She also wants me to piss in that big bucket for 24h also, ugh.)
    I totally understand where you’re coming from, and it’s SO hard for me to post, post, post. I’ve been doing baby steps – the pictures, then added some words later, etc.
    Take this weekend off!
    Relish in the memories of an amazing weeekend. 😀 You *don’t* have to share it with everyone else.

  8. Carrisa

    I think McDonald’s should sponsor the party next year. And have it in one of the panel rooms so that security doesn’t come a knockin.

  9. Wendy

    I love the Trolly shot especially. It looks so professional! Not that you aren’t professional or anything like that…
    That must have been some drop for your vagina to be afraid! My vagina has never been afraid. Well, there was that one guy, but I won’t go there.
    Hope you feel better soon. Oh, and I also don’t wear my wedding ring. I gained so much weight with the last pregnancy and I *refuse* to have it resized. It would be like giving up!

  10. Maria

    Of course you’ve still got it. Was there ever any doubt? Sheesh.
    Can I just say that the photo you snuck of me [that I caught you sneaking of me so it wasn’t really snuck and yes I know the proper term is sneaked but I don’t like that word it songs wrong] was my favorite?
    It really was.

  11. somefatchick

    Vagina fear! I actually know the exact feeling you refer to! I get that sometimes, and I’m pretty sure my husband thinks I’m making shit up when I try to describe it to him. I can’t wait to tell him I’m not the only one!
    Your photos are gorgeous!

  12. Heather

    Your pickshas are so purdy. Can we have an LA photo walk? But, you can’t make fun of how little I know about my SLR. It’s new. And you know me and technology….

  13. LC

    I already tipsy posted above. So I’ll save you THAT excitement again 🙂
    I love your pictures. I so wish I would’ve been there to hang out with ya’ll. One day. One day I’ll BE at the cheeseburger party 😉

  14. Looking Glass Jewels

    TRULY fantastic pictures! You are an artist, Y.
    You DO still have it, you never lost it! You are simply beautiful – all the pics I have seen of you from Blogher are fabulous. I wouldn’t say it if I didn’t mean it.
    I am so sorry you are so tired. 🙁
    I wish I had oodles of money to send you to find the right specialst who could help you feel better. Or, just oodles of money, period.
    I am pulling for you.

  15. Megan

    I hope your thyroid issues get resolved.. I have been medication for 15 years .2 mgs everyday! Which I had been told is a lot, but I have no idea if that’s true. I have to take synthroid or my eyes have trouble focusing. no generics for me. seeing is important
    I do still remember the days before medication, it was weird. The tiredness. The inability to concentrate. what I remember the most? the dry skin – my hair irritated the flesh behind my ears, and I had deep cuts behind them, I thought they would fall off.
    The doctors freaked that I was 15 and had never had my period. My mom had tried to convince them since I was a toddler that I had a thyroid problem. She has hypothyroid too.
    I was young so it was much easier for me.
    But I do remember not feeling right and it was awful.

  16. Marilyn

    Okay, seriously? I feel the EXACT same this week. And I am thinking I can pretty much blame my thyroid too. Except I haven’t taken meds for four months now (bad Marilyn!).
    I love your photos and am insanely jealous of your camera. 🙂

  17. elismsue

    My thyroid meds kept me going back because they couldn’t find the correct dosage for me. PITA
    Found out I needed the true med synthroid and not any generics they okayed giving me.
    Ask for the real thing.
    Stabilized for 2 + years now.
    Good luck

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